• To provide a central instrumentation facility consisting of the latest and advance analytical Instruments to the researchers within and outside the institute.
  • To facilitate multidisciplinary research and to cater to the needs of academic research institutes, universities, and industries for high-end material characterization.


  • To strengthen technical infrastructure, to carry out advanced research in various science and engineering disciplines under one roof and make their services available to undergraduate and post graduate students, research scholars , faculties and industry.
  • To develop new measurement / analytical techniques for exploring new dimensions in research in various areas of science, engineering and technology.

List of Research Facilities available at Central Instrumentation Centre

S.N.Equipment (Name)Brief Description
1Hitachi F-7000 SpectrometerUsed for measuring fluorescence spectra in UV-Visible Region (220-700nm), Decay measurement with millisecond order, Reflectance of material.
2ZWL-600 Lumen meterUsed for measuring Color Coodinates , Color Rendering Index, Lumen output LED angle and angle intensity, color temperature, lumen, current and voltage, etc of materials used for making LEDs
3USB-2000 SpectrometerPortable spectrometer used for measuring fluorescence spectra in UV-Visible Region (250-650nm)
4PiccoammeterFor measuring current upto Pico ampere
5Spin Coating UnitUsed for making thin films
6Furnace (Vertical 5″ x5″x10″)Vertical Furnace with temperature controller upto 1000OC with temp. controller
7QM-51, Quantum Master NIR Spectrophotometer+ K-148-S Powder Sample HolderUsed for measuring fluorescence spectra in NIR Region (300-1500nm), Reflectance of material.
8LED Meter (LEDM-01) UPRTECKCMOS Linear Image Sensor; 380 to 780 nm; Approximately 12 nm (Half Bandwidth). Used for detecting visible spectra of material.
9Vacuum OvenFor heating of material in Vacuum upto 500o C
10Mettler Balance (0.1mg accuracy)Used for weighing of samples
11Muffle Furnace Maximum Temperaure : 1700oCFor heating of materials upto 1700oC
12Furnace (Horizontal)Horizontal Furnace with temperature controller upto 1000O C with temp. controller
13Microwave OvenFor heating of material in upto 500o C
14Atmosphere Furnace (FUR-04)Atmosphere Furnace upto 1300 deg C with flow of nitrogen or argon
15Ultra Sonic BathUsed for cleaning contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and ceramics.
16AutoclaveAutoclave with Temp. Controller and timer
17Remi 8-C Centrifuge machineFor centrifuge purpose. 5250 rpm
18Toolmaker’s MicroscopeUsed for measurements of threads i.e. major and minor diameter, mean effective diameter etc.
19Profile ProjectorUsed for measuring major diameter, minor diameter, pitch, angle of screw
20PC based Data Acquisition SystemUsed for acquisition of sensor data
21Humidity MeasurementUsed for the measurement of relative humidity in air. Also used for measuring the temperature of a flow of air by comparing it with the theoretical value


Central Instrumentation Centre


CIC requisition form

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