Project Group with Industry Mentor

Sr. No. Project Title Guide Industry Mentor
NFT Docs
Prof A Raipurkar
Atharva Paliwal (Persistent)
Development of Document Storage and Managing System
Prof A Raipurkar
Rishikesh Kale (Xenabler)
Community Centric Application
Ashish Prasad (Piramal Capital and Housing Finance Limited)
Development of Bluetooth-Controlled Home Lighting Application
P. Talekar
Krunal Bhongade (Smark Automation)

Industry Internship

Sr. No. Name of the Student Industry Duration
Vedant Mahajan (Vth sem)
Solar Industries
3 Months
Chirag Lalwani (Vth Sem)
Solar Industries
3 Months

Adjunct Faculty from Industry

Dr. Sujit Tangadpalliwar has agreed to act as Adjunct Faculty for Machine Learning in DATA SCIENCE Department. Dr. Sujit is a Data Scientist at Exscientia, Oxford and his areas of expertise include :

  • Bio-Chemo-Toxico Informatics
  • Computational drug/protein toxicology studies, Computer Aided Drug Design
  • Machine Learning (Naive Bayes, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, SVM etc.)
  • NLP (WordVectors – Word2Vec, Doc2Vec, Transformers – BERT)
  • Computer vision, Deep learning (DNN, CNN, RNN etc.)
  • Text mining and clustering, Data analysis, Database development
  • Excellent knowledge of Pharmacy and Life Science