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Energy Research Centre

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Centre for Energy Research

Dr. U.B. Mujumdar
Centre Co-ordinator

Energy Research Centre (ERC) refers to a team, shared facility and an entity that provides best practices, research, support or training for a focus area. The main purpose of the Energy Research Centre is to encourage and facilitate the various Departments in the Institution to work together by associating the likeminded faculty members to cooperate and collaborate in their programmes and activities on a regular basis, by cutting across departmental and/or discipline barriers.

Energy Research Centre is a central facility to generate synergy efforts for coordinating the disciplinary/ interdisciplinary research and providing solutions for Energy related issues.


  • To develop competency to address complex technical problems related with energy.
  • To strengthen the interdisciplinary research in Energy
  • To provide solutions for energy related issue.

Short term goals

  • To conduct focused research leading to publication of research paper(s) in reputed journals
  • To develop state of art training facilities in the focus area/areas
  • To develop innovative solutions on specific problems in any of the above mentioned focus area.

Long term goals

  • To make the Energy Research Centre self-sustainable through the revenue generation from Research grants and Consultancy
  • To have strong Industry linkages by National and International collaborations
  • To establish as one of the best centres for Energy Research in India.

Focus Areas

Focus area of Energy Research Centre, which covers various aspects of conventional and renewable energy sources. The clusters in the proposed Energy Research Centre are as shown below:

Priority Areas

Following areas are considered as Priority areas:
  1. Solar Photovoltaic systems
  2. Electric Vehicle
  3. Electro-chemical systems


Generic Name of Equipment Model, Make & year of purchase Remarks including accessories available and current usage of equipment
Digital Storage Oscilloscope TPS2024B, Tektronix make,   Available including current probe, and high voltage probe, Waveform analysis
Mixed domain oscilloscope MDO 3024, Tektronix make ,   MD03MSO-16 digital channel probe: Compatible to MD03024 along with set of logic probe P6316-16 channel logic probe with accessories.
Microcontroller development tool with JTAG programmer AT91SAM-ICE, ATMEL make For  microcontroller firmware development
Solar System Analyzer Model: 9018BT, MECO make, With all accessories.
Battery  Capacity(Impedance) Tester Model:6363, MECO Make With all accessories
Power Quality Analyser HIOKI 3196 With current and voltage probes
Digital storage Oscilloscope Tektronix TBS1072B With current and voltage probes.
Solar Panels of 4 kW 100 W, 250W, 350W Waree make Rooftop Installed panels for experimentations
High Power rating DC Power Supply Mean well For DC Microgrid testing,  High Power Battery charging testing


Ongoing Projects in the Energy Research Centre

  1. Development of DC Nanogrid and Microgrid for remote/rural electrification.
  2. Development of controller for Electric Vehicle (BLDC motor controller)
  3. Development of Battery charging and management system for Electric vehicle
  4. Performance analysis of thermal management of EV batteries.

Completed Projects

Sr.No Product Development Developer Area of Development Remark
1. Development of Single Phase Inverter with battery charging provision. Dr.M.M.Renge Power Electronics Consultancy/ Product development
2. Development Solid state current injection technique for electrical Relay testing. Dr.U.B.Mujumdar Testing and Development RGSTC-TIFAC
3 Development of controller for BLDC motor Dr.M.M.Renge Dr.Gaurav Goyal Controller development KPIT Cummins
4 Design of high accuracy automatic electromagnetic feeder. Dr.Gaurav Goyal Product development RGSTC-TIFAC
5 Development of MODBUS compliant controller and monitor for Conveyer line motors. Dr.U.B.Mujumdar Consultancy External Consultancy

Events / Activities

  1. Conducted AICTE Training and Learning Academy sponsored Faculty development program on “Energy –Internet of Things” (E-IoT) from 15th to 19th December 2020. See Report
  2. Offered Six month Internship to UG and PG students.


Contact Us:

Energy Research Centre
E-04, Electrical Block
Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur