Research Center

Research Area

  • Quality Engineering
  • Industrial Automation and Mechatronics
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Planning and Control
  • Reliability & Maintenance Engineering
  • Optimization
  • Work System Design
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Engineering Design
  • Manufacturing Engineering


Research Supervisors

Name of SupervisorDesignationResearch Areas
Dr. M. M. GuptaProfessor & HeadHuman Factors Engineering, Supply chain management, Data Visualization tools
Dr. V.S. DeshpandeProfessor (Superannuated)Quality, Maintenance Engineering
Dr. D.R ZanwarAssociate ProfessorOperations Research, Optimization Techniques, Modelling and Simulation, Robotics, Sequencing and Scheduling, Computers in Industrial Engineering
Dr. A. S. ChatpalliwarAssociate ProfessorManufacturing Automation, Maintenance Management, Reliability
Dr. R. B ShahuAssociate ProfessorErgonomics, Industrial Psychology

List of Candidates PhD Awarded
Total No of PhD Awarded = 14

Sr. No.Name of CandidateName of SupervisorTopicDate of RegistrationStatus
1K.N. AgrawalDr. V.S.DeshpandeDecision support system for behavioral prediction of industry performance indicators15/07/2008Awarded
2M.M.GuptaDr. V.S.DeshpandeProbabilistic modeling of production process and predictive simulation15/07/2008Awarded
3P. V. WashimkarDr. V.S.DeshpandeModelling of Reliability and improvement of availability of dragline system24/02/2010Awarded
4A.S. ChatpalliwarDr. V.S.DeshpandeFormulation of Approximate generalized design data based model of a plant manufacturing Biodiesel09/07/2009Awarded
5G. R. PoteyDr. V.S.DeshpandeDesign Optimization & development of Carding machine15/07/2009Awarded
6D. R. ZanwarDr. V.S.DeshpandePrototyping uncertainty of maintenance activity & its simulation15/07/2009Awarded
7A.AgasheDr. V.S.DeshpandeFormulation of a field data based model for functioning of a workstation at floor grinding system emphasizing ergonomic considerations and optimization15/07/2010Awarded
8G. R. NikhadeDr. V.S. DeshphandeOptimal trajectory Tracking of Mobile manipulator for Welding Operation15/01/2011Awarded
9Y.M. SonkhaskarDr. V.S. DeshpandeFormulation of an approximate generalized experimental data-based model for pelletizing process energized by human powered flywheel motor15/01/2011Awarded
10D. R. IkharDr. V.S. DeshphandeErgonomics evaluation & work station design for hand driven cotton spinning operation9/4/2014Awarded
11P. M. KhandekarDr. S. Chiddarwar Dr. V.S. DeshphandeA Generalized Framework for Generation of Robot Motion Plan using Manual Lead Through Training System23/5/2012Awarded
12Pranjali DongreDr. S. Chiddarwar Dr. V.S. DeshphandeTool condition monitoring in boring machine by using Acoustic emission signals.10/11/2012Awarded
13Mr. S. KaranjekarDr.V.S.DeshpandeDelineation of a frame work for quality function deployment for enhancing technical institute service quality in vidarbha region20/10/15Awarded
14Mr. A. UradeDr.V.S.DeshpandeParametric Analysis and Performance Measures in Electric Discharge Machining9/1/2015Awarded

List of Candidates PhD Pursuing
Total No of PhD Pursuing = 05

Sr. No.Name of CandidateName of SupervisorTopicDate of RegistrationStatus
01Mr. M. JoshiDr. V. S. DeshpandeDevelopment of Workstation Improvement Framework though ergonomic evaluation28/10/2018Pursuing
02Mr. Himanshu M. ShuklaDr. M. M. GuptaErgonomic Evaluation and Modeling of Sawmill Operations28/10/2018Pursuing
03Mr. R. DeshmukhDr. D. R. ZanwarInfluence of Magnetic Field and Parametric Evaluation of Vapor Compression Refrigeration System22/05/2019Pursuing
04Mr. Y. JoshiDr. D. R. ZanwarFeasibility testing and analysis for 06 Yrs. Improving C.O.P. using nano refrigerant in vapor compression refrigeration system22/05/2019Pursuing
05Mr. O. BohreyDr. A. S. ChatpalliwarDesign and development of 06 yrs. Maintenance program to improve the aircraft availability22/05/2019Pursuing