Career Prospects

Data Science graduates have a broad range of career opportunities in virtually every industry, such as finance and insurance, professional services, IT and many other sectors. Some of the Data Science job roles in demand are Data Scientist, Statistician, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Quantitative Analyst, Data Warehouse Architect, Business Intelligence Analyst, Systems Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Operations Analyst.

Some top-notch data science companies across the globe working in the field of data science are : Numerator, Cloudera, Splunk, SPINS, Alteryx, Civis Analytics, Sisense, Oracle, Looker, Teradata. In the Indian market, some prominent recruiters are : Equifax, Gramener, Accenture, Fractal Analytics, Amazon, Deloitte, LinkedIn, MuSigma, Flipkart, IBM, Citrix, Myntra, Juniper Network, Niki.AI, Absentia VR, Sig Tuple,, Dell, Juniper.