Centre of Positive Emotional Health


In any educational institution, students occupy a pivotal position and all activities revolve around them. Therefore, the overall institutional ambience must reflect planned efforts for the welfare of its main stakeholder. In this era of globalization young aspirants have to face multiple challenges and they are undergoing through lot of emotional imbalance.

The objectives of Centre for Positive Emotional Health –

  1. To help students understand and identify the emotional disturbances and the ways to tackle such situations.
  2. To concentrate on maintaining healthy emotional stability amongst students and to provide learning/training opportunities in the areas of academic, career and personal/ social development and to prepare students to meet their future challenges.
  3. To provide guidance to the students in identifying their interests, strengths and planning appropriately to justify their professional needs.
  4. To cater emotional imbalance and disturbances among teaching and non teaching members of the institute and to help them come out of the situations.

The focusing areas will be:

  • Unhealthy Negative Emotions
  • Stress Handling
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Addictions
  • Procrastination
  • Exam Anxiety
  • And many more…

The scope of the centre includes:

  1. Institute level Awareness camp to identify emotional imbalances like depression, stress anxiety, etc.
  2. Sessions by expert team of psychiatrist for batch size of 25-30
  3. Need based one to one counseling and mentoring for critical cases.
  4. Forming teams of students interested in becoming mentors for their juniors.
  5. Conducting sessions for training the trainers.

Outcome/Benefits of this centre include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Emotional health awareness increases the chances for early intervention, which can result in a fast recovery.
  2. Reduction in anxiety.
  3. Improved moods.
  4. Clearer thinking.
  5. A greater sense of calm or inner peace.
  6. Increased self-esteem.
  7. Reduced risk of depression.
  8. Improvements in relationships.

Activities to be conducted round the year:

  1. Emotional Awareness camp for all the students/Faculty in campus
  2. Large group sessions by expert twice/thrice a year for general Positive emotional development
  3. Small group(20/25) sessions by expert every two months for handling cases of depression, Anxiety, Exam Fear, etc
  4. 1-2 hrs weekly availability of experts for one to one counseling (need based critical cases)
  5. Training the trainers/ Faculty session once in six months
  6. Creating/ Training student mentors once in six months
  7. Training faculty to handle Gen Z students


Report on activities under taken under positive emotional health


Dr. Rashmi Shahu
Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering & Student Counselor


Dr. Abhishek Somani
Prof & Head Psychiatry Department, IGMC, Nagpur

Incharge team of doctors

Dr. Mosam Phirke
Consulting Psychiatrist,Manasparsh Wellness centre, Supported by Tata Trust


Ms Manisha Golchha
Remedial Educator in the Learning Disability


Dr. Priyadarshini Madavi
Consulting Psychiatrist


Dr. Bharati Gidwani
Director Rejuvenate Stress Management Center


Dr.Kanak Wadwani
Assistant Professor, Department of Management Technology


Prof. Akansha Deshpande,
Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities


For registration contact: 9607980538 / 9607980531 / 9923587842

Email: shahurb@rknec.edu