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Training Initiatives

The Training and Placement department organizes seminars for students to enlighten them about placement activities, general requirements of the companies and how to prepare them for the campus selection. It also undertakes various programs in alliance with host faculty and guest faculty for the improvement of student’s general aptitude, communication skills and interview skills. Training and Placement department conducts special sessions for aptitude development of students as well as GD- PI session in association with respective departments. Special programs for the Aptitude Development and clearing the Aptitude Tests of the companies are organized in association with T & P Faculty coordinators at the department level.

Employability Initiatives for Students

  • CRT training – 1572 students trained
  • Students from CSE, IT and circuit branches background have been exposed to various programming platforms like Hackerrank, Codeguru, Codechef, InterviewBit for the preparation for dream companies.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the various HACKATHONs and Company level competitions. 3 Teams out of 10 Teams of RCOEM that participated in Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2019 have emerged WINNERS in "Complicated" Problem Statement Category
  • Online Practice Aptitude tests (50+ tests) were given to final and pre-final year students. All the tests made available were free and industry standard tests
  • Other Industry level assessment provided to all to final and pre-final year students. Already 1600+ students have appeared for the test.
  • Hundreds of students are registered for online MOOC Courses from UDACITY, UDEMY, COURSERA, SWAYAM, NPTEL, INFYTQ, EDX etc and are given credits in the academic scheme for the same.
  • College has collaboration with AWS and a batch of 30 students is currently undergoing Cloud Solution Architect Certification Training and is expected to be certified by May 2019.
  • Industry Offered Courses: - SalesForce, Mobile Computing, BI, IOT, internet and cyber security etc.