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Grants till date

1 Fund for improvement in S&T Infrastructure (FIST) DST Dr. R. S. Pande 45,00,000/- Ongoing
2 Visvesvaraya Ph. D scheme for Electronics and IT Deity Dr. R. S. Pande Nodal Officer Dr. P. K. Parlewar 81,38,400/- Ongoing
3 Role of ICT in Developing Smart Universities RUSA, Govt. of Maharashtra Dr. M. B. Chandak 25,00,000/- Ongoing
4 Upgradation of Power System Protection Lab (MODROB) AICTE Dr. M. M. Renge, Dr. M. V. Palandurkar Electrical 8,00,000/- Ongoing
5 Development of Quantum Cutting near Infrared Emitting Phosphors for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell DST Dr. C. P. Joshi, Physics 46,09,000/- Ongoing
6 Determination of Tool Condition In Boring Machine using Acoustic Emissions AICTE Dr. V. S. Deshpande, Prof. P. Deole Industrial 2013-16 18,76,667/- Ongoing
7 Minor Research Project on Investigation of Volumetric and Acoustic Properties of Aqueous Binary and Tenary Mixtures UGC Pandhurnekar C. P. 4,43,000/- Ongoing
8 Fabrication of Microfuildic channel for detection of adultterants in milk Research Project under INUP Programe at IIT Bombay Sponsored by MCIT, Govt. of India Dr. Jayu Kalambe Technical Support for device Fabrication & characterization Ongoing
9 Grant -in -aid under Industry Institute Partnership Cell(IIPC) AICTE Deshpande V. S. 2013-15 1,45,0000 Completed
10 Fabrication & characterization of MEMS cantilever switch for power applications IIT Mumbai Pande R. S., Khushlani Deepak 2013-14 Technical Support for device Fabrication & characterization Completed
11 Development of LED based Dosimeter for personal monitoring. DST Joshi C. P. 2012-14 1,81,1200 Completed
12 Fabrication of Microcantilever Based Sensor IIT Bombay Patrikar R. M. (VNIT), Kalambe Jayu (RCOEM) 2012-13 Technical Support for device Fabrication & characterization Completed
13 Modernization of Metrology Lab Ref.No. AICTE/8024/RIFD/MOD/200/11-12 AICTE Keswani I. P., Deshpande Yogesh 2012-13 13,00,000 Completed
14 “Upgradation of Digital Communication Networking Facilities in the field of Communication Engineering.” AICTE Pande R. S., Assamwar R. S. 2011-13 15,00,000 Completed
Reliability Characterization of
MEMS Cantilever Switch
IIT Mumbai Pande R. S., Kalambe Jayu 2009-11 Technical Support for device Fabrication & characterization Completed
16 Advanced Print Circuit Board Design Fabrication Laboratorywith EMC Testing. AICTE Harkare R. R., Pokle S. B. 2009-11 900000 Completed
17 Development of Lamp Phosphors for solid State lighting DST,GOI Joshi C. P. , Mohril S.V. 2007-10 2250000 Completed
18 Up gradation of Electronic Design Automation Facilities in the field of Digital and CMOS VLSI Design. AICTE Pande R. S. 2006-08 10,00,000 Completed
19 Developments and Synthesis of UV Lamp Phosphors for Photo therapy(Indian Council of medical Research ,New Delhi) DST Joshi C. P. 2003-05 7,11,000 Completed
20 Development and Manually Energized Machines and Teaching and Research Lab Engineering Students. AICTE Zanwar D. R. 2000-01 9,20,000 Completed
21 MODROBS Project on Development of Mathematics Teaching and Research Lab for Engineering Students AICTE Sahasrabuddhe G. G. 1997-98 5,00,000 Completed