Key Features of Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to meet the growing demands of the data-driven economy of the future. The theoretical foundations are drawn primarily from Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics. A hands-on and case base approach is followed so as to enable the students to have a deeper understanding of the subjects so that they can be better informed about real life applications and it’s implementation. The core computing discipline-specific Knowledge Areas for Data Science incorporated in the curriculum are : Computer Science Fundamentals; Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms; Artificial Intelligence; Data Handling and Visualization; Machine Learning; Information Security and Privacy; Software Engineering and Testing Methodologies; Deep Learning; Large Scale Data Analytics.

Beyond this, through Program Electives students are given the opportunity to study topics in more details. Open Electives and MOOCs provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning. The programme offers one full semester industry internship facility to final year students which provides the students an hands-on opportunity to work in their desired field, to develop and refine skills, and to gain valuable work experience.

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