1. There are total 18 laboratories available for EDT students where they can have their practical/lab sessions, do their project work and acquire awareness of latest software.
    Two laboratories are especially dedicated for design aspects, which are

    PCB Design Laboratory:- Total Lab Investment 32,31,573/-
    System Design Laboratory: – Total Lab Investment 20,80,592/-

Laboratory Major Equipments / Software Cost
Printed Circuit Board Design Lab. ORCAD  15.7 Software 3,08,443/-
Rapid PCB Prototype Machine 8,54,335/-
PCB through Hole Plating System 4,46,766/-
EMI /EMC Trainer Kit 2,45,025/-
Vertical Reprographic Camera 75,000/-
SMD Rework Station 59,000/-
Rotary Spray Etching Machine 52,000/-
System Design Lab DSO 200MHz (OWAN) 1,11,694/-
ProteousVSM Software     4,46,250/-
Software defined Radio Kit     1,62,873/-