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Sports Activity

Extramural Activities:

    University InterCollegiate Tournaments:

  • As per the University, College Teams Of Various Games Represent in the Rastrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University Inter Collegiate Tournaments.
  • Open/Invitational Tournaments:

  • Other than University intercollegiate tournaments the college offers many opporunities for students to participate in open/Invitational tournaments to showcase their Skills and Potentials E.g.:DNC,Krikmania .

Intramural Activities:

    Interbranch Competitions/Sports Cup:

  • In Intra-Mural activities the physical Education department organizes inter-branch tournaments(separately for Men and Women)known as Sport Cup. Stundets from different Branches including MCA and MBA participates with enthusiastically.

About the Department

1.0 Introduction:Welcome to the Department of Health, Physical Education and Sports.
The Department was established in response to the challenge of health problems among young people as well as the transforming role of physical education in younger generations of Young India. We contribute our bit in the on-going development of educating the public in the areas of health and physical education in India.
It has been well established that adolescents these days are facing serious health problems locally and internationally. Many factors have been identified as determinants, including unhealthy personal lifestyle, lack of health practices, societal environments non-conducive to better health, and either a lack of comprehensive health policies. We here are also devoting much effort in advancing health through improving children’s knowledge in health, enhancing skills in managing and promoting personal health, as well as changing sedentary and unhealthy life styles into active and healthy living.
The department of Health, Physical Education & Sports is decorated with three highly qualified faculties who also happen to be very good sportspersons of their time.

Sr. No. Name of Faculty/Staff Designation
1 Dr. Amit Anurag Head of the Department
2 Prof. Saket Kanetkar Assistant Professor
3 Dr. Amrita Pande Assistant Professor
4 Mr. Dilip Sonule Helper

The faculty and staff strive to lead, and we believe that we produce some of the most productive student leaders as well.

2.0 Programmes Offered:

2.1 Nagpur University Inter-Collegiate Events: The college students/players participate in almost 20-25 various sports events of RTMN University Inter-Collegiate Tournaments. Both Men’s and Women’s team participate in great zeal and enthusiasm. The player’s represent the college in the following games/sports:

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Lawn-tennis
  • Swimming
  • Table-tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Tug of war
  • Best Physique
  • Power-lifting
  • Adventure Sports
2.2 Inter-Branch Sports: The purpose of Intramural sports at RCOEM is to provide all students an opportunity for participation in all sports. Intramural sports are one of the most popular activities on campus and are recognized by both students and faculties as an integral part of campus life. It provides friendly competition, exercise, recreation, and is an enjoyable outlet for all the participants.
The emphasis is on participation, not competition. Winning is not the primary goal but rather, the opportunity to exercise, develop leadership skills, experience camaraderie, meet new people, and learn a life-long activity, are the greatest rewards of intramural sports.
For this, the Physical Education Department organizes tournaments of various games and sports which includes:
  • 2.2.1 Boys: Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis, Athletics, Tag-Rugby, Football.
  • 2.2.2 Girls: Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis Athletics, Throw ball, Football.

2.3 Athletic Meet: As Apostle Paul says in the Bible Second Timothy Chapter 2 Verse 5, “If anyone competes as an athlete, he does not receive the victor's crown unless he competes according to the rules”
To promote sportsmanship and discover prospective athletes who will represent on behalf of RCOEM, Annual Athletic meet is organized every year with great fanfare and gaiety. The two day celebration witnesses zealous and zestful performances by athletes of the college. The following events are conducted for both students and faculties along with all the college staffs:

Sr. No. Boys Staff Girls
1 100 mts 100 mts 100 mts
2 200 mts 200 mts 200 mts
3 400 mts Shot Put 400 mts
4 1500 mts Discuss Throw 4x100 mts
5 4x100 mts - Shot Put
6 4x400 mts - Long Jump
7 Discuss Throw - Discuss Throw
8 Javlin Throw - -
9 Shot Put - -
10 Long Jump - -

2.4 Physical Efficiency Tests: Regular physical activity is important for life's quality and it is a significant ingredient in the quality of life, because it increases energy and promotes physical, mental and psychological well being. Hence, to promote this, the Physical Education Department conducts a set of tests for students of I year. It includes:
  • 50 Mts. Dash
  • Suryanamaskars
  • 8 Mins. Run and Walk Test
  • Bent-Knee Sit-Ups (M)
  • Modified Pull-Ups (W)
  • Shuttle Run
  • Sit and Reach Test

2.5 Invitational Events: Invitational Tournaments are optional competitions that give teams a chance to practice their skills, tinker with their devices, and experience the difficulty level of tests in a tournament setting. College life is not all about hitting the books, and an easy way to create meaningful and healthy life events during this time period is through participation in extracurricular programs. College extracurricular activities help students learn new skills and make valuable career contacts which greatly enhance the college experience both personally and professionally. To promote this, RCOEM participates in the following Invitational Tournaments:
  • DNC
  • Cric-Mania (VNIT)
  • Any Other

3.0 Sports Secretaries: ‘the one who is the know’. The Sports Secretary is the principle administrative officer. Students and outside organizations interested in the sports club contacts the Secretary for information or details about membership, meetings, events and activities.
The motive of this Committee is to prepare a conducive environment for eminence in sports. It organizes frequent tournaments for active participation of the students, thereby giving them an arena to develop mentally as well as physically.
The Sports Secretaries of the college are:

Sr. No. Name Branch
1 Rohit Dubey EP
2 Pallavi Bisht CS
1 Piyush Bhatiya CS
2 Rashika Gupta EN
1 Ashish Pandey CIV
2 Soumya Shrivastava EC
1 Varun Kinkhede IND
2 Mayuri Sengar EN
1 Tarang Kumbhalkar IND
2 Pallavi Chaturvedi IT

4.0 Sports Calendar:


Sr. No Event Dates
1 Display of notice for Interview of Sports/NSS  Secretary and Joint Secretary 10th July 2018
2 Interview of Sports Secretary 18th July 2018
3 Interview of Sports Joint Secretary 19th July 2018
4 Complete Sports body with Branch Secretary meeting 28th July 2018
5 Sports cup-Badminton matches (M & W) 9th Aug to 18th August 18
6 Sports cup-TT and Chess matches (M & W) 20thAug -24thAug 2018
7 Trial selection for Badminton intercollegiate Team(M & W) 4th -7th Sept  2018
8 Nagpur university Intercollegiate  Badminton tournament(M)* 3rd to 5th October 2018
9 Nagpur university Intercollegiate  Badminton tournament(w)* 3rd to 5th October 2018
10 Trial selection for TT intercollegiate Team(M & W) & Swimming (M &W) 1st– 5th  Sept 2018
11 Trial selection for Cricket intercollegiate Team(M ) 6th-8thSeptember 2018
12 Nagpur university Intercollegiate Swimming Competition(M&W)* 26 to 28 September 2018
13 Nagpur university Intercollegiate TT tournament(W)* 27 to 29 September 201
14 Trial Selection for Chess Intercollegiate Team (M & W) 4-7 September 2018
15 Nagpur university Intercollegiate  Chess tournament(m &w)* 26th to 29th November 2018
16 Trial selection for Volleyball intercollegiate Team(M & W) 4 -7 Sept 2018
17 Nagpur university Intercollegiate Volleyball Competition(M &W)* 5th to 10th October 2018
18 Nagpur university Intercollegiate  Basketball tournament(M &W)* 24 to 29 September 2018
19 Sports cup-Basketball  Matches ( W) 6th  -12th  September 2018
20 Sports cup-Volleyball Matches (M ) 6TH - 12th Sep 2018
21 Invitational/ practice Cricket matches at new campus Mohali September 2018
22 Invitational/practice football  matches at new campus Mohali September 2018
23 Sports cup- Tag-Rugby  Matches (M) 24th-28th  September 2018
24 Sports cup-Volleyball Matches (W) 1st - 4th OCTOBER 2018
25 Trial selection for Basketball intercollegiate Team(M & W) 1st- 3rdOct 2018
26 Cricket practice matches at new campus October 2018
27 Nagpur university Shooting tournament(M )* 16th to 17th October 2018
28 Cricket practice matches at new campus November 2018
29 Trial selection for  Athletic   intercollegiate Team(M & W) Nov 2018
30 Nagpur University Annual Athletic Meet*(M&W) 12th to 15th October 2018
31 Trial selection for Football intercollegiate Team(M) Oct 2018
32 Nagpur university Intercollegiate  Football tournament(M)* 24 to 26 September 2018
33 Sports Cup Cricket (W) 26- 29th dec  2018
34 Nagpur university Intercollegiate Cricket  tournament(M)* 10th December 2018
35 Sports Cup –Cricket (M) 7 -12  Jan 2019
36 Sports Cup  - basketball (M) 16 -22nd January 2019
37 Udghosh intercollegiate tournament at Mohali Jan 2019
38 Sports Cup  - Throw ball  (W) 16 -22nd January 2019
39 Annual sports day & Annual Athletic Meet (M & W)  at new campus mohali 1st & 2nd feb 2019
40 Sports Cup-football  (M) 5th -8th Feb 2019
41 Invitational Cricket matches at new campus Mohali for faculty Feb 2019

*above mentioned dates are tentative and depends on R.T.M.N.University Sports Calendar.



Sr. No Name Branch & Year Post Contac No.
1 Tarang Kumbhalkar IND IV YR Secretary (M) 7972113042
2 Pallavi Chaturvedi IT IV YR Secretary (W) 9405903934
3 Shashank Pahwa IND III YR Jt. Secretary(M) 9405988805
4 Samruddhi Khamgaonkar IT IIIYR Jt. Secretary(W) 8793939775


Year Intercollegiate Interuniversity Inter branch sports cup & annual sports week Invitational tournaments 1/2/3 position intercollegiate events
2009-10 132 03 1120 90 06 games
2010-11 156 06 1493 116 08 games
2011-12 151 09 1753 121 09 games
2012-13 139 15 1123 74 08 games
2013-14 141 17 1104 76 09 games
2014-15 145 16 1485 85 12 games
2015-16 145 13 1729 141 10 games