About CNC

The CNC department is responsible for maintaining the communication backbone of the Institute.

  • CNC – Areas related to Computer Hardware and Telecom

Prof. Lalit Agrawal
CNC Incharge


CNC has the following functions:-

Consolidation of Computer requirement of the Institute and its purchases

All the computer requirement of the departments is received in the CNC and purchases of the Computers and allied hardware like Printers, Scanners, etc. is centrally done by the CNC.

Management and maintenance of Computers and allied hardware like Printers and scanners

CNC takes care of the maintenance of Computers, Printers and other hardware related devices. The departments send their hardware to CNC for maintenance which is then serviced and sent back to the respective departments.

Management and Operation of the Computer Centre which is open from Morning 10.00 am to Evening 5.30 pm

The CNC also operates the Central Computing Facility of the Institute. A fully air-conditioned lab of 93 Computers with latest configurations and networked with Internet facility is attached to the CNC which caters to students requirement of computing. This facility is also used during Addmisions for providing assistance to students wanting to seek admission to the Institute.
Various departments also use this facility for online training of the students, while Training and Placement department uses this facility for conducting the Online tests for various companies.

Management and maintenance of the Optic Fibre Network of the Institute

The CNC also maintains the Optic Fibre network of the Institute. Any fresh networking requirement is received by the CNC and CNC provides solution accordingly.

Management and Maintenance of the Internet of the Institute

The Institute has subscribed to a 1100 Mbps lease line (1:1) from BSNL and TATA Teleservices. The bandwidth is managed by the CNC as per the requirement of the students and departments.

Management and maintenance of the Firewall of the Institute

A firewall from SOPHOS is maintained by CNC to manage the inbound and outbound network traffic based on certain rules and policies. The firewall is clubbed with Bit-Defender anti-virus system to identify and isolate malicious code from the network and provide seamless network connectivity.

Management and maintenance of the WIFI system of the Institute

The CNC maintains the Wireless network of the Institute. A Radius Server has been installed in production to allow for MAC based Internet access. The MAC based system is already in place for Girls Hostel and all the students of the Girls Hostel are mandatorily required to register their devices with the CNC for Internet Access. The MAC based system would soon replace the current system of WIFI across the campus. Management and maintenance of the Servers

The CNC maintains the following servers:-

  • GEMS Backup Server
  • Firewall Server
  • Photographs and Video Data Server
  • FTP Server which caters departments with Open source software
  • SLIM server
  • Radius Server
  • CCTV Recording Server
  • Biometric Server

Management and maintenance of the Biometric system of the Institute

The Institute uses a Biometric system to register for employees’ day to day attendance. A series of face recognition cum fingerprint recognition devices are installed across the campus to facilitate for employee attendance. The system is maintained by CNC

Management and maintenance of the IP Phone system of the Institute

All the internal communication is done using the EPABX and an IP Telephone system. The IP Phone system uses the open source Asterisk software, while the telephone instruments are sourced from Grandstream. Beyond this the IP Phone is also capable of providing with soft phone to users on the computer with an IP Phone software as it uses the same Institute network for communication.

Printing of ID Card for Students and Faculty Members

ID cards of students and Faculty members are printed using an ID printing machine by the CNC. The faculty members and students are required to fill in their profile details in GEMS and then generate a PDF. This PDF then has to be mailed to CNC which then prints the ID Card using GEMS

Provision of Reprographic Facilities

CNC has a small reprographic unit which caters to requirement of students in case of urgencies. Under this the CNC has a Photocopier, a Coloured Laser Printer, a Scanner cum Printer which the students and Staff can use.