Electronics & Computer Science


4 Years

Vision: The department strives to promote cutting-edge technical education in Electronics and Computer Science, with the aim of cultivating engineering professionals. 

Mission: Provide quality education in Electronics and Computer Science Engineering, cultivate ties with industries, academics, and research organizations, and establish an intellectually stimulating atmosphere for learning, research, and innovation along with ethical values.

Features of Department

  • Blended learning approach
  • Provision for students to earn extra credits through Honors specialization
  • Experimental learning through Industry/Research/TBI internship of one semester for final year students
  • Co-teaching by industry experts
  • Elective courses for professional breadth and open electives for interdisciplinary learning
  • Embedded Club: A platform to convert students ideas into working models
  • Community engagement through social responsibility cell: “SevaDisha”
  • Teacher Capacity building through continuous education programme
  • Student capacity building through training programs and value added courses

Program Objectives

  • Exercise the acquired knowledge and skills in electronics and computer science to solve engineering problems.
  • Engage in professional development by pursuing higher education and research.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities, effective communication skills, and to work in a team in a diverse environment with strong adherence to professional ethics.
  • Engage in lifelong learning for sustained career advancement and adapt to changing professional and societal needs.

Program Outcomes

  • An ability to apply concepts of electronics and computer science to analyze multidisciplinary problems.
  • An ability to design hardware/software systems using modern tools and techniquesin the areas of VLSI, Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Software Engineering.

Career Prospects 

The field of Electronics & Computer Science Engineering offers diverse range of career prospects including Electrical Technician, Computer Support Specialist, Electrical Engineer, Automation Analyst, Network Engineers, and Control Engineer.