RCOEM – TATA CIIIT Center for Invention, Innovation, Incubation and Training


1) CIIIT Audit
Loya Bagri & Co. and its Team of Chartered Accountants has done CIIIT audit on 15 Jan 2021 Training
RCOEM-TATA CIIIT has organized the following trainings for RCOEM faculty (Octo 20 – May 21)

VMC Part programming, Internet of Things (IoT), CatiaV6 training, Additive Manufacturing & Reverse Engineering (3-D Printing & 3-D Scanning), Design Thinking, Industrial Robotics, MSC Adams, Arc welding Robo, MES training

Ongoing Projects and Consultancies


Completed Projects and other activities

  1. Metal pyramid tool for compression testing of concrete was manufactured on VMC machine. The tool is required by Civil Engg Dept for concrete testing.
  2. Design of Battery Swapping Switch
  3. Mobility Robot development.
  4. Four types of multi-utility products for offices and table top usage are designed and 3-D printed.
  5. A device casing/cabinet for Tycathon competition project was printed for a student of Government polytechnic Pune.
  6. Four petal pieces of a heart valve model was 3-D printed for EN Dept.
  7. Small cubical part with 2 vents with challenging features are being printed for one of the PhD research scholars of EN Dept.

Ongoing Consultancies

Govigyan Anusandhan kendra Nagpur has approached CIIIT, with inquiry to design, manufacture and provide following items for their cow dung products

  1. Padma Kund
  2. Diya – about 3 types
  3. Hand press machine
  4. Shree Yantra
  5. A portable hand press machine (100 Nos)

A feasibility study and CAD design was done by Mr. Anil Dhole, SME TATA Technologies. The hand press design, fabrication and approval for the sample from GVAK was done by Dr. Vishal Shukla, Faculty In-charge CIIIT. Prof. P. A. Dwaramwar, Director TBI submitted the proposal of consultancy project to steering committee which approved the consultancy project. Dr. R. Khaire, Dean III Cell, initiated MoU between RCOEM and GVAK, which is signed on 27 Feb 2021.

IPR applied and in-process

Following IPR are applied through RCOEM-TATA CIIIT recently

  1. A pneumatic sand rammer with vibration isolator
  2. A device for making flower garland
  3. A Device for Generating Profile on Pipes
  4. Multi-utility office machine [ 2 IPRs]
  5. Design development of Battery Swapping Switch Matrix [ 2 IPRs]
  6. Mobility Robot development.
  7. Multi-utility office tools products design projects. (Four different product).


Ongoing Projects by the students of M. Tech Robotics & Automation

  1. Autonomous Wheel chair for handicapped person using 500 Watt DC motor and joystick steering with use of 60Kg/cm torque servo also uses 5 ultrasonic sensors and 8 array IR Analogue input for autonomous tracking completed and tested
  2. DRSSTC for wireless transfer of energy is successfully tested
  3. Record and play 6DOF robot manipulator using inverse kinematics mapping done on Arduino IDE platform
  4. BIPED Robot stand sit balance and step walk tested under bio robot engineering.
  5. Self-designed Multi task integrated Arduino compatible development board
  6. E-Vehicle using 1000W hub motor with special type of harmonics less stator field mechanical sliding mechanism for speed control currently working to make it work on renewable energy
  7. Magnetic adhesion-based boiler tube, chimney, main boiler surveillance and maintenance Robot having inbuilt blower for fly ash, wireless live camera feedback, liner screw rail for load capacity of 40Kg, chemical sprayer and buffer wheel
  8. Voice control of 3 phase induction motor using voice command and IOT remote access successfully tested function- run/stop, forward/reverse, speed control using VFD with variance of 4 RPM
  9. Laser guided protection scheme for HV Transmission line for detecting mechanical conductor failure with communication support of SIM1800, NODE MCU, Xbee 2.0, Bluetooth, 433MHz RF technology
  10. Design and Fabrication of self-cleaning and maintenance 3Ph, 5hp Industrial Motor with Hydrocarbon based heat pipe cooling and pressure valves compressor based online varnish applier and online bearing automatic lubricator also has 7 temperature sensor mounted inside winding for heat spot detection
  11. They are also working on performance improvement of stability of drones as survilliance robot using advanced PID feedback