CHRYSALIS-The Student Society of Computer Application Department

The student forum of the Department of Computer Applications, “CHRYSALIS” organizes technical events, sports meet and cultural programs for the students annually. CHRYSALIS gives expression to the hidden talents of the students and contributes towards their overall personality development.

Installation Ceremony of Students Representative Council


  • The Department of Computer Application held an installation ceremony of students Representative Council: CHRYSALIS-2022 from 1st to 3rd April 2022.
  • The inaugural function of Chrysalis was graced by the presence of Mr. Prashant Jambholkar, DIG, CRPF, Nagpur. He was also a commandant of the COBRA battalion.
  • COBRA (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action) battalion is a special task force of CRPF which has been raised for guerilla/jungle warfare type operations. Mr. Prashant Jambholkar narrated his experiences in dealing with many anti-insurgency operations.
  • The Chief Guest in his address highlighted the efforts taken by CRPF in maintaining internal peace inside the country.
  • He stressed the role played by discipline and passion towards one’s work in achieving success in life.
  • He encouraged the students to join the military/paramilitary forces and gave information about the armed forces recruitment process.
  • Mr. Prashant Jambholkar also gave a very valuable suggestion of starting an NCC unit at the college level.
  • The Head of Department of Computer Application, Dr. P.S.Voditel, spoke about the importance of mind-body coordination and contribution of defence forces in keeping the country safe from external and internal threats. Prof. Satyajit Uparkar SRC faculty in-charge and President of SRC Mr. Kapil Chadokar also addressed the gathering.
  • Chrysalis was a three-day event which included various activities like Traditional Day, Sports Day, Technical events and Cultural night.
  • The inaugural function concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Medha Ganti, Vice President SRC (Girl). Mr. Abhishek Naidu and Ms. Harshita Chaurasia compered the inaugural event.
  • The cultural event was held in the evening which showcased the singing and dancing talents of the students. The audience enjoyed the vibrant show and danced their heart out to the catchy tunes and thunderous beats. Ms. Punam Watkar and Mr. Mrunal Chaudhari were adjudged Ms. Chrysalis and Mr. Chrysalis respectively in the glittering ceremony.

Dr. Preeti Voditel, HoD MCA, with the Chief Guest Mr. Prashant Jambholkar, DIG, CRPF, Nagpur

Mr. Prashant Jambholkar, DIG, CRPF, addressing the gathering




Mr. Prashant Jambholkar, DIG, recounting his tenure with CRPF’s COBRA battalion

Ms and Mr Chrysalis

Faculty In-charge, Chief Guest, HOD and SRC President,


Academics is not the only field in which our students have distinguished themselves. In order to showcase and give an impetus to the diverse talents of the students; the Department of Computer Application organizes every year “Chrysalis”, an installation ceremony of students Representative Council. Here the students are actively encouraged and given an opportunity to participate in various extra-curricular activities which, along with providing enjoyment also serves as a valuable learning experience to them.

This year Chrysalis was held from 29 September to 2nd of October 2018. It included various events such as Color day, Ingenious (Mr. and Miss Chrysalis), Sports day, Traditional day, Technical day, Inaugural Ceremony and Cultural Evening. The inaugural function of Chrysalis was graced by the presence of Mr. Pratyush Kumar, Marketing Manager, Infocepts, Nagpur. This formal event held in the morning, started with the “Archana” of Goddess Saraswati, and lighting of the lamp by all the dignitaries. Dr. P.S.Voditel HOD, MCA. Dr. Pravin Karmore SRC in-charge, and Mr. Mohit Thapa President of SRC were also present on the dias.

The function started with the chief guest’s welcome and felicitation. Mr. Pratyush Kumar, the chief guest, gave a very inspiring speech to the students. Dr. P.S.Voditel HOD, MCA also addressed the students during the ceremony. Dr. Pravin Karmore SRC in-charge as well as Mr. Mohit Thapa President of SRC also spoke on the occasion. The formal event concluded by badges and certificates distribution to all SRC members, winners and volunteers. This was not the end; the cultural bonanza was yet to reveal the secrets. There was singing, Dancing, Fashion show and Skit performances by the students which set the stage on fire. It was a kaleidoscope of different hidden talents and hard work where all the students came together and gave the Impression of “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”.



















Chrysalis 2K17

The installation ceremony of students Representative Council of Department of Computer Application was carried out for four days from 5th to 8th of October 2017. The installation function is organized to introduce SRC committee members to the first year students. Out of 266 students 88 % participated in this event.













Dr. Preeti Voditel lighting the traditional lamp

The Inaugural Ceremony was held on 8th October, followed by Cultural Events in the evening. The Chief Guest for the Inaugural Function was Mr. Vijay Srinivasan, Head, Delivery Excellence, InfoCepts. Badges and certificates were distributed to all SRC members in the programme. Events like Color day, Traditional day, Sports day and Technical event called “Techkshetra”, were also held. Two students from First Year were selected as Mr. and Miss Chrysalis.


The Chief Guest being felicitated by the Head, Dept. of Computer Application

Students enjoying sports day

Cultural Evening

Mr. and Miss Chrysalis




The Department of Computer Application had organized Chrysalis, a student representative council of MCA to introduce their committee members with the first year students. During the four day installation programme, the students celebratedtraditional day, sports days and colour day. They organized various events like technical events and cultural events.

Report On Technical Events “Chrysalis-2016”

The technical events like LAN gaming, error debugging and aptitude test were conducted under Level-1. In Level 2, events like Group Discussion, Problem Definition and Objective Questions were arranged.A total of 5 groups had cleared level 2 and participated in level 3. The winners of technical finale were Mr.Mohit Thapa, Mr.Aditya Chaturvedi and Miss. Karnika Patel. The events were carried out under the co-ordination of Prof. M. Upasani, Prof. V. Vardhan, Prof. L. Agrawal and Prof. M. Vairalkar. The cultural events like singing, dance, fashion show and skit were arranged and headed by the professor in charges of cultural committee Prof. Y. Pethe, Prof. P. Karmore, Prof. P. Dandekar and Prof. A. Buche. On the fourth day, a formal function was organized on 23rd October 2016, inaugurated in hands of Mrs.Sadhana Ratnaparkhi, the Chief Guest for the function. The president Mr.Mohit Sahu, the SRC member and other committee members were felicitated by the Chief Guest.The installation programme ended with a delicious dinner arranged in the MBA parking. Prof. K.Peshwani, the overall in-charge of Chrysalis 2016-17 took care of the conduction and management of the programme exuberantly.

Report On Sports Events “Chrysalis-2016”

Sports included events such as Volleyball for boys, Throw ball for girls, Cricket for both boys and girls. The winners for Volleyball were third year, shift-1, and Throw ball were first year shift-1, Cricket (girls) were 3 year shift-1, Cricket (boys) were 3 year shift-1. The sports included events such as Volleyball for boys, Throw ball for girls, Cricket for both boys and girls. The winners for Volleyball were third year shift-1, Throw ball were first yearshift-1, Cricket (girls) were third year shift-1, Cricket (boys) were third year shift-1.


Report On Technical Events “Chrysalis-2015”

On the occasion of installation of Chyrsalis 2015, many technical events were held under the aegis of technical committee in-charges. Various events like Programming Basic, LAN Gaming & Aptitude Test were conducted in which the students took part enthusiastically.
A total of 25 groups had participated for level -1 event, like Programming Basic, LAN Gaming & Aptitude test. Out of them 12 groups were selected to participate in level-2 events. The group members tussled for Blind C & Group Discussion from which 5 groups were selected to participate in the single Level-3 event “Quiz”.

Sports Report “Chrysalis-2015”
Students Representative Committee organized a Sports Event on 10th October, 2015. This event started at 11:00 am in the morning in the campus of the college. The students of MCA 1Yr, 2Yr and 3Yr participated in this event. The sports included events such as Cricket, Throw Ball and Volley Ball.