Sr. No.Name of the LaboratoryAmount (Rs.)
1Dynamics of Machinery Lab.2,79,408.00
2Material Engineering Lab.5,02,123.00
3Heat Transfer Lab.5,25,160.00
4Mech. Measurements Lab.2,93,825.00
5Thermal Engineering Lab12,09,241.00
6Refrigeration and A/C Lab.10,32,026.00
7Engg Drawing Lab (Autocad lab)12,28,704.00
8Solar Energy Lab6,64,519.00
9Robotic Workshop11,15,100.00
10Mechatronics Lab10,18,636.00
11RPS center20,34,260.00
12M.Tech Research lab6,27,966.00
13Computer Lab-I (CAD Lab)15,89,224.00
14Computer Lab -II7,70,497.00

Class Room and Master Time-Table

Equipment Costing

Sr. No.Name of LaboratoryMajor EquipmentsAmount Rs.Amount Rs.
1Mechanical Measurements LabData acquisition system63,875/-63,875/-
2Heat Transfer LabConcentric tube heat exchanger64,865/-1,29,975/-
3Vertical condenser65,110/-
4Dynamics of Machinery LabBalancing of reciprocating masses56,789/-1,12,679/-
5Universal vibration apparatus55,890/-
6Materials Engineering LabJominy End Quench Hardenability Test55981/-2,21,144/-
7Electric furnace51944/-
8Izod Charpy Impact Testing Machine113219/-
9Refrigeration and Air Conditioning LabComputerized Refrigeration Cycle Test-rig4674999,98,770/-
10Computerized Air Conditioning Cycle Test-rig531271
11Thermal Engineering LabSingle cylinder computerized 4-stroke Petrol Engine test –rig.42925112,09,241/-
12Single cylinder computerized Diesel Engine Test-rig467499
13Variable Compression Ratio Petrol Engine Test-rig216867
14Pneumatic Circuit Trainer95624
15Solar Energy LabPyranometer817535,28,527/-
16PV setup184537
17Solar Thermal System262237
18Robotic WorkshopMiniaturized Industrial Production System111510011,15,100/-
19Mechatronics LabLinear Motion Control(Travel speed 250mm, Ball screw stepper motor 7kg-cm)59200 
20Conveyor belt sorting arrangement1341257,39,100/-
21PLC trainer panel67525
22PLC pacakege (5 Licenses)185000
23PLC Trainer Siemens(1 bundle of 6 PLC)293250
24Computer Lab (CADLab)SOFTWARE – ANSYS 14.03,75,5528,68,784/-
25SOFTWARE – CREO 2.04,34,232
26P_Scope software59000
 Total amount (Rs)59,87,195/-