M.Tech in Power Electronics & Power System


2 Years

The Electrical Engineering department offers full-time post graduation course of four semesters. It follows the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and is regularly updated to include the latest industry developments in power electronics and power systems. The program offers industry-based projects and a year-long internship to improve student employability. Teaching and learning are student-centered, with laboratory and project activities designed to develop simulation, communication, hardware design, testing, and research skills. Moreover, students have the academic flexibility to choose their electives and projects. 

Program Objectives

  •  To enhance the technical and intellectual proficiency of students in Power Electronics & Power System, while fostering a passion for lifelong learning. 
  • To enable them to become proficient researchers, educators, and technocrats with innovative ideas for promoting sustainable development.

Program Outcomes

  • Carry out independent research/investigation and development work to solve practical problems.
  • Write and present a substantial technical report/document.
  • Demonstrate a degree of mastery over the area in Power Electronics and Power system.
  • Understand, analyze and design the electrical devices, power converters and control circuit for specific applications.
  • Develop and utilize modern tools for modeling, analyzing and solving various engineering problems related to power system.

Career Prospects

Opportunities for electrical engineers are wide open in various fields in industries related to electrical engineering including Telecommunication, Computer hardware, Networking, Automobile, Electric Vehicle, Automation Consumer goods sector, Power Stations, Electricity Transmission & Distribution utilities, Manufacturing plants, Plant Engineering, Industrial design & maintenance and many others. The curriculum is so design that the graduates can also decide to join IT/Software industries as a career option.