Research Center

List of Approved Supervisors (Ph. D)

SNName of SupervisorDesignationRegistration number of supervisor
1Dr. M. M. GuptaProfessorPhD(cell)/RRC/Guide/ 1517, Date: 17.01.2013
2Dr. Mrs. S. D. MogheAssociate ProfessorPhD(cell)/RRC/139 Date: 10.03.2015
3Dr. D. R. ZanwarAssociate ProfessorRTMNU/PhD cell /RRC/Guide/B/2019/1213, date: 1/3/2019
4Dr. A. S. ChatpalliwarAssociate ProfessorRTMNU/PhD cell /RRC/Guide/B/2019/1214, date: 1/3/2019
5Dr. V. V. ShuklaAssociate ProfessorRTMNU/PhD cell /RRC/Guide/B/2019/1212
6Dr. Rashmi ShahuAssociate ProfessorRTMNU/PhD cell /RRC/Guide/B/2019/1210
7Dr. Y. M. SonkhaskarAssistant ProfessorRTMNU/PhD cell /RRC/Guide/B/2021/1348
8Dr. G. R. NikhadeAssistant ProfessorRTMNU/PhD cell /RRC/Guide/B/2021/1349
9Dr. T. A. MadankarAssistant ProfessorRTMNU/PhD cell /RRC/Guide/B/2021/1743
10Dr. Y. V. DeshpandeAssistant ProfessorRTMNU/PhD cell /RRC/Guide/B/2021/1744
11Dr. S. S. JoshiAssistant ProfessorRTMNU/PhD cell /RRC/Guide/B/2021/1745
12Dr. Pranjali DeoleAssistant ProfessorRTMNU/PhD cell /RRC/Guide/2023/713


Research Publications by Scholars:

SNName of the AuthorsTitle of the Research PaperName of the JournalISSNYear of Publication and Index No.DOI and Impact factor
1Yogesh G. Joshi, Dr. D. R. ZanwarSynthesis and thermophysical properties of functionalized graphene quantum dots for enhancing heat transfer of conventional fluidMaterial Today: Proceedings, ElsevierISSN: 2214-7853April 2022 (SCOPUS)Impact factor = 2.3
2Yogesh G. Joshi, Dr. D. R. ZanwarExperimental investigation for thermophysical properties of reduced Graphene-Based nanosuspension for refrigeration lubricantMaterial Today: Proceedings, ElsevierISSN: 2214-7853April 2022 (SCOPUS)Impact factor = 2.3
3Yogesh G. Joshi, Dr. D. R. ZanwarEffect of multi-walled carbon nanotube on thermophysical properties of polyester and mineral oilMaterial Today: Proceedings, ElsevierISSN: 2214-7853April 2022 (SCOPUS)Impact factor = 2.3
4Yogesh G. Joshi, Dr. D. R. Zanwar, Dr. Vinit GuptaInfluence of nanoparticle concentration on thermophysical properties and heat transfer performance of Al2O3 nanosuspension for refrigeration systemMaterial Today: Proceedings, ElsevierISSN: 2214-7853Feb 2022 (SCOPUS)Impact factor = 2.3
5Rahul Deshmukh, Dinesh Zanwar, Sandeep Joshi & Shyamal ChakrabartyExperimental investigations on the performance of a vapor compression refrigeration system under the influence of magnetic field generated using magnetic pair and Halbach arrayEnergy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental EffectsISSN: 1556-7230Jan 2022
6Prashant B. Shiwalkar, Pramod M. PadoleRevisiting Inflection Circle via Level Luffing Crane for Academic RevivalProceedings 7th International Symposium on History of Machines and MechanismsISSN 1875-3442April 2022 (SCOPUS)
7Pranjali R. Tete , Mahendra M. Gupta, Sandeep S. JoshiNumerical investigation on thermal characteristics of a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack with cylindrical cell casings and a square ductJournal of Energy Storage2352-152X21 January 2022 and impact factor 8.907
8Mangesh Joshi & Vishwas DeshpandeAn investigative sensitivity study of Ovako working posture analyzing system (OWAS)Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics ScienceISSN: 1464-536X20 Feb 2022.DOI: 10.1080/1463922X.2022.2036859
9Mangesh Joshi & Vishwas DeshpandeApplication of interpretive structural modelling (ISM) for developing ergonomic workstation improvement frameworkTheoretical Issues in Ergonomics ScienceISSN: 1464-536X04 Mar 2022.DOI: 10.1080/1463922X.2022.2044932
10Mangesh Joshi Vishwas DeshpandeStudy of association between OWAS, REBA and RULA with perceived exertion rating for establishing applicabilityTheoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science1463-922X 1464-536X19 Aug 2021. ESCIDOI: 10.1080/1463922X.2021.1958951
11P. B. Shiwalkar S. D. MogheNovel Methodology for Inflection Circle based synthesis of Straight Line Crank Rocker MechanismASME J. Mech. Rob.ISSN1942-4310December 24, 2021 SCIe
12Nikhil Aniruddha Bhave, Mahendra M. Gupta, and Sandeep S. JoshiHydroxy Gas Enriched Diesel Fuel Investigations on Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition Engine with Change in Injector Opening PressurePetroleum Science and Technology. Taylor & FrancisISSN: 1532-245924 Nov 2021 SCI
13Nikhil Aniruddha Bhave, Mahendra M. Gupta, and Sandeep S. JoshiCombustion, Performance and Emission characteristics of Early Direct Injection Compression Ignition Engine with varying Oxy hydrogen gas ConcentrationSAE Technical PaperISSN: 2688-36272021-09-21 SCI
14Mangesh Joshi Vishwas DeshpandeIdentification of indifferent posture zones in RULA by sensitivity analysisInt. Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, Vol – 83ISSN: 0169-814114 March 2021, SCI

2.656 /10.1016/ j.ergon.2021.103123

15Yogesh Joshi, Dinesh Zanwar, Sandeep JoshiPerformance investigation of vapor compression refrigeration system using R134a and R600a refrigerants and Al2O3 nanoparticle based suspensionMaterials Today: ProceedingsVolume 44, Part 1, Pages 1511-1519,ISSN 2214-7853Jan 2021
16Pranjali Tete, Mahendra Gupta, Sandeep JoshiDevelopments in battery thermal management systems for electric vehicles: A technical reviewJournal of Energy Storage Volume 35 1022552352-152XMarch 2021


17Mangesh Joshi Vishwas DeshpandeInvestigative study and sensitivity analysis of Rapid Entire body assessment (REBA)International journal of industrial ergonomics0169-8141Sept. 2020 Indexed in SCI Impact factor -1.662
18Nikhil Aniruddha Bhave, Mahendra M. GuptaEffect of Brown’s gas addition on combustion and emissions of homogeneous charge compression ignition engineEnergy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects1556-7936Sept 2020 SCI indexedDOI: 10.1080/15567036.2020.1817194 Impact factor -1.184
19Mangesh Joshi Vishwas DeshpandeA systematic review of comparative studies on ergonomic assessment techniques

Int. Journal of Industrial Ergonomics

Nov, 2019


20Mangesh Joshi, V. S. Deshpande, Himanshu ShuklaThe investigation of ergonomic and energy intervention in roof sticks bending facility

Int. J. of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD)

ISSN(P): 2249-6890; ISSN(E): 2249-8001

Jun 2019

Impact Factor (JCC): 8.8746

21Himanshu Shukla, Mangesh JoshiThe formulation of field data-based model to reduce the human energy expenditure of manual stirrup making activityInt. J. of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD)ISSN(P): 2249-6890; ISSN(E): 2249-8001Jun 2019Impact Factor(JCC): 8.8746
22Himansu Shukla, M. M. GuptaEstimation of human energy expenditure for physical work performance evaluation of sawmill operationsInt. J. of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD)ISSN(P): 2249-6890; ISSN(E): 2249-8001

Jun 2019

Impact Factor(JCC): 8.8746
23Yogesh Joshi, Dinesh Zanwar, Sandeep JoshiThermodynamic evaluation of vapor-compression refrigeration system with theoretical exergy analysis by using r22, r134a, r410aInternational Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD)(Scopus)2249-8001Vol. 9, Special Issue, Jun 2019, 74-798.8
24P. Shiwalkar, S. D. MogheInflection circle based approach to synthesis of approximate straight line mechanism15th IFTOMM World Congress, Advances in Mechanism and Machine Science, Poland2211-0984July 2019, Springer Publication10.1007/978-3-030-20131-9
25Nikhil Aniruddha Bhave, Mahendra M. GuptaPerformance and Emission Investigations on 4-5 stroke double cylinder C.I. engine using Methyl Ether of Neem.Int. Conf. on I.C. Engines and Combustion, NCICEC-2019, N.I.T. Kurukshetra Conf. Proceedings 2019 
26Himanshu Shukla, M. M. GuptaMathematical Modeling and Simulation of Sawmill Operations with a View to Improve Productivity and Operational HealthSOM Conf. IIT Kanpur, 19-21 Dec. 2019 Conf. Proceedings, 2019 
27Sanjay Borikar, M. M. GuptaExperimental Investigation of Domestic Refrigeration with Helical Coil Tube Condenser”AIP conf. proceedings0094-243X2039, 020052 (2018)10.1063/1.5079011
28Sanjay Borikar, M. M. Gupta“Review on Performance and Energy Efficiency Improvement in domestic refrigerators”AIP conf. proceedings0094-243X2039, 020051 (2018)10.1063/1.5079010
29P. Shiwalkar, S. D. MogheEvolution Of Industry 4.0 Compliant Sensors, Controllers And MechanismsInt. Conf. ICIEIND 2018 conf. proceedings Conf. Proceedings 2018 
30Sanjay Borikar, M. M. GuptaA case study on experimental and statistical analysis of energy consumption of domestic refrigeratorCase Studies in Thermal Engineering (Elsevier)2214-157XVolume 28 , December 2021, 101636

List of PhD Scholars

Sr noNameTopicSupervisorCo-SupervisorDate of registration and application no.Date of PhD Notification
1K.N. AgrawalDecision support system of behavioral prediction of industry performance indicatorsDr. V.S. DeshpandeDr. J.P. Modak15/7/2008 PhD(cell)/ research/E&T/1173B/ 1565, Dated: 15.07.2008RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/2/277 Dated 21.12.2011
2M.M. GuptaProbabilistic modeling of production process and its simulationDr. V.S. DeshpandeDr. J.P. Modak15/7/2008 PhD(cell)/ research/E&T/1175B/ 1567,Dated: 15.07.2008RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/2/277 Dated 21.12.2011
3G. R. PoteyDesign Optimization & development of Carding machineDr. V.S. DeshpandeDr. J.P. Modak15/07/2008 PhD(cell)/ research/E&T/1176B/ 1568, Date: 22.09.2009RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/31/1874 Dated 30.03.2014
4A.S. ChatpalliwarFormulation of Approximate generalized design data based model of a plant manufacturing BiodieselDr. V.S. DeshpandeDr. J.P. ModakDate:09/07/2009 PhD(cell)/ research/E&T/295B/ 771, Dated: 16/02/2010RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/27/1639 Dated 31.12.2013
5A.AgasheFormulation of a field databased model for functioning of a workstation at floor grinding system comprising ergonomic considerations and optimizationDr. V.S. DeshpandeDr. J.P. Modak15/7/2009 PhD(cell)/ research /E&T/383,Dated: 5.04.2010RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/3/2097 Dated 22.10.2014
6D. R. ZanwarPrototyping uncertainty of maintenance activity & its simulationDr. V.S. DeshpandeDr. J.P. Modak01/02/2010 PhD(cell)/312B/790 Dated: 24/02/2010RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/1/1613 Dated 30.10.2014
7Pravin NerkarDesign, development and performance evaluation of feeding mechanism for ginning machineDr. J.F. Agrawal 15/7/2010 PhD(cell)/ RRC/359, dated 10/11/2012RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/5/37 Dated 10.03.2016
8G.R. NikhadeOptimal trajectory tracking of mobile manipulator for welding operationDr. Shital S. Chiddarwar 15 Jan-2011 PhD(cell)/ RRC/359, dated 10/11/2012RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/14/1322 Dated 01.10.2016
9Y.M. SonkhaskarFormulation of an approximate generalized experimental data based model for pelletizing process energized by human powered flywheel motorDr. V.S.Deshpande 15 Jan-2011 PhD(cell)/ RRC/72/186, dated 23/5/2012RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/3/2269 Dated 11.02.2017
10Priya M. KhandekarA generalized framework for generation of robot motion plan using manual lead through training systemDr. Shital S. Chiddarwar 15 Jan-2011 PhD.(Cell)/RRC/202, dated 23/5/2012RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/5/2624 Dated 11.04.2017
11D. R. IkharErgonomics evaluation & work station design for hand driven cotton spinning operationDr. V.S. Deshpande Re-registration 3/1/13 PhD(cell)/ RRC/115, dated 9/4/2014RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/5/2624 Dated 11.04.2017
12T.A. MadankarDesign of coiling mechanism for integration of rolling millDr. M.M. Gupta 15 Jan-2011 PhD(cell)/ RRC/201, dated 23/5/2012 & PhD(cell)/ RRC/354, dated 10/11/2012RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/6/2733 Dated 15.05.2017
13Pranjali DongreTool condition monitoring in boring machine by using Acoustic emission signals.Dr. Shital S. Chiddarwar 13 Jan-2012 PhD(cell)/ RRC/348, dated 10/11/2012RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/03/321 Dated 09.05.2018
14Ashwin GanorkarCost estimation and optimization: Model for a manufacturing industryDr. K. N. Agrawal 2 May 2013 PhD(cell)/ RRC/929, dated 16/6/2013RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/03/862 Dated 05.03.2020
15Ashish UradeParametric Analysis and Performance Measures in Electric Discharge MachiningDr. V. S. Deshpande 14 Jan, 2013 PhD(cell)/ RRC/2183, dated 9/1/2015RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/06/922 Dated 01.09.2020
16Somdatta KaranjekarDelineation of a framework for quality function deployment for enhancing technical institute service quality in vidarbha regionDr. R. R. LakheDr. V. S. Deshpande13/1/ 2010 PhD(cell)/ RRC/743, dated 10/10/2011 Re-registration 9/4/15 PhD(cell)/ RRC/Sci/July-14Jan 2015/1756, dated 24/10/2015RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/11/1047 Dated 12.11.2020

List of Ph.D. Registered Candidates

Sr noNameTopicSupervisorCo-SupervisorDate of registration and no./ application
1.Prashant B ShiwalkarDevelopment of Mechanism for Generation of Long Straight Line Path.Dr. Mrs. S. D. MogheDr. J. P. ModakRegistration date-18/1/2016, Ph.D. (cell) /RRC/ 2114 dated 13/12/2016
2.Rajesh S RaoolModelling and Analysis of Bursting Strength Parameters in Corrugation ProcessDr. V. S. Deshpande Registration date-5/11/2016 Ph.D. (cell) /RRC/ 2073 dated 28/11/2016
3.S.A. BorikarExperimental Investigation of Refrigerator Condenser and its Numerical analysis Towards Optimality.Dr. M. M. Gupta Registration date-15/7/2015 Ph.D. (cell) /RRC/ 1105 dated 25/7/2016
4.N.A. BhaveCombustion and emission investigations on homogeneous charge compression ignition engineDr. M. M. Gupta Registration date-12/1/2017, RTMNU/Ph.D. cell /RRC/Engg./2017/ 28 dated 1/06/2017
5.Mangesh P. JoshiDevelopment of Workstation Improvement Framework Through Ergonomic EvaluationDr. V. S. Deshpande Registration date-29/10/2018; Ph.D. cell /RRC/ Oct-2018/1056 dated 11/1/2018
6.Himanshu M. ShuklaErgonomic Evaluation and Modelling of Sawmill OperationsDr. Mahendra M. Gupta Registration date-29/10/2018; Ph.D. cell /RRC/ Oct-2018/1055 dated 11/1/2018
7.Yogesh Giridhar Joshi (part time)Feasibility Testing And Analysis For Improving C.O.P. Using Nano Refrigerant In Vapor Compression Refrigeration SystemDr. Dinesh Ramjiwanji Zanwar Registration date-22/05/2019; RTMNU/Ph.D. cell /RRC/ May-2019/443, dated 22/05/2019
8.Rahul Ganeshrao Deshmukh (part time)Influence Of Magnetic Field And Parametric Evaluation Of Vapor Compression Refrigeration SystemDr. Dinesh Ramjiwanji Zanwar Registration date-22/05/2019; RTMNU/Ph.D. cell /RRC/ May-2019/442, dated 22/05/2019
9.Omprakash Bohrey (part time)Design and Development of Maintenance Program to Improve the Aircraft AvailabilityDr. Ashwin Sharadrao Chatpalliwar Registration date-22/05/2019; RTMNU/Ph.D. cell /RRC/ May-2019/438, dated 22/05/2019
10.Pranjali Ravindran Tete (Full Time)Experimental Investigation and Mathematical modeling on Advancement of Battery Thermal Management System.Dr. M. M. Gupta Registration date-27/02/2020; RTMNU/Ph.D. cell /RRC/ 2020/R1/168, dated 14/08/2020
11.Rakshal AgrawalDesign and Development of Advanced quality framework by application of Lean PrinciplesDr.A.S.Chatpalliwar Registration date-25/03/2022 RTMNU/Ph.D cell/RRC/2022/R1/1604, dt-3.6.2022
12.Namrata A. NagpurkarDevelopment of Ergonomically Designed Workstation Using Artificial Intelligence on Anthropometric DataDr. Rashmi B. Shahu Registration date-24/03/2022 RTMNU/Ph.D cell/RRC/2022/R1/1584, dt 3.6.2022
13.Shantanu KolharkarSmart Predictive Maintenance Planning In Industry 4.0 ScenarioDr. D. R. Zanwar Registration date-25/03/2022 RTMNU/Ph.D cell/RRC/2022/R1/1619, dt 3.6.2022
14.Pramodkumar BorleExperimental Investigation for Performance Improvement of Duct System of Evaporative Air-Cooling SystemDr. T.A.Madankar Registration date-29/03/2022 RTMNU/Ph.D cell/RRC/2022/R1/217, dt-4.6.2022
15.Sachin DeshmukhExperimental and analytical investigations of oxyhydrogen gas as an alternative fuel for gasoline fuelled I.C. engineDr. Y.M.Sonkhaskar Registration date-25/03/2022 RTMNU/Ph.D cell/RRC/2022/R1/1612, dt-3.6.2022
16.Sujit PatilExperimental Investigations of Solar Powered Adsorption Refrigeration SystemDr. S.S. Joshi Registration date-29/03/2022 RTMNU/PH.D CELL/RRC/2022/R1/241, dt-6.6.2022
17.Purushottam S. BarveModelling and optimization of fuse body machining process for productivity improvementDr. D. R. ZanwarDr. Y. V. DeshpandeRegistration date-29/03/2022 RTMNU/PH.D CELL/RRC/2022/R1/233, dt-10.6.2022
18.Vishal Ramesh MilmilePerformance Analysis of CBN and PCBN Tools in Sustainable Machining of Aerospace Super Alloy for Machinability ImprovementDr. Yogesh Vasantrao Deshpane Registration date-29/03/2022 RTMNU/PH.D CELL/RRC/2022/R1/326, dt-16.6.2022
19.Bhushan BissaInvestigation and Development of Regenerative System using Suspension of Electric VehicleDr. Y.M.Sonkhaskar Registration date-25/03/2022 RTMNU/PH.D CELL/RRC/2022/R1/1634, dt-3.6.2022
20.Limesh Jiyalal PatlePerformance Analysis of Hybrid Battery Thermal Management System used in Electric VehicleDr. V. V. Shukla Registration date-29/03/2022 RTMNU/PH.D CELL/RRC/2022/R1/327, dt-16.6.2022