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Boys' Hostel

About Hostel Facilities Fees Structure Events Rules and Regulations

About Hostel

The Institute provides excellent hostel facility within the campus for the students who wish to avail the campus residential facility. There are two hostel buildings for boys’ with a capacity to accommodate around 433 students. Usually students are provided with double occupancy rooms while single occupancy rooms are limited in numbers. The hostel provides isolated residence for first year students to strictly prohibit ragging in the hostel premise. Hostel is provided with round the clock Caretakers and other essential staff. With personal attention and supervision by designated Wardens, a clean, healthy and cheerful atmosphere is maintained in the hostels premises. Mr. S.A. Nimkar is the Residential Warden of Boy’s hostel.

Accommodation and intake capacity

There are two hostel buildings for boys’ with a capacity to accommodate around 433 students.

Warden-Boys' Hostel
Prof. Shantanu R Kulkarni

Sr. No. Type of room Hostel A Hostel B Total rooms A & B Intake Capacity of students
1 Small (Single Seated) rooms 08 17 25 25 x 1 = 25
2 Big (Double Seated) rooms 103 101 204 204 X 2 = 408
  Total 111 118 229 Total intake capacity is 433

Floor wise detail of rooms: Block-A
Sr.No. Floor Small Single Seated room Big Double seated room Total room
1 Basement/ Ground floor -- 07 07
2 First Floor 02 24 26
3 Second Floor 02 24 26
4 Third Floor 02 24 26
5 Fourth Floor 02 24 26
  Total 08 103 111

Floor wise detail of rooms: Block-B
Sr.No. Floor Small Single Seated room Big Double seated room Total room
1 Basement/ Ground floor 03 12 15
2 First Floor 02 12 14
3 Second Floor 04 25 29
4 Third Floor 04 26 30
5 Fourth Floor 04 26 30
  Total 17 101 118

In addition to above rooms Other Facilities Available:

Hostel office, Warden Office, Six guest rooms, One dispensary room, T.V. hall for first year, night canteen room, washer man room, one store room.



A separate dispensary is available in Boy’s hostel with an experienced physician Dr.A.K.Mukherjee (M.D. Medicine), D.C.H., F.I.C.A.) In Boy’s hostel to take care of all regular checkups or minor ailments. Consultation and medicines are provided free of charge. In order to take care of hospitalization or any specialized treatment and medications, students are advised to avail health insurance. The institute has tie-up with a reputed insurance company to provide accidental insurance to the students. The College also has MoUs with four hospitals. These are

  • Shantimohan Hospital, Sadar, Nagpur
  • Prestige Nursing Home, Chhaoni, Nagpur
  • Care Hospital, Panchsheel squre, Nagpur
  • CIIMS Hospital, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur

Boy’s hostels have a well equipped gymnasium with a trainer available for 6 am to 7 pm. Indoor / outdoor recreational & sports facilities are also available.

Wi- Fi

A dedicated line with 5 MBPS speed & a dedicated server is available in the Boy’s hostel premises. All rooms of Boy’s hostel have internet access facilities.


The boys’ hostel is well equipped with mess and canteen. The hostel mess functions on yearly contract basis and is fully cooperative to the needs of the students. The hygiene maintained in the mess is according to high quality standard. The hostel mess is fully cooperative where the students decide menus weekly.

E-Other Facilities
  • 24 x 7 monitoring and supervision of student’s activities by experienced caretakers.
  • Isolated residence for first year students to strictly prohibit ragging in the premises.
  • Hot water facility on every floor.
  • Washing Machine facility on every floor.
  • Recreation room for watching T.V. & reading newspapers.
  • Electricity back-up
  • Regular cleaning of the hostel premises and rooms.

Fees Structure

Fees structure of Boys’ Hostel admission for the Academic Session 2016-17 is as given below:
  Particular Boys Hostel
Single Seated Room Double Seated Room
Room Rent 65,000/- 55,000/-
Mess deposit advance 22,500/- 22,500/-
Caution money deposit. (Refundable) 10,000/- 10,000/-
Miscellaneous         (student fund) 500/- 500/-
Total Rs. 98,000/- 88,000/-


In case of expulsion no amount will be refunded including full caution money deposit except mess deposit. In other cases the refund will be made as under.

  • 80% if he/she leaves the Hostel before starting of the classes.
  • 50% if he/she leaves the Hostel within 30 days from the date of starting of classes.
  • No refund will be made if student leaves the hostel after 30 days from the date of starting of classes


  • Janmastami Utsav
  • Ganash Utsav
  • PEHCHAAN is an event which is conducted by 2nd Year’s as a Gratitude to 3rd& Final Year Hostilities. It is a two day event, including a Sports Night and a Cultural Night on the next day followed by Dinner.Various awards are awarded during the cultural night which includes Mr. Pehchaan award given to a 3rd Year student and a best senior award given to 4th Year student
  • Hostel Premier League: It's time the notorious genius of the college “The HOSTELITES “to Enjoy ‘CRICKET’. Hostel Premier League rejuvenates the excitement rekindles the fun and frolic.
  • Sayonara - for final year students “Came as Strangers left as Brothers”
Hostel Premier League
Hostel Premier League
Sayonara - for final year students

Boys Hostel Student Body [2018 – 2019]:




Mobile No


Final Year

Yash Jaiswal & Siddhant Jain

9893417774, 7776884607

Third Year

Inder Lalwani & Sandesh Rathi

7378589901, 9130169492

Second Year

Harsh Mantri & Madhav Mundhada

9096769205, 7972992632


Final Year

Abhinav Somani & Yash Choubey

9225225874, 9028642314

Third Year

Harsh Agrawal & Ganesh Kaliya

9970463702, 7588332797

Second Year

Hareesh Biyani & Ishan Gupta

9112054129, 8370001255


Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management is a temple of learning where teachers, students and staff members follow the general principle of worshipping knowledge and values with utmost sincerity, dedication and discipline. To maintain this glorious tradition, it is mandatory for all the students of the college to abide by the following rules and regulation.

Following are the rules & regulations for the hostel students:
  • Students are expected to dress neatly, behave politely and show due regards and courtesy to all.
  • Students are expected to attend their classes regularly. If attendance of any student is below 75% strict action (including expulsion from the hostel) will be taken against them.
  • All eligible students must appear for their test and semester examinations otherwise strict action will be taken against them.
  • Students are expected to refrain from making any activities, which is likely to disturb others and for such wrongful acts, if complaint is received then it shall be presumed that the act is done unless proved otherwise strict action including expulsion from hostel shall be taken.
  • Students are expected to devote his/her most of the time in studies and other academic developments.
  • The student is expected to stay in his/her own allotted room. However, he/she will be allowed to shift to other vacant room only after the permission from Warden.
  • In case of maintenance, he/she will have to shift to other room temporarily for the duration of the repair work as directed by the warden.
  • Students will have to vacate their room within 3 days after their summer examination.
  • No visitor will be allowed in the hostel without prior permission. After grant of permission, visitors may stay till 7.30 p.m. in the hostel room.
  • Gambling, smoking, consuming alcohol, drugs are strictly prohibited. Any violation of this will lead to expulsion of the student from the hostel as well as college. The ill acts, bad habits OR suspicious behaviour are punishable and liable for expulsion from hostel by the warden without sighting any reason.
  • The Warden or any person authorized by him/her has the right to enter or open any room of the hostel without any pre intimation and can conduct search of belongings of the students.
  • The Warden is authorized to refuse admission or expel any student without assigning any reason.
  • Absence from the hostel without permission is a serious misconduct which may lead to suspension/expulsion from the hostel.
  • No students will be permitted to enter the hostel after 10.30 boy’s hostel and 9.00 p.m. in girl’s hostel. However a student who has sought prior permission from the Warden/Caretaker to come late may be allow to enter after the specified time but not later than the time up to which he/she has been granted permission by the Warden/Caretaker. In case, the student goes out without prior permission, the hostel authority shall have right to terminate/expel the student from the hostel & authority shall not be answerable for any misdeed, or wrong incident, occurring with the student. In case of Girl Student it is mandatory that the parent of the student shall call the warden for obtaining permission for late coming, night outs and leave. The number given by the parent at the time of admission shall only be entertained.
  • Students are not allowed for mass gathering to conduct any meeting or otherwise without prior permission from the warden. If it is noticed then disciplinary action will be taken against those, who involved.
  • Burning of fire-crackers in the Hostel/College premises is serious offence. Violation of this rule may invite rustication/expulsion of all the students who are directly or indirectly involved in this act.
  • The identity card must be available with the students at all time during their presence in the campus.
  • Misuse of electronic/internet media (SMS, MMS, E-mail, social network sites) is a crime. If any student is found involved directly or indirectly in such activity will be expelled from the college.
  • It is advised that students shall wear Helmet, while riding two wheelers.
  • Electricity back-up will be provided in the hostel after college working hours only.
  • The students are advised to inform hostel office in case of any medical help and are advised to seek the help of Doctor appointed for this purpose.
  • The students are themselves responsible for the security of their belongings.
  • Student’s procession in the form of rally is strictly prohibited.
  • It is the responsibility of the students to respect the hostel staff and express this in action and behaviour.
  • Once the room is allotted, change of room is permitted only if he/she pays Rs. 2000/- as an additional charge. (Mutual adjustment without permission of warden is not permitted).
  • Nobody shall be allowed to have any electrical appliance in the room or in the hostel like water heater, iron, washing machine etc. If anybody found with such appliances in the room /hostel premises he/she will be charged or fined Rs. 1000/- for each default. If such appliance remains in the hostel premises a fine of Rs.200/- per day would be charged in addition to the fine of Rs.1000/-.
  • Any matter not covered by the rules may be decided by the Warden and all rights are reserved to Hostel committee/Wardens to amend and/or alter the rules and regulations of the hostel.

Surveillance, security:

  • Entire Hostel from outside premises is covered by surveillance cameras to tighten the security of its students.
  • 24 x 7 security guards are available (shift wise) in the hostel.