(A Scheme for promotion of Innovation,Rural Industrialization and Entrepreneurship)

To create an entrepreneurial culture and ecosystem to promote innovation, and entrepreneurship in agriculture and allied sector , Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management (RCOEM), Nagpur submitted the proposal to MoMSME. Govt of India for creation of Technology Business Incubator (TBI) under ASPIRE (A Scheme for Promotion of Innovation, Rural Industrialization and Entrepreneurship) at Nagpur. The proposal of Rs. 2.91 Cr was submitted and was approved in the 7th SSC meeting of the MSME GOI held on 10th April 2017. The scheme aims at incubation of innovative ideas/technologies in the Rural, Agriculture and allied sectors.

The TBI under ASPIRE is set up with the following objectives:

  1. To set up Technology based incubators for incubation of innovative ideas/technology in the Agro-based industry.
  2. Technology Commercialization: to provide a platform for speedy commercialization of technologies developed in the host institution or any academic and R&D institution of the country.
  3. Interfacing and Networking: to provide networking between academia, industry and financial institution.
  4. Value Addition: to provide value added services viz. legal, financial, technical, IPR, etc. to incubate.
  5. New Enterprise Creation: to promote new technology/knowledge based enterprises.


The college has received the first sanction of Rs. 39.25 Lakh vide letter No. G-27017/18/2017-KVI DIV/141-145 dated 18/05/17 for the procurement of equipments. College is creating a state of art of Technology Business Incubation center of 8000 Sq. Ft with innovation and design facility center equipped with 3D Printer, CNC Machines, Rapid prototyping and Testing facilities.

RCOEM provide infrastructural , funding and following support services to our incubates.

  • Fully furnished Office Space
  • Startup Programs
  • Conference room
  • Mentoring Access
  • Networking support
  • Access to RCOEM Labs Equipment and tools


RCOEM signed the MoU with Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Industrialization (MGIRI) Wardha and Maharogi Seva Samiti (MSS) Anandwan for joint technology development, promotion of rural entrepreneurship and livelihood enhancements.

RCOEM TBI Foundation organizes various promotional activities like ‘Pitch your idea’, ‘Transpreneur’, ‘ Ideation Workshop”, ‘Business plan competition’. The objective of these activities is to create an ecosystem to promote innovation, entrepreneurship & incubation related activities in the region.

TBI has invited Innovative Ideas under ASPIRE for: We have submitted following technology development proposals from faculties for funding to MoMSME

  1. Development of Low cost technological solution for enhancing the agricultural productivity.
  2. Development of farming and agriculture equipments
  3. Creating Wealth from Waste (agriculture waste)
  4. Development of market linkages, Financial Technological platform through ICT.

We have submitted following technology development proposals from faculties for funding to MoMSME

  1. Low Cost and Portable Soil Health Monitoring System
  2. Automated Retail Fridge
  3. IoT based Pomegranate Fruit Detection and Counting

TBI is incubating following students startups under this scheme.

Agritech Startups
1Mr. Soya
MSME SSI Registration
UAN: MH20A0089516

Funding : Rs. 2.5 Lakhs
Delivery of a variety of soy products, to promote a lifestyle of health and sustainabilityAtul Pandit
( B.E. IT 2021)
2Happico India
MSME SSI Registration
UAN No.MH20D0057882

Funding : Rs. 3 Lakhs
Manufacturer of Dark Belgian ChocolateYash Pande
( MBA 2020),
Sonal Bahilani
( MBA Integrated-2021)
3Fameximpex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
CIN – U74999MH2018PTC314890
Bio-Diesel Production from Waste cooking , refined, bleached, and deodorized (RBD) palm oilRohan Bang
4Bamboo Shine Pvt. Ltd.Agritech Solution in Bamboo Plantation and Bamboo LivelihoodShubham Kartik Debnath BE Electronics 2021
5Agrodia Enterprises LLP.
LLP: AAT-6447
Agriculture input supplies retail chain.Harshal Gunderao Thakare
(MBA, 2021)

Dr. Rajesh Raut and Prof. Pravin Dwaramwar are coordinating above activities.

Technology Development Initiatives

Swanand Govigyan Kendra Saunser Madhya Pradesh

Swanand Govidyan is engaged in skill development , best out of waste , using local resources to start the business and enhance the livehood of rural woman, farmers, gaupalaks, self help groups . Offer various Gomay ( cow dunk products )products and technology services.

RCOEM TBI/CIIIT/ASPIRE TBI has provided Designing and 3-D Printing , Die design support for Padma Kund, Diyas, Tulsi Vrundawan and Shriyantra.

Design and fabrication of portable hand press machine for making Diyas

Water bodies Monitoring ( Hydrobot )

Water is a precondition for human existence and for the sustainability of the planet .Monitoring of Quality of Water is still greater Problem . Monitoring involves various social, environmental and technical challenges like geo-genic and anthropogenic water quality issues. Inadequate monitoring of water quality specially in rural area and at water sources affects health and ecosystem of the planet. Objective:

  • Use of modern technology in systematic monitoring of water quality parameter in rural area
  • Deploy a frugal IoT based system to monitor real time water quality parameters
  • Obtain quantitative information on the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of water via online system
  • Organized data on Central System for Monitoring and Analysis Purpose


  • Low Cost Online Water Monitoring System
  • Customized for measuring water parameter in Remote Area
  • Ease in Maintenance and Calibration
  • Multiple Sensor Stand Alone System
  • Capable of Measuring parameter at depth of 100ft
  • Independent Solar Powered with battery Backup
  • Online monitoring of parameters in drinking water, wastewater, environmental, food and beverage and process applications
  • All measurement data available at a glance on Dashboard


ParameterSpecification of Hydrobot

Development of portable soil nutrients, Conductivity and pH measurement system

Agriculture is the main occupation in India and GDP share of 17.32% in Indian economy. There are 60 crores farmers in India and 40 % of rural households dependent on farming as main income source. Due to lack of education related to soil health, It is rapidly declining due to indiscriminate use of fertilizers. In addition, farming is done by adapting conventional way i.e. either rotation or referring neighbours’ crop pattern which leads to poor crop yield. This situation forces us to think to develop user friendly technology related to soil fertility to be transferred to educate farmers .Soil fertility is decided by essential nutrients i.e. N P K (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) using colorimetry, conductivity and soil pH value. It is proposed to develop portable system with sensors and embedded system. This system would be an assistive aid to improve crop yield by knowing soil nutrients.


List of equipments FLUKE 5502A Multi-Product Calibrator 
3D Printer Formlabs

Mini Drill CNC PCB Drilling Machine

Spectrum Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz

Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator APLAB

SMD Rework Station Weller Make WR2002