Research Center

Year of Establishment: Jan 2015

Letter No: No. BCUD/R/G/2015/58 Dated 12/01/2015

Current Intake: 20

Scholar who have awarded PhD

SNName of ScholarName of GuidePhD Notification No.Date of PhD Notification
1Mr. Jayant KaranjekarDr. M. B. ChandakNo.: RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/10/104612/11/2020
2Mrs. Sheetal VijDr. Avinash AgrawalNo.: RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/26/181902/05/2022
3Mr. Abhijeet RaipurkarDr. M. B. ChandakNo.: RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/08/32406/10/2022

Scholars who have submitted PhD at The Research Centre

SNName of ScholarName of GuidePhD Thesis Submission DateSession Submitted
1Mr Hrishikesh ZadgaonkarDr. M. B. Chandak22/02/20222021-22
2Mr. Manish GudadheDr. Avinash Agrawal29/12/20212021-22
3Mr. Lalit AgrawalDr. D. S. Adane05/05/20222021-22

Scholars pursuing PhD at the Research Centre

SNName of ScholarName of GuideTopicPhD Registration No.PhD Registration Date
1Ms. Arti BucheDr. M. B. ChandakPrediction of Stock Market Trends By Sentiment Farming Using Opinion MiningNo. RTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/Engg./2017/77 Dated :-02/06/201711/01/2017
2Mr. Manish BhardwajDr. D. S. AdaneParallel Approach for Implementing Data Mining AlgorithmsNo. RTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/Engg./2017/76 Dated :-02/06/201711/01/2017
3Ms. Aarti KarandikarDr. Avinash AgrawalMining Geo-Spatial Data For Change DetectionNo. RTMNU/Ph.D. Cell/RRC./Oct.-2018/1030 Dated: 29/12/201805/12/2018
4Ms. Ashwini ZadgaonkarDr. Avinash AgrawalDeveloping Knowledge Base From Unstructured Text To Improve InformationNO. RTMNU/ Ph.D cELL/rrc./May.-2019/291 Dated: 13/05/201913/05/2019
5Kapil Narottam HandeDr. M. B. ChandakIntegrating Blockchain Technology And Machine Learning For Smart And Secure WarehouseRTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/2022/R1/1530 Dated:01/06/202217/03/2022
6Mr. Shrawan Kumar PurveDr. M. B. ChandakAn NLP Approach For Machine Translation Of Sign Language To Biligual LanguageRTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/2022/R1/1527 Dated:01/06/202217/03/2022
7Manish MotghareDr. Avinash AgrawalDevelopment of Multi-Document Summarizer in Digital MediaRTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/2022/R1/1533 Dated:03/06/202217/03/2022
8Wani Humendra BisenDr. Avinash AgrawalMedical Report Automation Using Natural Language Generation TechniqueRTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/2022/R1/1532 Dated:01/06/202217/03/2022
9Reena Sudhakarrao SatputeDr. Avinash AgrawalPragmatic Analysis In Natural Language ProcessingRTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/2022/R1/1528 Dated:01/06/202217/03/2022
10Pranali R. DandekarDr. S. S. AoteDevelopment of A Model for Improving the Face Detection and Recognition of Low Resolution Images based on deep LearningRTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/2022/R1/161 Dated:01/06/202230/03/2022
11Vivekanand Pandurang ThakareDr. S. S. AoteDesign & Implementation Of A Model Using Computational Analysis Of Chest Ct Images For Improving Prognostic Predictions In Lung DiseasesRTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/2022/R1/163 Dated:02/06/202230/03/2022
12Aarti Ashok VaidyaDr. D. S. AdaneResolving interoperability issues at east-west interface using mobile agents in software defined networkRTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/2022/R1/1538 Dated:01/06/202217/03/2022
13Mr. Dilipkumar BorikarDr. M. B. ChandakA Hybrid Approach for Sentiment Analysis on Unstructured DataRTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/Engg./July-14,Jan-2015/175015/01/2015