M. Tech. Program in Robotics and Automation

About the Program

M.Tech. in Robotics and Automation is a two year (4 Semester) full-time program offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur. It is the first ever program in central India, offering the state of art technology encompassing digital advancement in Robotics & Automation.

Eligibility for Admission:

a)Min. 50% at UG level. in B.E/B.Tech. in the following disciplines from any recognized university in India:

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Production Engineering, Robotics, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering (E & P), Electronics Engineering, Electronics design and technology, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Technology, Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and telecommunication, Information Technology, Advanced Mechatronics and industrial Automation, Automation and Robotics, Automation Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Automotive Technology, Computer and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Biosciences, Computer Science and information Technology, Computer Science and Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electrical and instrumentation Engineering, Electrical and Power Engineering, Electrical instrumentation and Control Engineering, Electrical, Electronics and Power Engineering, Electronic instrumentation and Control Engineering, Electronic Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Technology, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science, Electronics and Control Systems, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics Instrument and Control, Industrial and Production Engineering, Industrial Production Engineering, Information Engineering, Instrument Technology, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Instrumentation and Electronics, Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, Manufacturing Process and Automation Engineering, Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (Additive Manufacturing), Mechanical and Smart Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering (Automobile) , Mechanical Engineering (Industry Integrated) , Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing Engineering) , Mechanical Engineering (Production) , Mechanical Engineering (Welding Technology) , Mechanical Engineering Automobile , Mechanical Engineering Design , Mechatronics Engineering, Production and industrial Engineering, Software Engineering.

b)Non-zero GATE score for year 2022 OR

c)Qualified GATE score for year 2020, 2021, 2022 in the relevant discipline as mentioned in (a) OR

d)Two years’ of work experience with sponsorship letter from the industry.

Objective of the program:

The Program aims to create the technical professionals in the field of robotics and automation by inculcating strong academic foundation and hands-on exposure to recent technology as per industry needs.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1)Students will apply the knowledge gained through independent and reflective learning to robotics, automation and allied multidisciplinary domains.

2)Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to use the modern tools related to knowledge base of Robotics and Automation.

3)To prepare the postgraduates who will handle engineering and research applications catering to the industrial and societal needs.

Program Outcomes (POs)

After completion of the program, the students shall have,

1)An ability to carry out independent research/investigation and development work to solve practical problems.

2)An ability to write and present a substantial technical report/document.

3)An ability to demonstrate a degree of mastery in the area of Robotics and Automation.

Infrastructure & Facilities at Centre for Invention, Innovation, Incubation & Training:

To achieve the objective, RCOEM has established state-of-art research center in collaboration with TATA Technologies. Centre for Invention, Innovation, Incubation & Training (CIIIT) provides comprehensive technological exposure and hands-on training to the post-Graduate students of Robotics and Automation.


YASKAWA Arc Welding Robot

TAL-Brabo Pick & Place Robot
CIIIT equipped with YASKAWA welding robot, TAL-BRABO Pick and Place Robot, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with 12-meter-long conveyor automation unit, Vertical Machine Centre (VMC), 3D printer, Miniaturized Integrated Production System (MIPS) and 3-D scanner for Reverse Engineering. Many professional and commercial software like MSC ADAMS, NASTRAN, PATRAN, Easy5, Marc, Delmia, 3D Experience, Catia v6, , FEAST from ISRO, scFLOW, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) etc. are available to design, develop and simulate robotic and automation systems.

State of the Art Technical Infrastructure at RCOEM-TATA-CIIIT

Special Features:


  • Industry oriented syllabus with special focus on experimental and activity based learning.
  • Expert faculty with PhD in relevant domain.
  • State-of-art laboratories well-equipped with modern hardware and high end softwares
  • RCOEM – TATA – CIIIT Center for Invention, Innovation, Incubation and Training
  • Academic flexibility to students to undertake full time internship or project in industry during third & fourth semester.
  • Focus on skill development & hands on training in Robotics & Automation practices.
  • Opportunity for internship with stipend and project work in industries.
  • Placement support and research-oriented projects for every student.
  • Tie up with industries for professional training on recent technologies.
  • Financial support & academic incentives for IPR & publishing research papers in reputed journals.


Career Prospects

The domain of Robotics and Automation is the most sought after by post graduate aspirants. The field of robotics and automation has an enormous range of job opportunities for the candidates.

After completing the program, students can take up jobs in the field of Robotics and/or Automation such as Robotics Programmers, Robot Design Engineer, Robotics Test Engineers, Automated Product Design Engineer, Robotics System Engineer and Maintenance Engineers in manufacturing and service industry. Moreover, they can also pursue PhD.

Internship details of first (2020-22) batch of M. Tech [R & A] (In-process)

Sr. No.Name of the studentName of the IndustryMonthly stipend (Rs)
1Parag SardeyFlo Mobility Private Limited Plot # 180-A, Royal Placid Phase 1, HSR Sector 2, Bengaluru -560102, www.flomobility.com25,000 /-
2Mohammed Saud BaigFlo Mobility Private Limited Plot # 180-A, Royal Placid Phase 1, HSR Sector 2, Bengaluru -560102, www.flomobility.com25,000 /-
3Vaibhav AnasaneFlo Mobility Private Limited Plot # 180-A, Royal Placid Phase 1, HSR Sector 2, Bengaluru -560102, www.flomobility.com25,000 /-
4Pushkar BokareyEZBZ e-rentals, Nagpur8000/-
5Chetan PadoleEZBZ e-rentals, Nagpur8000/-
6Maitreyee AsatkarEZBZ e-rentals, Nagpur8000/-
7Shashank MasramEntrepreneur 

Placement of M. Tech (Robotics & Automation) for Batch 2020-22

Sr. No.NameName of IndustrySalary (INR)
1Parag SardeyFlo Mobility Private Limited Plot # 180-A, Royal Placid Phase 1, HSR Sector 2, Bangalore -560102 www.flomobility.com13,20,000 /- Annual
2Mohammed Saud BaigFlo Mobility Private Limited Plot # 180-A, Royal Placid Phase 1, HSR Sector 2, Bangalore -560102 www.flomobility.com600000/- Annual
3Vaibhav AnasaneCummins Technology India Pvt Ltd, Pune23000 per month
4Pushkar BokareyCummins Technology India Pvt Ltd, Pune23000 per month
5Chetan PadoleSpacewood Office furniture Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur3,00,000/- Annual

Alumni Speaks:

Parag Sardey – RCOEM has played a very crucial role in shaping my knowledge and aspirations. Technical trainings received at CIIIT and particularly on Industrial robots, Robot Operating system, RPA and IoT helped me secure respectably paid one year internship at FloMobility, Bengaluru
Vaibhav Anasane – Department of Mechanical Engg., RCOEM has helped me transform through inculcated Industry 4.0 skills. CAD/CAM/CAE software, 3-D Printing and hands on training on VMC & MES helped me a lot to get into one year stipendiary internship.

Projects carried by M. Tech (R & A) students

  • Autonomous Wheel chair for handicapped person using 500 Watt DC motor and joystick steering with use of 60Kg/cm torque servo also uses 5 ultrasonic sensors and 8 array IR Analogue input for autonomous tracking completed and tested
  • DRSSTC for wireless transfer of energy is successfully tested
  • Record and play 6DOF robot manipulator using inverse kinematics mapping done on Arduino IDE platform
  • BIPED Robot stand sit balance and step walk tested under bio robot engineering.
  • Self-designed Multi task integrated Arduino compatible development board
  • E-Vehicle using 1000W hub motor with special type of harmonics less stator field mechanical sliding mechanism for speed control currently working to make it work on renewable energy
  • Magnetic adhesion-based boiler tube, chimney, main boiler surveillance and maintenance Robot having inbuilt blower for fly ash, wireless live camera feedback, liner screw rail for load capacity of 40Kg, chemical sprayer and buffer wheel
  • Voice control of 3 phase induction motor using voice command and IOT remote access successfully tested function- run/stop, forward/reverse, speed control using VFD with variance of 4 RPM
  • Laser guided protection scheme for HV Transmission line for detecting mechanical conductor failure with communication support of SIM1800, NODE MCU, Xbee 2.0, Bluetooth, 433MHz RF technology
  • Design and Fabrication of self-cleaning and maintenance 3Ph, 5hp Industrial Motor with Hydrocarbon based heat pipe cooling and pressure valves compressor based online varnish applier and online bearing automatic lubricator also has 7 temperature sensor mounted inside winding for heat spot detection
  • They are also working on performance improvement of stability of drones as surveillance robot using advanced PID feedback

Mr. Chetan Padole, Mr. Pushkar Bokarey and Mr. Parag Sardey students of M.Tech Robotics and Automation have completed their 3-D Print for Concept Validation of Suspension system for Flo Mobility 4-Wheel Robot.

Training Program conducted for M. Tech (R & A) students:

Training program on 3D printing & 3-D scanning

Training program on MIPS

Faculties and their expertise

Name of the facultyDepartmentExpertise
Dr. V. V. ShuklaMechanical EngineeringResearch Domain: Additive Manufacturing, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanical Vibrations & stability, Product Life cycle Management, Design & Manufacturing of Prostheses and Implants, Bio-Inspired Technology design, Bamboo Processing Engineering, PV Solar power plant. PhD Thesis: Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of Biological System Publication: 24 + 1 Book Patent: 7 (Published) Experience: 22 Years
Dr. Y. M. SonkhaskarMechanical EngineeringResearch Domain: Kinematics of Machinery, Dynamics of Machinery, Stress Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Human Powered Flywheel Motor (HPFM), Automobile Engg. Finite Element Methods. PhD Thesis: HPFM driven Pellet making machine Publication: 23 Patent: 1 (Granted) + 3 (Published) Experience: 25 Years
Dr. G. R. NikhadeMechanical EngineeringResearch Domain: Robot Kinematics & Dynamics, Mobile robot, In-pipe robot, Path planning, Machines & Mechanisms, CAD, and Finite Element Methods. PhD Thesis: Optimal trajectory tracking of Mobile Manipulator for welding operation Publication: 31 + 1 (Springer Book Chapter) Patent: 1 (Granted) + 1 (Published) Experience: 20 Years
Dr. S. S. BalpandeElectronics EngineeringResearch Domain: Micro-electro Mechanical System (MEMS), Programmable logic controller (PLC) and Automation, Mechatronics. PhD Thesis: Design & Development of MEMS based energy harvesting system. Publication: 56 + 1 (Technical Book) Patent: 1 (Granted), 2(Submitted) Experience: 23 Years
Dr. A. K. JhaMechanical EngineeringResearch Domain: Mobile Robotics, Path Planning, Fuzzy Logic, Composite Materials, Machine Design. Ph.D. Thesis : Intelligent Control and Path Planning of Multiple Mobile Robots using Hybrid AI Techniques. Publication: 15 Experience: 07 Years
Dr. S. S. JoshiMechanical EngineeringResearch Domain: Solar energy, Battery thermal Management System Ph.D. Thesis : Experimental Investigations of Solar Photovoltaic Thermal System using various liquid spectrum filters. Publication: 40 Experience: 10 Years Patents: 2 (Granted) + 7 (Filed)
Dr. P. S. DeoleMechanical EngineeringResearch Domain: Instrumentation, Robot Sensors, Automation, Manufacturing, Production engineering, condition monitoring of machines and tools, fluid machines PhD Thesis: Determination of tool condition in Boring machine using Acoustic Emissions. Publication: 15 + 1 (Springer Book Chapter) Patent: 1 (Published)+02 (Filed) Experience: 17 Years
Prof. S. S. DeshmukhMechanical EngineeringResearch Domain: Control SystemAlternative fuels for I.C.Engine Publication: 08 Experience: 20 Years
Dr. A. D. UradeMechanical EngineeringResearch Domain: Production & Automation Engg, unconventional machining, Manufacturing processes. PhD Thesis: Parametric analysis and Performance measures in Electrical Discharge Machining Publication: 25 Experience: 20 Years

Seminar /Workshop/Guest Lectures conducted in M tech (R & A)

2 days training workshop on Mechatronics 2 days training workshop on Adams
3 day’s workshop on Internet of things

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Scheme & Syllabus

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Dr. G. R. Nikhade

Contact: 8888865203/9764271865