Central Fabrication Centre


  • To nurture the interactions by exchange of knowledge among different branches of engineering, management & sciences within the campus and technical world outside.
  • To build up partnerships between different branches of engineering to develop hybrid techniques and fulfill the requirement of academic, research and industry.


  • To support the hands on training to the students in the use of machining tools and various other manufacturing processes to develop prototype, products & projects.
  • To facilitate multidisciplinary research by providing fabrication services to develop prototypes, projects and research work of students, researchers and faculty members.


Central Fabrication Facility at Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur is a centre for converting the theoretical knowledge of the student into hands on practice on the processes and machineries. In addition to departmental laboratories, the institute transforms the class room knowledge of the student in to physical realization with widespread support via Central Fabrication Facility. The Central fabrication unit consists of various facilities/shops with well-equipped latest tools, equipments and machineries to support the students to fabricate their experimental set-ups.


The idea of Central Fabrication Centre (CFC) is to nurture the interactions by exchange of knowledge among different branches of engineering, management & sciences within the campus and technical world outside. This facilitates students to realize their ideas into physical form. Creativity in the minds of students is lectured and demonstrated by our own faculty and from experts equally.


CFC is to build up partnerships between different branches of engineering to develop hybrid techniques and fulfill the requirement of the projects related to BE, M. Tech and PhD. In addition to students, CFC also facilitates faculties, of different domain, in the institute to carry out research work in the form of fabrication of any experimental setups with required quality and quantity equally with stipulated timeframe.


CFC also supports the institute in infra structure fabrication works. Test pieces required for testing of materials are also processed for academic work at CFC. The most benefited domain is sponsored research and consultancy work which are fabricated in association with experts and students. Variety of facilities also accessible for the manufacture of components, parts required for the repair and servicing works of institutional facilities.


Machine Shop: –

Machine Shop facilitates engineering students to design and manufacture their projects using various state of the art machine tools and cutting tools with safe working environment. The shop contain a wide variety of equipments and machine tools ranging from simple hand tools to advanced machine tools including CNC Lathe and CNC Milling center, Electro-Discharge Machine. The facility has become best available resource, accessible to students and staff across multiple disciplines and departments.

Fitting Shop:

Fitting means preparing matching parts to touch or join each other in such a way that one will turn inside of another and will slide upon another or the part hold tightly together to acquire necessary fit. Students identify and select various tools for holding, assembling or dismantling the work piece and carry out basic work bench activities such as marking, sawing, and filing, drilling and fitting to ensure work pieces fitting. Further, students can produce a product through the given technical drawing by using appropriate engineering tools and equipments in fitting shop.

Smithy / Forging Shop:

Smithy/Forging shop provides the facility for shaping of metal by working on them. Structures made of mild steel are fabricated at this facility. Students develop the steels components by applying the mechanical force in hot or cold working condition for their automotive designs. Presently students make use of hand forging for relatively small components; augmentation of shop will involve, pneumatic forging hammer to cater the need of forging large components and closed die forging.


Foundry/ Moulding Shop:

Students use foundry shop to produce their own metal castings. Patterns are prepared as per the design in the carpentry shop using timber wood and taken to the foundry for sand moulding. Metals castings are cast into shapes by melting them in pit furnace, into a liquid, pouring the molten metal in a mold, and breaking the mold material. The most common material processed in the foundry shop is Aluminum.



Carpentry Shop:

Carpentry shop provides the facility for woodworking, woodcutting, shaping, or repair of wooden structures. Students work with wood for various applications. Further, the students have the access to design different types of wooden patterns for foundry application and platform for various prototypes.



Welding Shop:

Welding is an important fabrication technique, possessing practical capabilities. The Welding shop provides students to construct and/or repair metal structures and equipment using welding fabrication procedures, including those associated with MMA, MIG, Resistance Spot Welding and Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding. The facility is equipped with advanced welding machines and cutting processes. Students are acquiring skills during welding processes.


Projects Executed in Common Fabrication Facility

I. Central Fabrication Centre

CFC Extension is constructed in the Central Workshop Facility of Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management to facilitate student with the space wherein they can experiment with their ideas any time, round the clock even in the vacations when the central workshop facility is temporarily closed. CFC extension is the location which is never being locked and managed by student with their mentor faculties. In this place they can fabricate various jobs, experiment with their projects. This eliminates the constraint of working space for students and staffs equally and also reduce the involvement of outsourcing of the components for fabrication of the projects. CFC Extension addresses all basic needs of fabrication of the project related to almost every branch of engineering at RCOEM.

Following are few of the equipments, tools and machines available at CFC:-

For using the facilities of Central Fabrication Centre contact:

Prof Ganesh S Shetiye
Incharge, Central Fabrication Centre
Dept of Industrial Engineering,
Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering & Management, Nagpur
Mobile: +91-9011047191
Email : shetiyegs@rknec.edu