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Training and Placement Cell

RCOEM has proved to be the most favored destination for aspirant engineers from across the country. RCOEM has created many a placement records in the Maharashtra as well as Central India only to break them in the progressive years. Based on strong Industry-Academic interface, RCOEM happens to be setting new standards in campus placements. Year after year top notch companies are visiting RCOEM Campus for recruitment of fresh talent.

The college has a full-fledged and well equipped Training and Placement Department to fulfill the aspirations of the young graduate engineers and make them ready to take up challenging responsibilities of the corporate world.

Day to Day functioning of Training and Placement Department is taken care by the Central Placement Co-Ordination Committee. The Full Time Faculty Deputed to T&P and part of this Central Placement Co-Ordination Committee are
  1. Dr. Parag Jawarkar (EN)
  2. Prof. Kaushik Roy (MCA)
  3. Prof. Sahil Tripathi (Placement and Industry Relations Officer)