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About Department

Vision :

Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management envisages the institute par excellence, providing world class Technical and Management Education.

Mission :

To impart quality education in the field of Engineering and Management; to foster mutually beneficial relationship with industries; to create intellectually stimulating environment for learning, research and promotion of professional and ethical values.

The Department teaches theory and lab course in Engineering Physics to Semester I students, Electronic Engineering Materials and IC Fabrication course to Semester III students of electronics branches, Electromagnetic Fields course to Electrical Engineering branch and Nano-electronics course to Semester II students of M.Tech. (VLSI). The Department offers three electives (Solid State Lighting, Nanotechnology and Quantum Mechanics for Engineers) to Sem VI students. It prepares and maintains teaching material on the college website for all these courses, using LaTex and Mathematica. The material comprises of lecture notes, supplementary study material, interactive documents, and useful study links.

Salient features of Department

  • The Department has eight regular faculty members including two Professors and one Associate Professor.
  • The faculty members have published about 100 research papers in international and national journals. Two text books have also been published. They also have a large number of conference papers to their credit. Two patents have been awarded out of three, filed by a research group led by Dr. (Mrs) C.P. Joshi.
  • Area of specialization of the faculty includes luminescence, solid state lighting, computational physics, coupled map lattices, solid state ionics, optical waveguide sensors, study of. 'Gandhi soil' and conducting polymers.
  • The Department has completed one MODROBS project with AICTE grant and four R & D projects with grants from ICMR and SERC. One project financed by DST is underway. It has also completed one MoU with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai. It is a recognized place of research. Five students have obtained doctoral degrees under the guidance of the faculty.
  • The Department has a luminescence research lab for developing phosphors for solid state lighting. A grant of Rs. 36.5 lakh has been received out of the approved grant of Rs. 46 lakh by DST for the work on development of NIR emitting phosphors for c-Si solar cells. The lab has also received a Women Scientist Award with a total grant of Rs. 18 lakh.


Sr.No. Title Inventor/Assignee Application No. Status
1 “Europium activated Alkali-alkaline earth halide blue emitting phosphors for solid state lighting” D.H. Gahane,Dr. (Mrs.) C.P.Joshi Dr. S.V. Moharil/RCOEM 80/MUM/2009 Dated: 13/01/2009 Receipt No. 445 Under Process
2 “Blue fluorescentcomposition for solidstate lighting and preparation method thereof” Deepak Taikar Dr. (Mrs.) C.P.Joshi, Dr. S.V. Moharil RCOEM 81/MUM/2009 Dated: 13/01/2009 Receipt No. 446 Granted
3 “Rare earth activated phosphor compounds and the process of preparation of phosphors thereof” D.H. Gahane,Dr. (Mrs.) C.P.Joshi Dr. S.V. Moharil, Pankaj Belsare/ ICMR, New Delhi 2665/DEL/2006 Dated: 13/12/2006 Receipt No. 447 Granted
4 “Cooling system” Dr.P.R.Gandhi /RCOEM Under Process

Research projects

Sr.No. Project Title Funding Agency Duration Name of Investigators Name of JRF Amount Status
1 MODROBS project on Development of Mathematica Teaching and Research Lab for Engineering Students AICTE 1997- 2000 Dr. G.G.Sahasrabudhe .. 5 Lac Completed
2 Development and Synthesis of UV Lamp Phosphors for Phototherapy ICMR 2003-2005 Dr.C.P.Joshi,Dr.S.V.Moharil,Dr.S.M.Pande Mr. Pankaj Belsare 7.11 Lac Completed
3 Development of Phosphors for Solid State Lighting DST 2007-2010 Dr.C.P.Joshi, and Dr.S.V.Moharil Mr.S.S.Pote And Ms.P.J.Yadav 22.5 Lac Completed
4 Development of LED based dosimeters for Personal monitoring BARC (MOU) 2011-2013 Dr.C.P.Joshi, and Dr.S.V.Moharil Ms.P.J.Yadav And Ms.V.S.Singh 18.112 Lac Completed
5 Development of phosphors for solid state lighting and white light emitting diodes DST Women Scientist-A 2012-2015 Ms.P.J.Yadav ... 17.5 Lac Completed
6 Development of Quantum Cutting NIR emitting phosphors for c-Si Solar Cell DST 2013-2016 Dr.C.P.Joshi, and Dr.S.V.Moharil Mr. Rupesh Talewar 46.09 Lac Completed



Prof. Sunil Madhukar Pande

Professor & Head of Department

Total Teaching Experience : 36.0yrs    
Subject Specialization : Physics, Electromagnetic Fields, Materials Science

Awards : Nil

Qualification : M.Sc and Ph.D.
Email :

Prof. Rajendra Umashankar Tiwari

Associate Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 29.0yrs    
Subject Specialization : Materials Science,X-rays, solid state Ionics

Qualification : M.Sc and Ph.D.
Email :

Prof. Prashant Ramkrishna Gandhi

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 27.0yrs    
Subject Specialization : Materials Science

Qualification : M.Sc. and Ph.D.
Email :

Prof. Asmita Deepak Deshpande

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 14.0yrs    
Subject Specialization : Hexaferrite Materials

Awards : 1. Best Research Paper Award for the Paper ‘An Approach to Study Applications of Doped Calcium Hexaferrites’ at International Conference, 2014 2.Best Research Paper Award for the Paper ‘Synthesis and study of electric & dielectric properties of dopped calcium hexaferrites’, at National Conference Sept. 2013

Qualification : M.Sc. and Ph.D.
Email :

Dr. Shilpa N Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 22.0yrs    
Subject Specialization : Modeling and simulation of Silicon waveguide devices and Silica fibers for sensing application, quantum approach for optical field confinement in a waveguide.

Awards : 03 during PG including Gold medal,Awarded with National Merit Scholarship, 02 during research: Best paper award at the prestigious IWPSD 2009 conference, Awarded for one of the three best presentations at the National conference AEP-2014 organized by DRDO and VNIT, Nagpur.

Qualification : M.Sc and Ph.D.
Email :

Prof. Renuka A Nafdey

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 15.0yrs    
Subject Specialization : physics, material Science, Polymer physics

Awards : i)Reviewer for paper in International journal Polymer Engineering & Science(PES-08-0272) ii)Sponsored by DST under Young Scientist category to present a research paper at International level at Rouen, France(2009)

Qualification : M.Sc and Ph.D.
Email :

Prof. Pankaj Diwakar Belsare

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 9.0yrs    
Subject Specialization : Solid State Lighting, Solar Cells, Thermoluminescence Dosimeter

Awards : * Outstanding Research Paper Award at 3rd International Conf. on Luminescence and its applications NPL New Delhi (2008) * Best Research paper Award at National Conf. on Novel Materials Bhadravati (2010)

Qualification : M.Sc and Ph.D.
Email :

Prof. Prasanna D Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 6.0yrs    
Subject Specialization : Nanoelectronics, Nanomaterials, Magnetism and Superconductivity

Qualification : M.Sc and Ph.D.
Email :


Lumen Meter with Integrating Sphere
Spin Coater
Synthesis Lab
QM-51 NIR Spectrophotometer

Luminescence Research Lab

Mathematica Lab was set up under AICTE granted project. The project was awarded to Dr. G.G. Sahasrabudhe, who also worked as Principal Investigator. The amount of grant was Rs. 5 Lakhs. The Lab was meant for awareness and proficiency in using Mathematica as a tool to better teaching.

A Research Lab was set up under a research project awarded by ICMR, N. Delhi in the year 2003-05. The grant received was Rs. 7.11 Lakhs. The grant was utilized for establishment of research facilities. This included precision balance, portable USB spectrophotometer and facilities for chemical synthesis of phosphors for Phototherapy. College provided the lab space, basic amenities like electricity, PC and internet. As a result of this work, a patent (2665/DEL/2006) was filed through ICMR’s patent cell. The patent examination is under process.

Subsequent to this, further research funds were granted from Department of Science and Technology (DST, Govt of India), the grant amount being Rs. 22.5 Lakhs. Under this scheme Fluorescence spectrophotometer (Hitachi F-7000) and other several research aids were procured. College supported the project by allocating well equipped space for lab and other services. Subsequently Luminescence Research Lab was set up. In the mean while our college got recognition as approved place of research, and five students registered for their Ph.D. from this lab. We had filed two patents as an outcome of this project, 80/MUM/2009 and 81/MUM/2009. The patents were subsequently granted by Indian Patents Office.

Two more research projects, one an MoU between Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Mumbai and our College and the other as Women Scientist (WoS-A) were awarded to our college. An amount of Rs. 18.12 Lakhs and 17.16 Lakhs respectively has been sanctioned under these projects. Harvesting solar energy and related developments is one of the thrust areas of research of most government funding agencies. A research project was granted to us related to improvement of efficiency of existing silicon cells. The grant sanctioned is Rs. 46.09 Lakhs and duration of the project is three years starting from 2013.

A total of Rs. 1.16 Crore has been granted by various government agencies for R & D activities in the field of Luminescence.

Several research students have carried out their PhD work in this lab. The lab is fully equipped to carry out various aspects on Luminescence and only of its kind in central India.

Dr. (Mrs)C.P.Joshi has been the Principal Investigator in these projects.

Following facilities have been developed in Luminescence Research Lab

  • Chemical synthesis of Phosphors: The lab is equipped with high precision Mettler balance (0.1 mg accuracy), chemicals(ordinary as well as Rare Earths). Furnaces (1000 o C) with different geometry have also been procured. They are required for chemical synthesis of phosphor for different applications such as LED lighting, radiation dosimetry, near UV emitting phosphors, phosphors for solar cells. Novel synthesis methods undertaken are Combustion Synthesis, Wet Chemical Synthesis, Coprecipitation, Solid State Diffusion using fluxes etc. Combustion synthesis is controlled type of explosion with flame in which reaction temperature is very high as compared to surrounding. To measure flame temperature an IR thermometer (Amprobe make) is procured.
  • Recording PL spectra: The synthesized phosphors are to be analyzed for Photoluminescence. Hitachi F-7000 spectrophotometer has both excitation and emission scanning facility over the range of wavelengths from 220 nm to 700 nm. This instrument is highly useful in analyzing PL spectra.
  • LED characterization: We have established collaboration with Kwality Photonics, Hyderabad for fabrication and PCB mounting of LED chips. These chips are then coated with phosphors developed by us and these LEDs are characterized for lamp characteristics. They include measurement of Lumen Output, Colour Coordinates, Colour Temperature. All these tasks are performed with Lumen meter ZWL-600 (from China) and spectrometer USB-2000 (from Ocean Optics, USA).
  • Dosimetric Characterization: Some phosphors are synthesized for measurement of doses of nuclear radiation. A prototype dosimeter is to be assembled in near future. The required instruments such as PMT, picoammeter, filter set, MPPC along with module have been procured.
  • Thin Film making unit: A facility for thin film deposition has been established in the lab with spin coating unit.

List of Major Research Equipments in Luminescence Research Lab

Sr.No. Equipment (Name) Year of Purchase Procured Under Cost Status
1 QM-51 spectrophotometer (NIR region) 2014 DST Project Rs. 22,00,000 Working
2 Furnace (1700 oC) 2013 DST Project Rs. 3,75,000
3 Atmosphere Furnace(1400oC) with chiller 2015 DST Project Rs. 3,50,000
4 Hitachi F-7000 Spectrometer 2008 DST Project Rs. 8,26,000
5 ZWL-600 Lumen meter 2012 BARC MoU Rs. 3,06,974
6 USB-2000 Spectrometer 2004 ICMR Project Rs.1,50,000
7 Piccoammeter and UV filter set 2007 DST Project Rs.2,80,000
8 Spin Coating Unit 2007 DST Project Rs. 1,05,000
9 Mettler Balance (0.1mg accuracy) 2003 ICMR Project Rs. 1,00,000
10 Filter Set (Colour Glass Filters) 2012 BARC MoU Rs. 90,000