English Language Lab

The Department of Humanities is committed to carry out its vision of creating effective communicators with social and cultural sensitivity to enhance their employability.

In order to orient students of the college in various aspects of effective communication, the Language Lab was established in 2008-2009. Since then students have been given training to achieve the four fold objective of language learning, that is, effective listening, speaking, reading and writing. The lab is equipped with computers and audio-video resources to orient the students to develop effective communication skills. The lab course has gone through upgradations since its establishment in the year 2011.

Mr. Vinay Chawla from “Enlighten the Soul” orienting students about interview and GD techniques
The English Language Lab is compulsory for the students of First Year, as it is a part of their curriculum. The current course on the lines of AICTE Model Curriculum is named as English for Professional Communication Lab HUP1002/2002 and has a weightage of one credit. The lab caters to the language and communication needs through various interventions conducted by subject teachers using open source, innovative methods and the Digital Linguistic Mentor Software, specifically designed for this purpose. The English Lab includes sessions on:
  1. Everyday Situations: Conversations and Dialogues – Speaking Skills
  2. Pronunciation, Intonation, Stress, and Rhythm
  3. Everyday Situations: Conversations and Dialogues – Listening Skills
  4. Presentation Skills: Orientation and Mock Session
  5. Presentation Skills: Practice
  6. Group Discussion: Orientation and Mock Session
  7. Group Discussions: Practice
  8. Personal Interviews: Orientation and Mock Session
  9. Personal Interviews: Practice

Students engaged in a group discussion during a lab lecture.

Student delivering a presentation during a lab lecture.