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Sthapatya Veda

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Programme Details

Sthapatya Veda is a 11 month foundation course part time programme offered by Civil Engineering Department. The programme started in year 2023 with the intake of 120 students. The curriculum of the programme is to set an equilibrium of Cosmic Powers based on Nature’s Law within a dwelling structure. The curriculum broadly cover planning and construction of Apartment to Airport while Tower to Township as well as recreational places as per Sutra Mandala Siddhanta by Sthapatya Veda.

Sthapatya Veda is the Science of Architecture. It is the most ancient and complete system of architecture and city planning in accord with Natural Law, which takes into account the mathematics, yoga sutra, Quantum Physics and planetary and Earth Science.

Sthapatya Veda , An upaveda of ATHARVA VEDA......

Sthapatya Veda established as a language of architecture by Mayan.

The difference between Sthapatya Veda and Vastu Shastra is One is Engineering, the other is Science. Engineering is the applied aspect, Science is the theoretical aspect. The term Sthapatya Veda refers to the is the applied aspect of this precious knowledge, while the term Vastu refers to the theoretical aspect. Veda means knowledge, and Sthapan means to establish. Therefore as we already mentioned, Sthapatya Veda is the Science of Architecture. Sthapatya Veda is the knowledge of application and skills.

The knowledge of Sthapatya Veda was highly scattered and misunderstood. Mayan brings this precious knowledge of Sthapatya Veda usable for our present time to bring peace to the world by structures and cities that are in harmony with Cosmic Intelligence.

Arch. Abhishek Deshpande, Course Director

After Graduation Architect Abhishek learned extremely precise knowledge of Sthapatya Veda – a Vedic Architecture, Quranic verses, and Biblical verses. Architect Abhishek mastered thousands of Sutras in Sthapatya Veda. Architect Abhishek an eminent Sthapati and Spiritual Engineer. Architect Abhishek a scholar of Science of Architecture and Spirituality – the Engineering of the Divine, and an instructor of this Indian Science and Technology. Architect Abhishek revived this Ancient knowledge and implemented it in the real world in respect to the current context. Architect Abhishek was appointed as a Sthapatya Veda consultant by RSS Supremo to redesign its Nagpur headquarte.


Ar. Nikita Niwal Sakhare

Duration of programme

11 Months (Part Time)

Program Objectives:
  • The program will prepare student to understand Sthapatya Veda as a system of planning and construction that will encourage for replacement of contemporary architecture.
  • The program will prepare student to develop and present design concepts and solutions as per the Sthapatya Veda principles.
  • The program will prepare the student to perform with standard competencies in alignment with the scope of practice so as to work globally.

  • Program Outcomes:
  • The student will understand the scientific principle of Sthapatya Veda and can practice as a Sthapati with a technical perspective in their current and future projects.
  • The student will understand the actual situation in practice and recognize the dialectical relationship between people and the built environment in terms of their needs, behavioral norms and social models.
  • The student can conduct independent and directed research to gather information related to the problems in Sthapatya Veda.
  • Key features

    Key features