Project Group with Industry Mentor

Sr. No.Project TitleGuideIndustry Mentor
1NFT DocsProf A RaipurkarAtharva Paliwal (Persistent)
2Development of Document Storage and Managing SystemProf A RaipurkarRishikesh Kale (Xenabler)
3Community Centric ApplicationP.M.SonsareAshish Prasad (Piramal Capital and Housing Finance Limited)
4Development of Bluetooth-Controlled Home Lighting ApplicationP. TalekarKrunal Bhongade (Smark Automation)

Industry Internship

Sr. No.Name of the StudentIndustryDuration
1Vedant Mahajan (Vth sem)Solar Industries3 Months
2Chirag Lalwani (Vth Sem)Solar Industries3 Months

Adjunct Faculty from Industry

Dr. Sujit Tangadpalliwar
    has agreed to act as Adjunct Faculty for Machine Learning in DATA SCIENCE Department. Dr. Sujit is a Data Scientist at Exscientia, Oxford and his areas of expertise include :
  • Bio-Chemo-Toxico Informatics
  • Computational drug/protein toxicology studies, Computer Aided Drug Design
  • Machine Learning (Naive Bayes, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, SVM etc.)
  • NLP (WordVectors – Word2Vec, Doc2Vec, Transformers – BERT)
  • Computer vision, Deep learning (DNN, CNN, RNN etc.)
  • Text mining and clustering, Data analysis, Database development
  • Excellent knowledge of Pharmacy and Life Science