List of courses offered by Department

Sr. NoName of CourseCourse CodeSemester/BranchCredit/Audit
1.Foundational Literature of Indian CivilizationHUT1001/HUT2001BE First YearCredit
2.English for Professional CommunicationHUT1002/HUT2002BE First YearCredit
3.English for Professional Communication LabHUP1002/HUP2002BE First YearCredit
4.Foundational Course in Universal Human ValuesHUT1004/HUT2004BE First YearCredit
5.EnglishHUT151BE First YearCredit
6.English PracticalHUP151BE First YearCredit
7.Constitution of IndiaHUT152BE. First YearAudit
8.Principles of Economics and ManagementHUT251IV/EECredit
9.Indian Traditional KnowledgeHUT252IV/EE, IT and EDTAudit
10.Business CommunicationHUT253III/CSE/AI&ML/Cyber Security/Data SciCredit
11.Technical CommunicationHUT254III/ITCredit
12.Organizational BehaviourHUT255IV/ITCredit
13.Indian Traditional KnowledgeHUT256III/ECAudit
14.Cyber law and Ethics in ITHUT257III/CSECredit
15.Personality DevelopmentHUP258III/IndustrialCredit
16.Leadership SkillsHUT259III/IndustrialCredit
17.Effective Technical CommunicationHUT260III /CivilCredit
18.Professional Skill DevelopmentHUT351V/EN/BMEAudit
19.Indian Traditional KnowledgeHUT353V/Industrial, Mech., CSEAudit
20.Managerial EconomicsHUT354V/ITCredit
21.Principles of Economics and ManagementHUT355VI/EDTCredit
22.Organizational BehaviourHUT356IV / CivilAudit
23.Personality DevelopmentHUP357V/ECCredit
24.Engineering EconomicsHUT452VII/ECCredit
Liberal Arts
1.Fundamentals of Indian Classical danceHUP0001-1I/IICredit
2.Fundamentals of IndianHUP0001-2I/IICredit
3.Introduction to Digital PhotographyHUP0001-3I/IICredit
4.Introduction to Japanese Language and CultureHUP0001-4I/IICredit
5.Art of TheatreHUP0001-5I/IICredit
6.Introduction to French LanguageHUP0001-6I/IICredit
7.Introduction to Spanish LanguageHUP0001-7I/IICredit
8.Art of PaintingHUP0001-8I/IICredit
9.Art of DrawingHUP0001-9I/IICredit
10.Nature CampHUP0001-10I/IICredit
Open Electives
1.1. HUT299-1: Human Relationship Dynamics 2. HUT299-2: Applied Psychology 3. HUT299-3: Basic Ornithology for Engineers 4. HUT299-4: Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture 5. HUT299-5: Basics of Indian classical dance: Bharatnatayam 6. HUT299-6: Basics of Indian classical dance: KathakIV/ all branchesCredit
2.HUT398-1: Education, Technology and SocietyV/CivilCredit
3.1. HUT398-2: Sanskrit For Technocrats 2. HUT398-3: Art of Theatre 3. HUT398-4: Content and Creative Writing 4. HUT398-5: Orientation in Spanish LanguageV/all branchesCredit
4.1. HUT399-1: Employability and Professional Skills 2. HUT399-2: Psychology for professional growth 3. HUT399-3: Orientation in German Language 4. HUT399-4: Gender and Cultural Studies 5. HUT399-5: Communicative English 6. HUT399-6: Bhagwad Geeta- Science of Life 7. HUT399-7: Western and Indian English Fiction 8. HUT399-8: Personality DevelopmentVI/all branchesCredit
5.HUT498-1: Technical CommunicationVII/ECCredit
6.HUT498-2: Managerial EconomicsVII/ CSECredit
7.HUT498-3: Hindi FictionVII/All BranchesCredit
Humanities electives for MCA
8.HUT503-1: Soft SkillsI/MCAAudit
9.HUT503-2: Professional Practise and EthicsI/MCAAudit
10.HUT504-1: Business Correspondence and Report WritingII/MCAAudit
11.HUT504-2: Constitution of India and Human RightsII/MCAAudit
12.HUT599-1: Psychology for Professional GrowthII/MCAAudit
1.HUT505: Technical CommunicationI/CSECredit
2.HUP506: Professional Communication and Employability SkillsI/PEPSCredit