Sr.No.TitleInventor/AssigneeApplication No.Status
1“Europium activated Alkali-alkaline earth halide blue emitting phosphors for solid state lighting”D.H. Gahane,Dr. (Mrs.) C.P.Joshi Dr. S.V. Moharil/RCOEM80/MUM/2009 Dated: 13/01/2009 Receipt No. 445Granted
2“Blue fluorescentcomposition for solidstate lighting and preparation method thereof”Deepak Taikar Dr. (Mrs.) C.P.Joshi, Dr. S.V. Moharil RCOEM81/MUM/2009 Dated: 13/01/2009 Receipt No. 446Granted
3“Rare earth activated phosphor compounds and the process of preparation of phosphors thereof”D.H. Gahane,Dr. (Mrs.) C.P.Joshi Dr. S.V. Moharil, Pankaj Belsare/ ICMR, New Delhi2665/DEL/2006 Dated: 13/12/2006 Receipt No. 447Granted
4“Cooling system”Dr.P.R.Gandhi /RCOEM Under Process

Research projects

Sr.No.Project TitleFunding AgencyDurationName of InvestigatorsName of JRFAmountStatus
1MODROBS project on Development of Mathematica Teaching and Research Lab for Engineering StudentsAICTE1997- 2000Dr. G.G.Sahasrabudhe..5 LacCompleted
2Development and Synthesis of UV Lamp Phosphors for PhototherapyICMR2003-2005Dr.C.P.Joshi,Dr.S.V.Moharil,Dr.S.M.PandeMr. Pankaj Belsare7.11 LacCompleted
3Development of Phosphors for Solid State LightingDST2007-2010Dr.C.P.Joshi, and Dr.S.V.MoharilMr.S.S.Pote And Ms.P.J.Yadav22.5 LacCompleted
4Development of LED based dosimeters for Personal monitoringBARC (MOU)2011-2013Dr.C.P.Joshi, and Dr.S.V.MoharilMs.P.J.Yadav And Ms.V.S.Singh18.112 LacCompleted
5Development of phosphors for solid state lighting and white light emitting diodesDST Women Scientist-A2012-2015Ms.P.J.Yadav17.5 LacCompleted
6Development of Quantum Cutting NIR emitting phosphors for c-Si Solar CellDST2013-2016Dr.C.P.Joshi, and Dr.S.V.MoharilMr. Rupesh Talewar46.09 LacCompleted