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Students’ chapter of Indian Water Works Association (IWWA)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. M S Kadu
Faculty Coordinator: Prof. (Mrs.) V A Dakwale

Activities undertaken

  1. Installation of body of students’ chapter
    Date of installation: 16.12.2009
    Number of student members 25 students (2009-10) and 29 (2010-11)

  2. Participation in workshop on IS 3370-2009 Part I/II at IWWA hall Shankar Nagar
    Date: 06.01.2010
    Total students attended: 16 students

  3. Guest lecture on “Decentralized waste water treatment” by Mr. Anwar Ashraf, Project engineer, DEWATS Technologies Pvt. Ltd
    Date: 10.01.2010
    Total students attended: 40 students

  4. Site visit at “Dewats plant at Lonara on Koradi road”
    Date: 10.01.2010
    Total students attended: 40 students

  5. Inter collegiate Poster making competition
    Date: 16.03.2010
    Total participants 40 groups (two members in each group)
    Participating institute included RCOEM, V N I T, Govt. Polytechnic, HISLOP, SDMP Nagpur, S B Jain College of Engineering etc.

  6. Attended one day workshop organized by NEERI and IWWA jointly on “Young Water Professional” on 22nd January 2011 at National
    Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur
    Total students attended: 17 students

Dr. M S Kadu
Civil Engineering Department