Music Club

Music is the language of soul. The college started Music Club in 1988 with the objective of encouraging musical talent among students. The club has emerged as an important platform for the students to showcase their talent of vocal and instrumental music. The club gives musical performances on Independence Day and Republic Day and on other such occasions. By inculcating love for music among students, college gives them an opportunity to participate in various competitions and musical programs at various levels. The Club functions under the guidance Prof. Charanjeet Singh Dadiyala.

Prof. Charanjeet Singh Dadiyala
Faculty Coordinator











Report (2015-16)

Organisation of music cup proved to be one of the attractions of Pratishruit 2015-16. Students gave the performance of Indian and Western music with all shades and colours on 15th February 2016. Electronics Engineering Branch had the honour of winning music cup for this year. Mechanical Engineering branch had to be satisfied with 2nd position while Electronics and Communication backed the 3rd position.

Activities through out the year.

  • Music club ensures that each and every members of the club gets equal importance and exposure to various performances and a chance to rectify his/her mistake.In order to do this club has recently come up with the concept of ‘Weekly live’,an event conducted inside the club on the weekly basis where all the members perform .This ensures that everyone is given exposure and provided a platform to show their talent.
  • The club is active throughtout the year and opoen to random jamming sessions inside the Music room (MB/03)
  • The Music club gives major contribution to inter-band competitions across the city.
  • Music club also has its own Youtube channel by the name ‘Music club rcoem’ and Instagram handle by the name ‘Music_club_rcoem’open to all for experiencing some of the performances given by the club throught events.


  • Youth fests by RTMNU: Secured 1st position in western category(solo ) and 2nd in Classical vocal category in Yuvarang, an annual cultural event organiszed by RTMNU.
  • Orignal compositions: Music club students have composed their own song (Aashiyan) for the club.
  • Events of Pratishruti: Chinmay Pittule one of the drummers of the music club has secured best percussionist position this year.1st year form their own band called ‘Stardust Symphony’ ans also performed in the event called ‘Rattlehead’ a rock band event organiszed by S.R.C.
  • T.V. reality shows: Members of the club have also showcased their talent on various reality shows such as Indian Idol ,Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Voice India 2.
  • Rock bands and Concerts: Students have also paved their ways into well established bands such as –Legal sin,Greandioso,Sierra and 11th hour.
  • Individual member achievements: Riya Paul one of the active members of the club has participated in ‘BATTLE OF TALENT’ by UCN.




Winners of Music cup 2015-16 [Electronics Engineering Branch]