Seminar/Webinars organized by Chemistry Department

Webinars/Seminars/Workshops Organized by Chemistry Department
Sr. No.DateName & affiliation of the expert/speakerTopicFaculty Coordinator
105.04.2022Dr. Nandkishore Karade Professor and Head, PDTD of Chemistry RTMNU, Nagpur“Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy”Dr. A. V. Bharati & Dr. S.M. Meshram
221.01.2022Dr. S. S. Bagchi Head, Chemical Department VIPL, MIDC, Butibori“Water Treatment Technology for Thermal Power Plant Boilers and Potable water”Dr. A. V. Bharati & Dr. C. P. Pandhurnekar
305.02.2022Dr. V. Balaram Former Emeritus Chief Scientist &Head NGRI, Hyderabad“Plastic Pollution – Impact to Climate, Environment and Health”Dr. A. V. Bharati & Dr. P.A. Mangrulkar
407.02.2022Dr. Tajendra Gupta Assistant Professor, Amity University, Noida“Nanomaterials and its Applications”Dr. A. V. Bharati & Dr. M.V. Joshi
518.12.2021Dr. Sheila Shrivastav Assoc. Prof and Head, Dept. of Chemistry, Firoze Gandhi College, Rae Barelli, UP“Challenges in Fluorosis”Dr. A. V. Bharati Dr. P.A Mangrulkar Dr. M.V. Joshi
627.11.2021Dr. Jayshankar (UGC-BSR Fellow), Dept. of Physics Shri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati“Optical Optimization of Rare earth doped glasses for lasers and fibre applications.Dr. A. V. Bharati Dr. S. Butoliya Dr. P.A. Mangrulkar
713.11.2021Dr. Swati Joshi Former Scientist, CSIR-NCL“Biostimulants in Agriculture”Dr. A. V. Bharati Dr. P.A Mangrulkar Dr. M.V. Joshi
816.10.2021Dr. R. V. S. Shesha Rao Former Scientific Officier AMDER Central Region, Nagpur“Exploration for Atomic Minerals and Applications in Nuclear Energy”Dr. A. V. Bharati Dr. S.M. Meshram Dr. S.L. Mudliar
925.09.2021Dr. Alok Shrivastava Prof. and Former Chairman Chemistry Department and Centre of Advanced Studies.“Research at Trace and Ultra trace level using conventional and nuclear analytical techniques; an overview”Dr. A. V. Bharati Dr. C. P. Pandhurnekar Dr. S.M. Meshram Dr. S.L. Mudliar
1004.09.2021Dr. Virendra Kumar Head., Advanced Material Section, AMS, HBNI, Mumbai“Radiation Technology; A versatile tool for multifaceted applications”Dr. A. V. Bharati Dr. C. P. Pandhurnekar Dr. S.L. Mudliar Dr. S. Butoliya Dr. P.A Mangrulkar
1121.08.2021Mr. Agam Khare Former CEO, Absolute Foods“Future of food , feeding 10bn people by 2050”Dr. A. V. Bharati Dr. C. P. Pandhurnekar Dr.S.L. Mudliar Dr. P.A Mangrulkar
1224.07.2021Dr.V. Balaram Former Emeritus Chief Scientist &Head NGRI, Hyderabad“Climate Change & Global warming : What Lies ahead?”Dr. A. V. Bharati Dr. C. P. Pandhurnekar
1303.07.2021Dr. Anil Kakodkar AICTE Distinguished Professor & Former Chairman, Atomic Energy Mission“Science and Technology Approach for Atma Nirbhar Bharat”Dr. A.V. Bharati Dr. Priti Mangrulkar
1429.05.2021Dr. Nilima Rajurkar, Former Professor and Head, Dept. of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, Savitribai Phule , Pune UniversityRadiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and therapyDr. A.V. Bharati Dr.C.P. Pandhurnekar Dr. Priti Mangrulkar
1508.05.2021Dr. Raghaw Saran Adjunct Prof., RCOEM, Vice Precident ISASTrace Elements, Significance and Appropriate Analytical TechniqueDr. A.V. Bharati Dr.C.P. Pandhurnekar Dr. Priti Mangrulkar
1603.04.2021Dr. Neeta Thacker Former Chief Scientist and Head, CSIR-NEERIManagement of Unintentionally produced persistent Organic Pollutants (UpPOPs)(Webinar)Dr. A.V. Bharati Dr.S.L. Mudliar Dr. Meenal Joshi Jayappa Manjanna , Professor and Chairman , Dept. of Chemistry, RCU, Belgavi KarnatakaRecovery of Valuable metals from spent Lithium Battery(Webinar)Dr. A.V. Bharati Dr.C.P. Pandhurnekar Dr. Priti Mangrulkar Kinshuk DasGupt a, Head Adv. Carbon Materials Section, BARCA journey to Graphene and its derivatives (Webinar)Dr. A.V. Bharati Dr.C.P. Pandhurnekar Dr. S.L. Mudliar
1919.12.2020Dr. T. Balakrishna Poduval Former Professor, Homi Bhabha National Institute, Former Head, Immunology and Hyperthermia Section , BARC , MumbaiRole of Natural Immunity and Vaccine Management of contagious DiseasesDr. A.V. Bharati Raghaw Saran Vice President National, ISASCovid -19, Pandemic Management – Prevention, care and CureDr. A.V. Bharati Dr.C.P. Pandhurnekar Dr. Priti Mangrulkar
2104.07.2020Dr. S. Meshram Former Vice-Chancellor, Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra UniversityJalgaon Prof. M. K. Yenkie Former Pro-Chancellor, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, and Former Director, LIT, NagpurNational Webinar on Pandemic Perceptiveness in the post COVID-19 WorldDr. A.V. Bharati Dr.C.P. Pandhurnekar
2228.05.2020Dr. Megha Bhumralkar , Patent Attorney at Jones day, LA california“Securing Exclusive World Wide Rights To Your Inventions Via Patents”Dr. A.V. Bharati Dr. Meenal Joshi
2327.05.2020Dr. Manjusha V. Shelke , Principal Scientist, NCL, Pune“How to build a healthier world through nanotechnology: Clean Energy Storage Perspective”.Dr. A.V. Bharati Dr. Meenal Joshi
2421.12.2019Er. Satish Lokhande , CSIR- National Environmental Engineering Research InstituteNoise PollutionDr. S.M. Meshram
2508.05.2019Prof. M.K.N. Yenkie Vice- Chancellor of G.H. Raisoni , Amravati UniversityBasics of thermodynamics from Engineering perspectiveDr. S. M. Meshram Chatterjee, Head Operations, Rewa Enviro Systems Ltd.,CEO, Non Voluntary Organization, Green Vigil Foundation“Swaccha Bharat Mission”Dr.S.L. Mudliar