• The CSE department is a Recognized Research Centre for Visvesvaraya Ph.D. Scheme under DeitY, Govt. of India for admitting Part-time/Full Time PhD scholars since July 2015. Presently 01 Full Time and 03 Part-time Ph.D. students are admitted under this scheme. RCOEM is the only private engineering institute in Vidarbha region to be selected for this scheme.
  • The CSE department is a Recognized Research Centre of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University for Ph.D. research in the subject of Computer Science and Engineering under Engineering and Technology Faculty since January 2015. Presently 01 candidate has been awarded with PhD degree and 01 candidate has submitted , whereas 08 candidates are pursuing Ph.D. at this centre (including Visvesvaraya PhD candidates) .

Year wise Publication count

Document Type2014-152015-162016-172017-182018-192019-202020-212021-22 (Till Date)
International Journal5935144054596158
International Conference0012090304050007
Total Publications5947234358646165
SCI – Indexed000101020102035


A sound interaction with industry has resulted in Final Year Projects being defined by reputed software industries. The outcomes of these projects are also used as end product by software industries and are integrated with products used by their clients.
MOUs with companies like Oracle, Infosys, Accenture, GlobalLogic, Infocepts and WCL have brought the required support and training on the latest software products which has helped in bridging the gap between institution and industry.
RCOEM is the partner college of Infosys for their Campus Connect initiative. CSE Department is the center for various activities of Campus Connect.
The Department offers elective courses jointly developed by RCOEM and companies like Persistent, Infosys, GlobalLogic and Infocepts. The courses include Open Electives – Introduction to Mainframes by Infosys, Foundation of Business Intelligence by Infocepts, Nagpur and Android & Mobile Technology by GlobalLogic.
Under RGSTC-TIFAC-MSME Internship Scheme, two teams were involved in development of modules – “Gate Automation using Arduino YUN” in association with Kratin Software Solutions (P) Ltd, and “Remote Meter Reading Automation” in association with RF Arrays Systems (P) Ltd., during May-June 2015.
The group of students from the department has been selected for developing solutions to industry problems under RGSTC-TIFAC-MSME scheme. This scheme provide students to design and develop a product, process in association with the industry with mentoring inputs from industry and the parent institution. The projects are:


SRProject TitleName of Student/InternName of Guide/MentorDuration (in months)
01Abstractive Text SummarizerTithi Agrawal Suhasini Aney Shubham Saboo Karen Abraham Atharva NimbalwarProf. A. R. Raipurkar, Dr. Sujit Tangadpalliwar [Octame OPC pvt. Ltd, Pune]04 Months (July to October 2021)
02Mental Health Status AnalyzerPrateeksha Devikar Sakshi Nema Abhishek Chouhan Adney Nawghare Rahul AgrawalProf. Vasundhara Rathod Mr. Ashwin Manchalwar [Phoenix Cyber Secure, Nagpur]03 months (August to October 2021)


SRProject TitleName of Student/InternName of Guide/MentorDuration
1 NomadGao – Remote Coliving for digital NomadsParitosh Dandekar, Anjali Rajendran,Muskan Gupta,Ayush Gupta,Kunal ThoraneProf. A. R. Raipurkar,Mr. Hitesh Goyal 03 months


SRProject TitleName of Student/InternName of Guide/MentorDuration
1 Real Time Bib Verification System And Selfie KioskOm Pandey, Shubham PaliwalDr. M. B. Chandak [Techwalnut Automation And Software Solutions  Pvt. Ltd.]03 months (May-July 2019)
2Designing of system to detect Effectivity of MeditationAnuradha Dube, Sheetal HablaniDr. R. Welekar & Mr. Amol Ghate [Project Manager, Zadgaonkar’s Software Pvt. Ltd. ]03 months (May-July 2019)
3 Developing software to recognize brand logos from a VideoAnirudh Agrawal, Surbhi Khatri Mr. Ketan Pathankar [Co-Founder and CTO, Knowledge.AI]03 months (May-July 2019)


Project Title                             : Electricity Theft Detection System
Name of Student/Intern          : Akshay Phirke, Ayush Agrawal
Name of Guide/Mentor          : Prof. S. G. Mundada, Mr. Sagar Kirtane, Director, Web Beta Pvt. Limited, Nagpur  
Duration                                  : 02 months (May-July 2018)
Project Title                             : Boiler Monitoring System
Name of Student/Intern          : Urvashi Kodwani, Sonal Rajurkar
Name of Guide/Mentor          : Prof. R. Welekar Sanket Plants and Equipments, MIDC, Hingna, Nagpur  
Duration                                  : 02 months (May-July 2018)


Project Title                             : Online Exhibition System
Name of Student/Intern          :Himani Nimje, Shubham Yelekar
Name of Guide/Mentor          : Dr. R. Hablani Mr. Sunil Sonar BIZSENSE Solutions Pvt. Ltd   
Duration                                  : 02 months (May-July 2017)
Project Title                             : Gas Leak Detector
Name of Student/Intern          : Sanjeet Tiwari, VinuthnaAlla
Name of Guide/Mentor          : Prof. A. M. Karandikar, Mr. AmitPande, Persistent System Ltd, Nagpur   
Duration                                  : 02 months (May-July 2017)


Project Title                             : Smart Farmer Assistance
Name of Student/Intern          : Shubham Agrawal , Neha Bhutada
Name of Guide/Mentor          : Dr. M. B. Chandak
                                                  Ankush Jacob, CEO, Enable IT Soln Pvt Ltd.
Duration                                 : 02 months (June-July 2016)
Project Title                             : Development of Barcode based system
Name of Student/Intern          : Nayan Jaiswal, Naman Jaiswal
Name of Guide/Mentor          : Dr. R.Hablani
                                                  Mr. Rakesh Andhare, RK Techno Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
Duration                                  : 02 months (June-July 2016)


Project Title                             : Gate Automation using Arduino YUN
Name of Student/Intern          : RohitNagbhidkar and Ramkrishna Kulkarni
Name of Guide/Mentor          : Dr. M. B. Chandak and Mr. Satin Katiyar, CEO,   
                                                     Kratin Software Solutions (P) Ltd.
Duration                                  : 02 months (May-June 2015)
Project Title                             : Remote Meter Reading Automation
Name of Student/Intern          : DarshanMantri and RajatMotwani
Name of Guide/Mentor          : Dr. M. B. Chandak, Prof. RashmiWelekar and
                                                       Mr. Jitendra, RF Arrays Systems (P) Ltd.
Duration                                  : 02 months (May-Jun 2015) Extended for Jan-Jun 2016

The Department also encourages students to undertake the projects from the Industries. Following projects are undertaken by the students.

Industry Projects (Session: 2020-21)

SNOrganization / IndustryYearProject TitleNo. of Project Groups (Students)
1VMwareIVa) VMC NIMBUS CONSOLE b) SDDC Monitoring Service c) QE Canary Upgrade Pipeline03(03)
2AmazonIVa) Generating Test Execution Metrics for Test Frameworks b) ABmark UI & API Development c) Integration testing and deployment for marketplaces d) Localisation of Seller Payment Dataset belonging to India Retail Marketplace e) Data Pipeline Migration and Optimization05(05)
3Goldman SachsIVa) Data Reconciliation and Parallelization 
4BNY Mellon technologiesIVa) NXI Portal b) Pipeline Development02(02)
5Principal Global ServicesIVa) Retirement Income Forecaster b) Search Engine c) Provider Credentialing Portal d) Creation of Data lake on SEC Data e) Governance Report Automation f) Vendor Integration Portal g) SEC Data h) Reporting Module for NQ QA Tool i) Review Process Automation j) Enterprise document search engine k) Retirement Income Forecaster11(11)
6FivetranIVa) Data Connectors for Data Pipeline b) ServiceNow Performance Improvements c) EMail Marketing Connectors03(03)
7AccopsIVa) Multisite sync01(01)
8CognizantIVa) MFRP b) MVC c) RPMS d) Salesforce Application Development e) Salesforce Technology f) Oracle EBS06(30)
9Delaplex Pvt LtdIVa) Application based on Security product01(01)
10Deqode ( techracers )IVa) Project For Artists , Artworks and Galleries b) NodeJS, Blockchain and Solidity Project02(02)
11Fresh GravityIVa) Clinical Trial Analysis01(01)
12HackerearthIVa) Amazon Elastic Container Service01(01)
13InfoceptsIVa) Quality Assuarance and ETL01(01)
14MasterSoftIVa) Google Assistant and Placement Prediction01(01)
15Megahoot LLCIVa) VeroHive01(01)
16Merkley SokratiIVa) Analytics At Merkle Sokrati01(01)
17Ops Veda Asia Pvt. Ltd.IVa) Merge API Calls01(01)
18Persistent SystemsIVa) Employee Seat Booking Application b) Digital Marketplace for Learning c) Query Room d) Travel Promise e) Info-Desk (Clinic Management System) f) Service Hub12(12)
19ProCohat Technologies Pvt. LtdIVa) Magnum Insurance, Vivid For You01(01)
20Repyute N/ws Pvt. LtdIVa) Feature Development and Improvement for UI01(01)
21TCSIVa) Gesture Control Framework b) SAP Shared Services c) SFDC Shared Services08(08)
22Techracer (deqode)IVa) Social Media App b) Web Hosting Platform c) E-Sport App03(03)
23Techstadt IT Pvt.LtdIVa) Trust N Ride01(01)
24vConstruct Private LimitedIVa) Web Sequencing Application b) Microsoft Office365 Projects03(03)
25Xoriant SolutionsIVa) Salesforce Data Protection b) SAP Process Automation c) SSDLC Portal03(03)
26Zoho CorporationIVa) NVMe-OF performance Evaluation01(01)
27ZS AssociatesIVa) SPM b) OCUI Modernization02(02)
28NomadGaoIIIa) The Welcome Mat01 (05)

Industry Projects (Session: 2019-20)

SNOrganization / IndustryYear  Project TitleNo. of Project Groups (Students)
1ZS AssociatesIVa)     PERFORMANCE RELIABILITY SCALABILITY b)     CCM – Suggestion Engine c)     Javelin Incentive Manager d)     Automation Testing04(04)
2Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.IV 02(02)
3VMwareIVa)     Containerization of  Test Infrastructure b)     Working on customer portal c)     Infrastructure and Test Monitoring Tool d)     Developing Tools to Facilitate vCloud Director Serviceability e)     Global Automation Search f)      Automaton g)     Post Upgrade Fitbit h)     Increase Resiliency of Entreprise Grade Applications08(08)
4vConstruct Pvt. Ltd.IVa)     Digital Building Component Flow app b)     VueOps c)     Online MSR 6.003(03)
5Tata Consultancy ServicesIVa)     Salesforce Developer b)     Recruiting App with Automation Business Process (Salesforce)02(08)
6SQUPUS Private limitedIVa)     AI For Everyone01(01)
7Siemens Technology and Services Pvt LtdIVa)     Panorama systems b)     DESIGO XWP (X-Works Plus) c)     Si Quote Application Suite03(03)
8Sankey Solutions, Pvt. Ltd.IVa)     Field Services b)     BayanPay02(02)
9Sahaj Software SolutionsIVa)     Building CI/CD pipelines for internal projects. b)     Expensify02(02)
10Sacchidanand UtechIVa)     Smart building management system using LoRa technology  01(01)
11Sabertooth TechnologiesIVa)     Stock Market Portfolio Management b)     Data Extraction And Web Scraping02(05)
12Principal Global ServicesIVa)     Online Shopping Portal01(04)
13Persistent Systems LimitedIVa)     Hospital Inventory Management System01(08)
14National Environmental Engineering Research Institute [NEERI]IVa)     Terrain Analysis- Water Body Detection and Water Level Extraction using Sentinel-2 b)     River runoff estimation using gldas datasets02(03)
15Morgan StanleyIVa)     Training of Production Support Analyst01(01)
16Mithya Labs Pvt LtdIVa)     Implementing WebVr functionality using React Js01(02)
17MindZcloud TechnologiesIVa)     Build a Community with Knowledge and Chat01(01)
18Marvell Semiconductors India Pvt LtdIVa)     Application testing of Marvell Ethernet Adapters01(01)
19Konverge AIIVa)     Clinic Management Software01(02)
20Jade Global Pvt. Ltd.IVa)     Introduction to Service Now & Integration01(01)
21Informatica Business SolutionsIVa)     Emergency Bug Fix in Enterprise Data Catalog b)     Automation Testing in IICS02(02)
22HitachiIVa)     Hitachi Cloud Migration Framework01(01)
23gRhapa Solutions Private Limited, NagpurIVa)     Feature Development for Apartment SuperApp01(01)
24Grab IndiaIVa)     Slack application01(02)
25Fivetran India Pvt LtdIVa)     A Consumer File Connector For Google Drive b)     Fully managed data pipeline for Box c)     File connector for d)     One Drive Consumer File Connector04(04)
26Embibe Indiavidual Learning Pvt. Ltd.IVa)     Jio Fiber Launch, Platform-as-a-Service b)     Content operations and data analysis02(02)
27Edisphere Software Pvt. Ltd.IVa)     Expression Architecture for implementing natural language using CFG01(01)
28Capillary TechnologiesIVa)     UI for API client creation, updation and deletion, and authentication method.01(01)
29BNY MellonIVa)     Automation of FTE demands of BNY Mellon01(01)
30Birla SoftIVa) SalesForce CRM01(01)
31Amazon India Pvt ltdIVa)     Operation Readiness Automation b)     AFT Devops RADAR Project c)     Enhancing Amazon’s Internal Tool d)     Sandhi Service Automation e)     Audire- Audit automation tool f)      Supply Quality Offline Job Automation06(06)
32ABSYZ Software Consulting Pvt. Ltd.IVa)     Educational CRM System b)     Trustee Audit Form for E-Signature c)     HRMS Product d)     Optus Myhub Lightning Migration04(08)
33Persistent Systems Ltd NagpurIIIa)     Object Detection using Tensorflow b)     Hospital (Appointment & Clinic) Management Application02(02)
34Trust System & Software Private LtdIIIa)     Facial Recognition System at ATM01(01)
35Infocepts Technologies Pvt. Ltd NagpurIIIa)     Impact of Climate Change on Indian Agriculture and Economy b)     Dashboard for LokSabha Election 2019 c)     Video Game Sales Dashboard03(09)

Industry Projects (Session: 2018-19)

SNOrganization / IndustryYear  Project TitleNo. of Project Groups (Students)
1GE AppliancesIVa)     Working With VCP b)     Marketing Digitalization c)     Design of Automation Framework d)     Implementation of TCS Driven App04(04)
2InformaticaIVa)     Automated testing of IICS b)     Azure Ecosystem Quality Assurance & Automation02(02)
3gRhapa SolutionsIVa)     gRhapa Solutions b)     Gruhaps02(02)
4InfosysIVa)     Book A Movie b)     Car Bike Rental c)     AVAC – AS Vendor As Customer03(14)
5PersistentIVa)     Sales Force CRM b)     Mean Stock c)     Vehicle Rental System03(17)
6Reliance JioIVa)     Jio Meet b)     Jio Liv c)     Jio Services And Application03(14)
7TCSIVa)     Enterprise Application Services b)     Farmers Insurance c)     Digital Dashboard d)     Mainframe DB204(12)
8Value LabsIVa)     Vicoho b)     BID Management System c)     Delegant 03(03)
9VmwareIVa)     SystemTest Programmable Automation And Reporting Codebase b)     Capacity Monitor c)     Remediation Recommendation Engine d)     SlackBot Project e)     VRT on SKYLAB f)      Secret Management using Hashicorp Vault06(06)
10ZS AssociatesIVa)     Incentive Compensation Processing b)     Managing Alignment c)     DAG Designer d)     Performance Scalability And Reliability Testing e)     Working on ETL Tools f)      DSR06(08)
11SabertoothIVa)     Stock Trading using Reinforcement Learning b)     Financial data Web App c)     Real Time Stock Market Screener03(06)
12SiemensIVa)     BACnet01(01)
13ExtramarksIVa)     Customer Interaction for Promoting Online Learning01(01)
14Novatech Software Pvt. Ltd.IVa)     Creating Mobile Touch  App for Timelog01(01)
15MadCloud TechnologiesIVa)     Reengineering Of All India01(01)
16Your PhysioIVa)     Your Physio01(01)
17KlouddataIVa)     Data Analytics01(01)
18AmazonIVa)     AFT:Externalization01(01)

Industry Projects (Session: 2017-18)

SNOrganization / IndustryYear  Project TitleNo. of Project Groups (Students)
1Veterinary HospitalIIIVeterinary Hospital Management System01(05)
2FiveTranIVa) Facebook Marketing
b) DoubleClick For Publishers
c) Apple search ads data connector
03 (03)
3Persistent Systems Ltd, NagpurIVMetadata Comparison in Salesforce01 (02)
4ZS AssociateIVa) Target Area Polisihing
b) Performance, Scalability and Reliability  testing>
c) Alignment Manager
d) ETL tool for managing and processing the data in Pharmaceutical sector
e) Web Portal for various ZS Projects
f) Sales and Marketing Project in Pharmaceutical Sector
g) Workflow Designer and Alignment Manager
5SiemensIVa) Railway Automation (Mobility)
b) Designing an Android application on “SimPL” mobile-app generator
c) Intelligent Traffic Systems (TACTICS and SEPAC)
d) Road traffic automation
e) Designing a web application on “SimPL” web-app generator.
f) BBS(BT BACNet Stack)
g) Automatic train Control
h) CG_ETCS Test Automation
i) Building Technology
j) Submarine
6PrevoyanceIVAnalysis and recovery from digital evidence using various forensic tools01 (01)
7VmWareIVa) Service Availability Management
b) Protractor Code Generator
02 (02)
8GRhapa Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd.IVTo make a Web App which provides facilities for online booking of various products01 (01)
9HFFCIVCredit Evaluation, Data Analysis On Sales force System01 (01)
10Tata Consultancy Services, NagpurIVa) Banco Pichincha
b) RushMore
02 (05)
11TectureIVTecture In House ERP01 (01)
12Novatech SolutionsIVWebHooks Service01 (02)
13HealthCocoIVa) Design an application which monitors all the background activities and setup of the users on HealthCoCo
b) To design a website for HealthCoCo embedding SVG animations.
c) Server Monitoring & Alerting System
03 (03)
14National university, SingaporeIVa) Traffic Analysis attack on HTTPS traffic b) Importance of Single Directions for Generalization02(01)

Industry Projects (Session: 2016-17)

SNOrganization / IndustryYearProject TitleNo. of Project Groups (Students)
1Production Modelling India Pvt. Ltd. NagpurIIIa) Customer Relationship Management Software
b) Project Tracking Matrix
02 (09)
2Kizora Software Private LimitedIIIImage Encryption for Networked System01 (05)
3Virtual Galaxy Pvt. Ltd. NagpurIIIE-Governance01 (05)
4Enable IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. NagpurIIIa) Enitsol Message Board
b) HRMS Android App
02 (10)
5Global Telecommunication Services, NagpurIIIDesign and Development of Commercial Web Portal01 (05)
6Aspect IIT Pvt. Ltd. NagpurIIIDesign and Development of Online Examination Management System01 (05)
7Flying PenguinsIVCympler Mails01(05)
8ReachoIVA Tool for Tracking Content on Entertainment01 (05)
9National Remote Sensing CenterIVImage Processing on Web Browser01 (05)
10Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (Regional Training Center)IVa) A Web based System to Minimize the Time for Generating BSNL Reports
b) Monitoring of BTS System
c) Design and Implementation of Real Time Monitoring and Performance Analysis of BTS of Maharashtra circle based on 3G data
03 (15)
11Webgile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.IVERP Mobile Sulutions by Odoo01 (05)
12Aarkay Techno Consultant Pvt. LtdIVTouchscreen Based Inspection System for Data Logging01 (05)
13Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME)IVa) Smart System for Agriculture
b) MSME project using technologies, MySQL
02 (03)

Industry Projects (Session: 2015-16)

Organization / Industry
No. of Project Groups (Students)
Session 2015-16 (UG)
Retail Labs Pvt. Ltd, Nagpur
01 (05)
Hiplogik App and Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Nagpur
01 (04)
RGSC-TIFAC-MSME Internship Scheme
Kratin Software Solutions (P) Ltd
NEERI, Nagpur
Regional Remote Sensing Research Center, Nagpur
01 (05)
Session 2015-16 (PG)
Siemens Technology and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune
Regional Remote Sensing Research Center, Nagpur


Project Name: Role of ICT in developing Smart Universities
Principal Investigator: Dr. M.B.Chandak , Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science & Engineering RCOEM-Nagpur

Open Electives:

  • The department offers industry electives in association with Globallogic India Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur and InfoCepts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur.
  • A course in “Mobile Technology” has been offered and conducted for 2014-15 and 2015-16 sessions by M/s Globallogic Ltd. while a course in “Foundations of Business Intelligence” has been offered and conducted for 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 sessions by M/s Infocepts Ltd.
  • The faculty after acquiring training at Persistent System Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur floated and offered a course in “Salesforce Technology” as an Open Elective for sixth semester students in the session 2013-14.
  • Outcome:
    • Students learned current knowledge from the industry experts
    • These industries offers projects to the students
    • Industries offer placements and internship to selected students.


The institute has 10 academic MOUs with international universities of which 5 MOUs are with North American Universities.
CSE Department has been associated with the international universities though these MOUs.
In July 2016, an MOU with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, NY, USA was inked which would facilitate short and long-term teaching, students exchange and faculty collaboration between RIT’s B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences and RCOEM. CSE department is an active partner to this MOU. Dr. Nirmala Shenoy from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York conducted a one week workshop on “Networking and Emulabs” from 16th to 20th December 2015 at Department of Computer Science and Engineering.


Student Team of Computer Science and Engineering named “NEW_WORLD_ORDER” participated in the Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2020 [Software Edition].

The team was adjudged WINNER OF SIH-2020 for the solution “ReMedize [Primary health care in remote areas using cloud medicine and diagnostic]” offered by Government of Uttarakhand, India.

Dr. M. B. Chandak and Prof. S. G. Mundada were the mentor for the problem statement.

Students’ Projects:

Project Title: “e-Notice Board”
Projectees: AvnikaGoyal, Shriyashivankar, SagarAyalani, Tushar Sahay
Recognition: Felicitation at the hands of Shri. DevendraFadanvis, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Maharashtra State, at 22nd National e-Governance Conference in January 2016. The said project was adjudged “FIRST RUNNER UP” at the project competition on e-Governance organized jointly by DTE and GHRCE Nagpur on 18-01-2016.
This project was also shortlisted and showcased at COMP-EX 2016 Exhibition under “Nagpur Next –IT Based Project Competition”


WCL Online Test:

CSE Department has a MoU with leading Public Sector undertaking, Western Coalfields Limited (WCL). The department conducted an Online Test for Gr-II Technical Staff (Departmental) Recruitment of WCL on 10 Jan 2016 for 1000 candidates. The Recruitment Test module was developed in-house by the students of CSE. Dr. M. B. Chandak, Prof. Vrushali Karkare and Prof. M. R. Wanjari have conducted the training program for WCL employees.
Amount in INR
Western Coalfields Ltd. Nagpur
Employee Training on “Web and Java Programming”
17-27 Nov 2014
Western Coalfields Ltd. Nagpur
Employee Training on “Web and Java Programming”
05-13 Dec 2014


SNProject TitleFunding AgencyAmount (Rs.)Principal Investigator
1Financials support for execution of Vishvesvaraya PhD Scheme for Electronics and IT for 2015-16   (1 Full Time and 3 Part Time)Media Lab Asia A Section 25 Company of Department of Electronics & Information Technology (Deity), Ministry of ICT, Govt. of India82,34,300Dr. M. B. Chandak
2Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher
Educational Institutions (FIST) Program
Ministry of Science & Technology
Department of Science & Technology
45,00,000Dr. M. B. Chandak
3Role of ICT in Developing Smart UniversityRashtriyaUchchatarShikshaAbhiyan (RUSA)25,000,00Dr. M. B. Chandak
4Financial Support for conducting 4-days National Workshop on “data Science and Big data Analytics”Big Data Initiatives (BDI) Division, DST, GOI6,00,000Dr. M. B. Chandak
5Financial Support for conducting Two weeks FDP on “Current Trends in deep Learning and it’s aplications”AICTE6,00,000Dr. M. B. Chandak
6Development of Coal Quality Exploration Technique based on Convolutional Neural Network and Hyperspectral ImagesCSIR-Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research Nagpur1,03,00,000Dr. M. B. Chandak, Dr. S. Hira

Sanctioning Authority
Amount in INR
Financial Assistance for organizing National Conference on  “Recent Trends in Mobile and Cloud Computing”
Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB)
Dr. M. B. Chandak
Order No. SB/SS/786/2014-15 dated 15-10-2014
Financial Assistance for organizing National Conference on  “Recent Trends in Mobile and Cloud Computing”
Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB)
Dr. M. B. Chandak
Order No. SB/SS/340/2015-16 dated 28-08-2015
Financial Support for conducting a 3-Day National Workshop on “Data Science and Big Data Analytics”
Big Data Initiative (BDI) Division, DST, GOI
Dr. M. B. Chandak
Order No. BDID/01/22/2014-Workshops dated 16-03-2016