Department has well equipped labs and classrooms for smooth conduction of academics.
Number of Classrooms: 3 (Each 87.78 sq.m.)
Number of Laboratories: 07
Number of Seminar Halls: 01(84.20 sq.m)

Details of major equipment along with total cost available in each laboratory of the laboratoryMajor equipmentInvestment in laboratory till date [in Rupees]Area in ( sq. m)
1Room No. 202 Lab-1 & Lab-2: System Programming & Database LabPCs Pentium core i3 , CPUs total=82 1 AIX Server ,1 HP Server, HP PRINTER1020=1, LCD PROJECTORS=235,13,127=00109.62
2Room No. 204 Lab-3 & Lab-4: Programming Language & Software Engg. LabPCs Pentium core i3, CPUs total=70 , HP Server 1, DELL Workstation 7820 TOWER INTEL XEON BRONZE 3104=1 PRINTER=7, LCD PROJECTORS=234,02,288=00109.62
3Room No. 205 M. Tech LabPCs Pentium core i3, CPUs total=24 , LCD PROJECTORS=2, Fire Bird VI Robotic Research Plaform, NVidia DGX Server 1, PIKA NIR320 Hyperspectral Imaging Camera 1, DELL PRECISION 3650 TOWER 1 UPS= 02 PRINTERS = 017,56,368=0042.10
4Ground Floor Lab-5 & Lab-6: Accenture/ Project & Robotics LabPCs Dell OptiPlex core3, CPUs total=50, Dell PowerEdge T300 server =1, LCD PROJECTORS=115,69,325=0073.44
5First year Lab (Lab 7)PCs Pentium Core2Duo, CPUs total=45, HP PRINTER 1020=313,78,714=0051.84


6MiscellaneousComputer Laptops5,58,610=00 
  Software Cost13,53,403=00 
  FireBird VI Robotic Research Platform1,92,200=00 
  NetSim: Network Simulator (Academic version 9.1)3,57,750=00 
  (Oracle ERP) Accenture/ Project & Robotics Lab35,000=00 
  IoT Lab Kit & peripherals4,95,169=00 
  NVidia DGX DL WS P2587 4V100/256GB 32G Server36,58,000=00 
  Liebert 3 KVA Online UPS GXTMT+CX 3k SB (For Nvdia Server)40,120=00 
  PIKA NIR320 Hyper spectral Imaging Camera with UPS49,73,010=00 
  Networking Equipment3,00,000=00 
  DELL PRECISION 3650 TOWER4,10,050=00 


Total Investment in Department till date2,32,06,668=00 
    • Dr. A. J. Agrawal

Head, CSE Dept.

Dr. R. S. Pande, Principal, RCOEM along with Dr. M. B. Chandak, Head, CSE Department and faculty members launched the e-notice board system at Computer Science and Engineering Department on 10th June 2016.