Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell) was established with a view to encourage students of college from all the disciplines to consider Self -employment as a career option & also to provide training in Entrepreneurship through modular courses. ED Cell promotes Entrepreneurship through formation and installation of student body at department level.

The ED Cell Students Body of Electronics Engineering is coordinated by Prof.Poorvi K. Joshi (9423107696)

In consonance with this belief, ED aims at:

  • Creating a multiplier effect on opportunities for self-employment.
  • Augmenting the supply of competent entrepreneurs through training.
  • Augmenting the supply of entrepreneur trainer-motivators.
  • Participating in institution building efforts.
  • Inculcating the spirit of Entrepreneurship in youth.
  • Developing and disseminating new knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial theory and practice through research.
  • Facilitating corporate excellence through creating entrepreneurs (entrepreneurial managers)
  • Improving managerial capabilities.
  • Sensitizing the support system to facilitate potential and existing entrepreneurs to establish and manage their enterprises.


Its Objectives are:

  • To create an environment for Self-employment, Promote Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship development through formal and non-formal programs.
  • To introduce the concept of entrepreneurship in curricula.
  • To develop management personnel at appropriate levels for sectors like education, rural development, small-scale industry etc.
  • To utilize the infrastructure facilities and technically trained manpower for the development of non-corporate and unorganized sectors.
  • To promote employment opportunities.


ED Cell Office Bearers 2022-2023

ED Cell Report Ayush Mishra 2022-2023

ED Cell 21-22

Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Electronics Engineering Department

Online guest lecture by Mr. Omkar Kekre

Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Electronics Engineering Department organized a Onlinevguest lecture for the students of Electronics Engineering on 6th February 2021. The session was carried out by Alumni of Electronics Engineering Department, RCOEM 2017 batch graduate, Mr Omkar Kekre, Founder of Startup TERN (Technology Engineering Research and Nature), Nagpur. TERN is ventured into providing solutions to issues related to Forest.

Speaker shared his valuable experience regarding the challenges faced during establishment of a startup and highlighted the steps one can follow to become an Entrepreneur.