Technical Club

With a motive to provide a common platform for Interdisciplinary technical activities of the college, Technical Club was launched in 2015. The club consists of self-motivated students who gather together to come up with some or the other new and innovative ideas and work on them. It aims to technically strengthen the students by integrating their skills in the various fields of Engineering & Technology, so as to cope up with the highly competitive environment. This club works under the guidance of Prof. Prashant B. Shiwalkar, the Faculty Coordinator of the club. Many activities are conducted by the club in order to help the students explore and learn some skills which might help them in future. The club also aims competitions that are organized by other colleges, in which the students have performed exceptionally well.

  • Introductory Session. The club conducts interactive sessions mainly for first years to assist them in their domain of interest. Even if the students have no idea what their interests are, they can explore all the domains and then can decide accordingly.
  • Digital India Day Celebration
  • Workshops and Seminars The club also conducts different workshops and seminars so that the students can get some guidance from the professionals in different fields.
  • Technical Cup events Technical Club conducts Technical Cup, one of the many competitions held under Branch Cup, which is organized by Students’ Representative Council.

Dr. Alok Kumar JHA
Faculty Coordinator

Annual Club Report 2022-23



RoboTech Club

The club was started in 2015 with an aim to fuel the awareness in the field of Robotics in our College, and make a mark of RCOEM in this field too.
The club consists of self-motivated students of almost all branches, who want to learn, share and grow with others in the field of Robotics. There is only one requirement for joining the club, i.e., INTEREST IN ROBOTICS.

We believe in a practical and interactive way of learning. Our club is divided into three committees: Teaching, Event and Social-Media, for the efficient and structured flow of the Club’s activities. Intra-club, Inter-Club & Inter-College competitions are also conducted by the club for boosting up everyone’s spirit.

Teacher In-charge:

Prof. Ashlesh A Jaiswal
(Email –
(Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering)

Student Head:

Shashank Bhalotia
(Email –
(Final Year, Department of Computer Science and Engineering)


The Robo-Show: An introduction to the scope of Robotics.

Project Exhibition:

Members work on a full semester project in groups which is displayed in an exhibition during the end of the academic session.

Learning Sessions:

Conduction of teaching sessions for the members, which is followed by practicals.

The club carriers out its activities through students coordinators who function under the supervision of the professor incharge of the club Prof. Prashant B. Shiwalkar.