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Anti Ragging Committee

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Anti Ragging Committee - (2017-20)

Sr. No. Category Name
01 Head of the Institution Dr. R. S. Pande
02 Civil Adv. Pradeep Agrawal
03 Police Administration Shri Sunil Gangurde, Police Inspector, Gittikhadan Police Station, Nagpur
04 Local Media Shri Vikas Vaidya, The Hitavada, Nagpur
05 NGO Mrs. Deepali Kale, Chairperson, Scrutiny Committee of Child Adoption
06 Faculty Members Prof. N. M. Deshkar, Student Counsellor
Dr. Y. M. Sonkhaskar, Dean SRC
Dr. (Mrs.) Jayu Kalambe, Chairperson, Internal Complaint Committee
Dr. C. P. Pandhurnekar, In-charge Campus Discipline
07 Parents Mr. Sanjay Mehare, Father of Devanshu  Mehare, BE 4th Year MECH.
Mr. Hirachand Gupta, Father of Rohee Gupta, BE 4th Year MECH.
08 Students Ms. Sachi Fulwani, BE 4th Year IT
Mr. Ameya Tipnis, BE 4th Year IND.

Contact Details

Name of Committee Member Mobile Number e-mail id
Prof. N. M. Deshkar 9850395303
Dr. Y. M. Sonkhaskar 9423429641
Dr. (Mrs.) Jayu Kalambe 9822360944
Dr. C. P. Pandhurnekar 9420254823

Anti Ragging Squad

Sr. No. Name e-mail id Contact No.
1 Dr. R. U. Tiwari 9371177758
2 Dr. (Mrs.) P. D. Adane 9970785523
3 Prof. (Mrs.) A. A. Basole 9923400366
4 Dr. (Mrs.) S. H. Deshmukh 8275045636
5 Dr. Amit Anurag 9823341789
6 Dr. G. R. Potey 9850343262
7 Dr. A. V. Bharati 9923255049
8 Prof. P. A. Dwaramwar 9922948625
9 Dr. C. R. Vichoray 9404666000
10 Prof. S. S. Uparkar 9923334030
11 Dr. (Ms.) S. M. Meshram 9890761019
12 Prof. S. R. Kulkarni 9049300099
13 Prof. (Mrs.) G. A. Morankar 8888135834