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Ph D Programs Offered and Seats Availability

NOTIFICATION FOR ADMISSION TO DOCTORAL PROGRAMME UNDER RTM NAGPUR UNIVERSITY & Under Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme for Electronics and IT of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, New Delhi.
Application form for PhD Program 2017-2018     Application form Visvesaraya PhD Scheme 2017-2018

Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management (RCOEM), Nagpur announces admissions to the following programmes leading to a Doctoral Degree (PhD).
S. No Programme Vacancy
01 Mechanical Engineering 03
02 Computer Science & Engineering 01
03 Electrical Engineering 06
04 Civil Engineering 06
05 Electronics Engineering 01*
* Against the vacancy to be created on 14th Jan 2018 onwards.

The interested eligible candidates desiring to pursue PhD Program should submit an application on plain paper along with Statement of Purpose (SOP) on or before 15th Dec 2017 to the concerned Head of Department. Concerned department will display the process of registration and its schedule. The applicants are requested to download the Guideline for Admission / Terms and Conditions which are available on the website

Doctral Programms Offered

SN Subject Department No of Students Pursuing PhD No of Seats Vacant Contact Person  
1 Civil Engineering Department of Civil Engineering 4 6 Dr. Amit .H. Padade 0712-2580011  Ext. 4101
2 Computer Science & Engineering Department of Computer Science & Engineering 9 1 Dr. Shailendra Aote 0712-2580011  Ext. 3201
3 Electronics  Engineering Department of Electronics Engineering   12 0 Dr. R.R.Khandelwal 0712-2580011 Ext.3501
4 Electrical Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering 4 6 Dr. M.V.Palandurkar 0712-2580011  Ext. 7000
5 Mechanical Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering 7 3 Dr. S.D. Moghe 0712-2580011  Ext. 3901

List of PhD Supervisors

SN Subject Name Students Vacant Seats Contact Email
1 Civil Engineering Dr. M. S. Kadu 1   7
2 Civil Engineering Dr. Rajendra Khapre 0 6
SN Subject Name Students Vacant Seats Contact Email
1 Computer Science & Technology Dr. D.S. Adane 6 2
2 Computer Science & Technology Dr. M. B. Chandak 8 0
3 Computer Science & Technology Dr.A.J.Agrawal 3 3
SN Subject Name Students Vacant Seats Contact Email
1 Electrical Engineering Dr.M.M.Renge 4 4
2 Electrical Engineering Dr.S.B. Bodkhe 6 2
SN Subject Name Students Vacant Seats Contact Email
1 Electronics Engineering Dr. Nitin P. Narkhede 1 5
2 Electronics Engineering Dr. R.D. Raut 4 4
3 Electronics Engineering Dr.S.B. Pokle 2 6
4 Electronics Engineering Dr. P.K. Parlewar 0 6
5 Electronics Engineering Dr. Rajesh S. Pande 3 5
6 Electronics Engineering Dr. Rohini S.Ochawar 0 6
7 Electronics Engineering Dr.(Mrs) A.A Khurshid 2 6
SN Subject Name Students Vacant Seats Contact Email
1 Mechanical Engineering Dr. I. P. Keshwani 0 8
2 Mechanical Engineering Dr. V. S. Deshpande 3 5
3 Mechanical Engineering Dr. K. N. Agrawal 1 7
4 Mechanical Engineering Dr. M. M. Gupta 2 6
5 Mechanical Engineering Dr.Swati Moghe 1 5

PhD Scholar Registered at Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management.

SN Department Name of Research Scholar Topic of PhD Name of Supervisor / Name of Co- Supervisor PhD Registration Date
1 Civil Engineering Mr. Vijay Gawaikar Assessing the Impact of Environment Management System Implementation on Improving Environmental Performance Dr. A. G. Bhole / Dr. R. R. Lakhe 13-07-2007
2 Civil Engineering Prof. Pravin. B. Kulkarni Studies about jet as in alga native period in process of Flocculation Dr. A. G. Bhole 18-01-2012
3 Civil Engineering Mr. S. V. Paranjape Spatial Correlation of Surface and Sub-Surface hydrological parameters for basin development Dr. M. S. Kadu DOR: 15-01-2012
Extention of 1yr yp to dated: 14-01-2018
4 Civil Engineering Prof. T. K. Rao Development and Performance Evaluation of Integrated Reinforced swelling sub grade system and pavement construction Dr. Y. S. Golait / Dr. P. P. Saklecha 15-01-2012
SN Department Name of Research Scholar Topic of PhD Name of Supervisor / Name of Co- Supervisor PhD Registration Date
1 Computer Science &  Engineering Mr. Dilip Borikar A Hybrid Approach for Sentiment Analysis on Unstructured Data Dr. M. B. Chandak 15-01-2015
2 Computer Science &  Engineering Mr. Jayant Karanjekar A Dynamic Framework for Data Retrieval From Heterogeneous Systems on Cloud Dr. M. B. Chandak 15-01-2015
3 Computer Science &  Engineering Mrs. Sheetal Vij Proposing an Efficient E-Negotiation Protocol based on the Study of Automated Negotiation, Strategies and Agent’s behaviour Prediction in E-Commerce Dr. A. J. Agrawal / Dr. D. mukhopadhyay 15-01-2015
4 Computer Science &  Engineering Mr Hrishikesh Zadgaonkar Design And Analysis of an Efficient Algorithm for Object Localization using BLE Dr. M. B. Chandak 17-10-2016
5 Computer Science &  Engineering Mr. Abhijeet Raipurkar An Approach for Optimizing Queries on Materialized views in Dynamic Distributed Environment Dr. M. B. Chandak 17-10-2016
6 Computer Science &  Engineering Mr. Lalit Agrawal Design and implementation of innovative approaches for handling heterogeneous data streams in real time. Dr. D. S. Adane 17-10-2016
7 Computer Science &  Engineering Mr. Manish Gudadhe Performance Optimization of Data Replication Strategies in Cloud Environment and Analysis of its impact on Data Availability Dr. A. J. Agrawal 15-07-2015
8 Computer Science &  Engineering Ms. Arti Buche Prediction of stock market trends by sentiment farming using opinion mining. Dr. M. B. Chandak 11-01-2017
9 Computer Science &  Engineering Mr. Manish Bhardwaj Parallel approach for implementation data mining algorithms. Dr. D. S. Adane 11-01-2017
SN Department Name of Research Scholar Topic of PhD Name of Supervisor / Name of Co- Supervisor PhD Registration Date
1 Electrical Engineering Prof. G. C. Jaiswal Formulation of a Data Based Model for Remote Condition Monitoring System used in Distribution Transformer Dr. M. S. Ballal / Dr. D. R. Tutakne 13-01-2014
2 Electrical Engineering Prof. Archana. Sudhakar. Talhar Development of Smart Home Systems with Reference to Indian Electricity Scenario Dr. S. B. Bodkhe 15.05.2014
3 Electrical Engineering Prof. Preeti. Vinit. Kapoor Modular multilevel Converter for Three-Phase Induction Motor Drive Dr. M. M. Renge 14.01.2013
4 Electrical Engineering Prof. R. G. Deshbhratar Analysis and Design of Solar Power System Interface with Utility using ZVS Converter Dr. M. M. Renge 14.01.2013
SN Department Name of Research Scholar Topic of PhD Name of Supervisor / Name of Co- Supervisor PhD Registration Date
1 Electronics Engineering Ms.    Madhuri Bawane
A Study on Estimation of Mental Activity of Human being using wavelets and neural networks Dr. K.M.Bhurchandi Fisrt Registration: 24-09-2009
Date of Re-Registration: 29-09-2014
2 Electronics Engineering Mr. Pravin.A.  Dwaramwar Design of Broadband CMOS Front end Multi Standard Receiver. Dr. R.S. Pande
3 Electronics Engineering Mr. V. Rathee Development  of lumber components MEMS Filter Dr. R.S. Pande
4 Electronics Engineering Mr.  Prasanna Deshpande Design & Development of  MEMS Resonators Dr. R.S. Pande
5 Electronics Engineering Mr. Rajesh Bhambare Optimized Adaptive Modulator for Software Defined Radio in Cognitive Environment Dr. Rajashree D. Raut
6 Electronics Engineering Ms. Priti Subramanium Optimization Adaptive Coding Technique to improve BER in OFDM System. Dr. Rajashree D. Raut
7 Electronics Engineering Ms. Sheetal D. Gunjal Optimized Adaptive Source Encoder for SDR in   Cognitive Radio Dr. Rajashree D. Raut
8 Electronics Engineering Mr. B.M.  Hardas
Performance Analysis  of PAPR Reduction Techniques in OFDM through a system Implementation Dr. S.B.Pokle
9 Electronics Engineering Ms. Deepali  K. Borakhede     Design and Evaluation of   Reconfigurable Antennas for MIMO Based Wireless System. Dr. S.B.Pokle
10 Electronics Engineering Ms.Puja  Agrawal     Performance Optimization of Invisible Watermarking  Based on Creation and Robust Extraction Dr.A.A. Khurshid
11 Electronics Engineering Mr.Arvind.P.Hatkar          Design and Analysis of Reversible  Logic System Dr.N.P.Narkhede
12 Electronics Engineering Ms. Puja Bhandarkar Development of an Efficient Verification Methodology for Processor Dr.S.S.Limaye,
SN Department Name of Research Scholar Topic of PhD Name of Supervisor / Name of Co- Supervisor PhD Registration Date
1 Mechanical Engineering Ashwin B. Ganorkar Cost Estimation and Optimization: Model for a Manufacturing Industry. Dr. K.N. Agrawal 02-05-2013
2 Mechanical Engineering Somadatta. Karanjekar Delineation of a frame work for quality function deployment for enhancing technical institute service quality in Vidarbha region Dr.R.R Lakhe / Dr. V.S.Deshpande 13-01-2 +010
3 Mechanical Engineering Ashish D. Urade Parametric Analysis and Performance Measures in Electric Discharge Machining Dr. V.S.Deshpande 14-01-2013
4 Mechanical Engineering SANJAYKUMAR A. BORIKAR Experimental Investigation of Refrigerator Condenser and its Numerical analysis Towards Optimality. Dr. M.M. Gupta 15-07-2015
5 Mechanical Engineering Prashant B
Development of Mechanism for Generation of Long Straight Line Path. Dr. S. D. Moghe / Dr. J. P. Modak 18-01-2016
6 Mechanical Engineering Nikhil Aniruddha Bhave Combustion and emission investigation on homogenous charge compression ignition engine. Dr. M.M. Gupta 12-1-2017
7 Mechanical Engineering Rajesh S Raool Modelling and Analysis of Bursting Strength Parameters in Corrugation Process. Dr. V.S.Deshpande 5-11-2016
SN Department Name of Research Scholar Topic of PhD Name of Supervisor / Name of Co- Supervisor PhD Registration Date
1 Physics Arpita Vyas Development of Quantum Cutting Near Infrared Emitting [QCNIR] Phosphors for Si-Solar Cell Dr. C. P. Joshi 05-01-2013
SN Department Name of Research Scholar Topic of PhD Name of Supervisor / Name of Co- Supervisor PhD Registration Date
1 Chemistry Dattatraya Bharti Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Nano Materials As A Catalyst for Organic reactions. Dr. A.V Bharati 13-07-2012
2 Chemistry Megha Khurma Adsorption Studies of some Eco friendly Adsorbents for removal of heavy metals from waste waters. Dr. Mrs S.L Mudliar 15-02-2012