The Civil Engineering Department Library, a dedicated space tailored to meet the academic needs of aspiring civil engineers. Our library boasts a collection of resources, including textbooks, e-journals, and e-research papers and e-books, curated to support the studies. With state-of-the-art facilities and a peaceful environment, students can engage in focused study or collaborative projects.

The Departmental Library has following resources as mentioned in the pdf: See Here

List of Major facilities available in Laboratories

Sr. No.Name of EquipmentMake and SpecifcationLaboratory
1Plate Load TestPlate Load Test[With Plain M.S.Plate 300 x 300 x 25, Plainm S.Plate 600 x 600 x 25, Load Truss 500 KN Capacity & PBT App.]Geotechnical Engineering  Laboratory 
2Shimadzu Top Loading Balance With PrinterShimadzu Top Loading Balance With Printer
3Direct Shear Apparatus(Electronic)Direct Shear Apparatus(Electronic)
4Triaxial Test (Electronic)(Electronic)
5Field Pressure MeterField Pressure Meter [With 10 Nos. Casing Pipe For AX, 1 No. Casing Shoe For AX, 10 Nos. Casing Pipe For BX, 1 No. Casing Shoe For BX & 1 No. Soaking Tank For Sub-Soil Deformeter]
6Six Gang Consolidation App. With Weight And AccessoriesSix Gang Consolidation App. With Weight And Accessories
7Vane Shear Test App.(In Situ , Witgout Dial Gauge) Vane With Vane Rod 65mm diax130mmhigh,75mmx150mm,100mm,200mm
8Universal Automatic CompactorAs per IS: 2720(Part7&8)AIM: 114-1, complete with AIM: 11001-MS, Compaction mould 100mm diax127.3mm height 1000ml volume and AIM: 111001-MS compaction mould 150 mm diax127.3 mm height 2250ml volume. Complete as above
9Hydraulic Sample ExtruderElectrical-cum hand operated, Sampleject-5000, AIM: 033-1
8Automatic Universal CompactorPrecision Sales & Ser. NagpurTransportation Engineering Laboratory
9Hydraulic Sample Extrude Electrical Cum Hand OperatedElectrical Cum Hand Operated
Precision Sales & Ser. Nagpur
10Universal Testing Machine (Model FUT-40, FSA Make)Model FUT-40, FSA MakeStrength of Materials Laboratory
11Repair & replacement of optical sheets of POLARIS (ESA – 01A)ESA – 01A
12Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester      (with all accessories)       Sr. No 266-0315
13Horizontal Shake Table Structural  Dynamics Laboratory
14Data acquisition systemOTHERS – CDAQs – 9178, power cord, m9901 desktop USB, screw, cables etc
15Francis Turbine SHPALTECH,Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
16Pelton wheel TurbineALTECH, Pelton Wheel 5 HP
17Hydraulic Tilting Flume With Accessaries4” Flume, 10 HP ,                          4” Piping System and Footvalve and Venturimeter& Monometer
18Wind Tunnel Open Circuit 
19371,Water Analyzer (Colorimeter,d.o.,TDS,pH,Salinity,Temp.)Make:SystronicsModel no 371 (Colorimeter,d.o.,TDS,pH,Salinity,Temp.)
Make:Systronics Ahemadabad
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
20Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Work Station (2014-15)Model no -Make BTI – 31, Monarch Enterprises, Nagpur
21Spectrophotometer UV VIS Model 1800 Make Shimadzu, Quartz Cell 10 mm path length, 3.5 ml Cap. Usb cable. Sharp control equipment pvt. Ltd.UV VIS Model 1800 Make Shimadzu, Quartz Cell 10 mm path length, 3.5 ml Cap. Usb cable. Sharp control equipment pvt. Ltd.
21compression Testing Machine  of  capacity 2000 KN mm mu based capacity 2000 KN mm basedConcrete Laboratory 
22Concrete Mixer Lab.Pan type 40 litersConcrete Mixer Lab.Pan type 40 lit
23High pressure air compressor (15 kg / cm2 working pressure ) with automatic cutoff switchAIMIL High pressure air compressor 15Kg/cm² working Pressure with automatic cut-off switch
24Hot Air Oven for structural instrumentation lab.Patel Engg Hot Air Oven for structural instrumentation lab.
25Portable Press Testing Bed 15 Tones With Jack & Acc.15 Tones With Jack & Acc.
26Total station, Auto Level and Digital PlanimeterTotal station, Auto Level and Digital PlanimeterSurveying Laboratory
271 sec universal theodolite1 sec universal theodolite

List of Software’s

SNSoftware DetailsNo. of License / UsersPurchase DateCost Rs.
1SAP EducationalEdu. VersionFree version
2AutoCADEdu. VersionFree version
3PRIMAVERA V6.04 Users14/2/20085,20,000/- v8i1 User6/2/20091,16,390/-
5ANSYS 11.05 Users12/3/20092,35,000/-
6Bentley Academic Offering – Combined Bundle + BECN India Combined SELECT Subscription1 User10/5/20101,30,000/-
7ArcGIS MLK (3D, SA, NA, GSA)1 User3/3/20116,30,958/-
8ENVI (Remote Sensing & Image Processing Software)10 Users12/12/20134,44,000/-
9GEO510 Users25/06/20181,10,000/-
10Bentley Academic Select Subscription (52 Softwares)50 students Users29/09/20188,49,600/-
Total cost of software’s = Rs. 30,35,948/-

Softwares included in Bentley Academic SELECT Subscription

Bridge Analysis

  • LEAP Bridge Enterprise
    RM Bridge
  • Bentley Navigator

Building Design

  • AECOsim Building Designer
    AECOsim Energy Simulator
    Hevacomp Mechanical Designer
    Hevacomp Electrical Designer
    Hevacomp Dynamic Simulation

Civil Design

GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite
InRoads Suite
Bentley MXROAD Suite
Power InRoads
Bentley PowerCivil for Country
Bentley topoGRAPH (Brazil only)
Bentley Rail Track
Power Rail Track
Power Rail Overhead Line
gINT Professional

Hydraulic and Hydrology

  • WaterGEMS
    Infrastructure Asset Performance

Mine Design

  • MineCycle Designer
    MineCycle Survey
    MineCycle Material Handling

Modeling and Visualization

  • MicroStation
  • Bentley Map Enterprise

Offshore Structural Analysis

  • MAXSURF Enterprise
    SACS Marine Enterprise
    SACS Offshore Structure Enterprise
    MOSES Advanced

Plant Design

  • AutoPLANT Modeler
    OpenPlant PID
    OpenPlant Modeler
    OpenPlant Isometrics Manager
    Bentley AutoPIPE

Project Delivery

Reality Modeling

  • Bentley Descartes
    Bentley Pointools

Structural Analysis

  • STAAD.Pro
    STAAD Foundation Advanced
    RAM Structural System
    – RAM Steel
    – RAM Concrete
    – RAM Frame
    – RAM Foundation
    RAM Elements
    RAM Concept
    RAM Connection
    – ProSteel
    – ProConcrete