Industrial Engineering

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About PG Program

Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering & Management has the distinction of offering first inter disciplinarily post graduate programme in Industrial Engineering in the year 2004. This Post Graduate programme has the available expertise of its core faculty supported by faculty of other departments and expert faculty from other engineering colleges. Faculty specializes in Operations Research, Quality Management, Human factors Engineering, Simulation and Modeling. Most of the faculty members are doctorates and deeply involved in the research work. The programme is functioning with the state of the art laboratories and close association with industries around. All the Post Graduate Projects are based on live problems offered by the industry.

Programme Coordinator :
Dr. D.R Zanwar

Dr. D.R Zanwar

Duration of Program

2 Years (Full Time)

Program Objectives

  1. Programme will prepare students to work in any engineering organization and undertake research work.
  2. Programme will ensure development of problem solving ability through the use of industrial engineering tools and software.
  3. Programme will encourage development of independent thinking and also the ability to work in teams through live projects undertaken in industry.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to acquire the knowledge of Industrial Engineering with an ability to analyze and synthesize existing and new knowledge for its enhancement.
  2. Students will be able to make creative advances for conducting research. They will be able to critically analyze engineering problems and apply their independent judgment for synthesizing information.
  3. Students will be able to provide a feasible optimal solution for engineering problems considering public health, safety, culture, society and environment.
  4. Student will be able to contribute individually and in group to the development of scientific knowledge by using appropriate research methodology.
  5. Students will be able to learn and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools, including simulation and modeling, to complex engineering activities.
  6. Students will posses knowledge and understanding of group dynamics, recognize opportunities and contribute positively to collaborative-multidisciplinary scientific research.
  7. Students will acquire the knowledge of managing projects efficiently in multidisciplinary environments with due consideration to economical factors, as a leader and as a member.
  8. Student will be able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation; will have the ability to effectively communicate with the engineering community regarding complex engineering activities.
  9. Students are capable to recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in life-long learning independently, with a high level of commitment.
  10. Students will acquire enough maturity to behave in the most responsible manner towards society, acquire decision making ability with due consideration to ethics, professional code of conduct & integrity.
  11. Independently improve on the decisions taken and take corrective actions.


M.Tech Industrial engineering since its inception have an excellent like JSW Tarapur, Saint Gobain, CSIR- CCIR Delhi, Ford Motors-USA, POSCO- Ratnagiri, Hindalco, Arvind Mills , Indian Air Force, Kone Elevators, UMAS- Consultancy etc. The intake for PG program is revised to 12 from 18 from 2021.

List of PG Students Placed in Core

Session 2018-2020

Name of Student Name of Industries
Rahul Meshram VRC Plastic Mold Ltd MIDC Hinga
Abhishek Kholkute Bharatwire Ropes- MIDC Warangaon –Khadki District
Shubham Jagtap JACKSAW-MIDC Hingna Nagpur
Vishwas Kamble Hindalco- Bhandara (Already Employed)

Session 2017-19

Name of Student Name of Industries
Nikhil Bobade Western Coal Limited
Anil Gupta Tarapur Steel Pvt. Ltd
Karan Taral UMAS Ltd. Pune
Ajinkya Tapile UMAS Ltd. Pune
Ethashamuddin Quazi UMAS Ltd. Pune
Sachhidananda Kolhe UMAS Ltd. Pune
Jitendra Patankar UMAS Ltd. Pune

Session 2016-18

Name of Student Name of Industries
Adil Khan Warasi Capital Via- Global Research Limited
Pratik Gotmare Production Modelling Corporation-PMC- Pune
Sham Theng Nirmal Industrial Controls- Pune
Ajinkya Parkhi Technovision Consultant- Pune
Ajinkya Chauhan Aurionpro- Solutions-Pune
Aniket Rathod S-R Industries- Akola- Entreprenuer
Nitesh Tiwari Krishna Consultants -Nagpur

List of Students Doing Internship

Session 2017-19

Studentname Companyname
Karan Taral UMAS Ltd Pune
Ajinkya Tapile UMAS Ltd Pune
Aniket Rathod TAL Manufacturing Solutions Butibori Nagpur
Nitish Tiwari TAL Manufacturing Solutions Butibori Nagpur
Etheshamuddin Quazi UMAS Ltd Pune
Sacchidananda Kolhe UMAS Ltd Pune
Jitendra Patankar UMAS Ltd Pune