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Management Technology

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  • PEO1:Our management graduates will progress in their career and shall have leadership and managerial skills needed for achieving their organizational objectives thereby managing change.
  • PEO2:Our management graduates shall have functional management proficiency, diagnostic and problem-solving competency enabling them to act with creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • PEO3:Our management graduates will demonstrate values & professional ethics and become socially responsible & committed professionals.


  • MBA graduates will have necessary domain knowledge in the functional areas of business to achieve organizational objectives.
  • MBA Graduates will have the necessary managerial skills and abilities.
  • MBA graduates will have necessary ability to work and lead effectively in the team based environment.
  • MBA graduates will have the analytical and critical thinking abilities for data based decision making and problem solving.
  • MBA graduates will understand ethical issues and will be able to demonstrate professionalism and ethical behavior
  • MBA graduates will have an ability to understand the business environment and will be able to demonstrate entrepreneurial abilities in new or existing enterprise.