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The Institute provides excellent hostel facility within the campus for the students who wish to avail the campus residential facility. The boys’ hostel is located at the rear end of the college while the girls’ hostel is situated near the Ramdeobaba temple.

Notice on Opening of RCOEM Hostels


There are two hostel buildings for boys’ with a capacity to accommodate around 433 students. All students will be provided with double occupancy rooms. Girls’ hostel houses 145 students based on triple and double occupancy.

There is a provision to accommodate around 140 first year students in Boys’ hostel while around 36 students could be allowed to stay in girls’ hostel.

  Hostel Exclusive / Shared / Rented No. of rooms   Total Students Capacity
Single Seated Double Seated Three Seated Four Seated Five Seated
Boys Exclusive 25 204 - - - 433
Girls Exclusive - 31 19 4 2 145

Boys’ Hostel
Girls’ Hostel
Single seated Room
Rs 65,000/-
Double seated room
Rs 55,000/-
Triple seated room
Rs 65,000/-
Four seated room
Rs 65,000/-
Five seated room -- Rs 55,000/-
Mess Advance
Rs 22,500/-
Rs 22,500/-
Caution money deposit
Rs. 500/-
Rs. 500/-


College Steering committee monitors overall organization of hostels & provides guidelines time to time.
Each hostel is provided with round the clock caretakers and other essential staff. With personal attention and supervision, a clean, healthy and cheerful atmosphere is maintained at the hostels.
Prof. Shantanu R Kulkarni is boys’ hostel warden and Mr. S. A. Nimkar is resident warden while Prof. Gauri Morankar is the Warden of the Girls’ hostel.

Official Contact numbers for enquiry regarding hostel admission, fee structure etc. are 9607980531/2/3/4/5/6.

Note: The provisional registration of students will be converted to regular admission subject to his/her eligibility after the declaration of pending results. In case of non eligibility students should apply for refund of fees within two weeks from declaration of result. Moreover, hostel facility will be available only after college registration.
Warden, Boys’ Hostel                                         Warden, Girls’ Hostel
Prof. Shantanu R Kulkarni                                                   Prof. Gauri Morankar
Mobile : +91-9049300099                                   Mobile: +91- 8888135834