Biomedical Engineering


4 Years


To establish the department as a major source of manpower.


Cultivate engineering graduates with solid technical proficiency, effective communication abilities, and the capacity to excel in their professional endeavors. 

Features of Department

  • Program goes beyond subject barriers to teach engineering and science aspects of biomedical engineering.
  • Blended and experiential learning modes are used.
  • Engineering Honors/Minor Programme with extra certification is offered.

Programme Objectives 

  • Develop graduates with expertise in mathematics, science, and engineering fundamentals to solve biomedical engineering problems and create innovative solutions for human health improvement.
  • Equip graduates with knowledge at the interface of engineering and life sciences.
  • Encourage graduates to apply engineering skills to develop enabling technologies for health care.
  • Foster communication and ethical behavior among students across professional and disciplinary boundaries.
  • Instill in graduates an attitude for lifelong learning to excel in their careers and higher studies.

Career Prospects

Medical technology encompasses various career paths such as Design and Manufacturing for medical instruments, Software for medical instruments, Quality Control of medical instruments, Researcher, and Hospital Administration.These career paths offer individuals the chance to make significant contributions to the healthcare industry.