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About Department


To create effective communicators and socially responsible engineers.


The mission of the Department is to build and polish the soft skills of budding technocrats and sensitize them to social, political, economic, cultural, and psychological aspects of the society in general and the industry in particular. This is to equip them to contribute towards the sustainable development of the society. The mission is also to undertake research studies to contribute to a better understanding of linkages between Applied Humanities and Technical Education.

Salient features of Department

Education is inclusive of technical, social, cultural, financial and spiritual dimensions. The Department of Humanities is working to achieve the vision of creating effective communicators and socially responsible engineers. In order to fulfil its mission of developing soft skills and imparting humanising touch to the society, the Department teaches wide range of courses including Communication Skills, Social Skills, Employability Skills, Technical Communication, Principles of Economics and Management, Soft Skills, and Drafting Skills.

The Department hosts well equipped English Language Lab to develop effective communication skills among budding engineers. Faculty members with the Department have specializations in English Literature and Language, Economics, Environmental Studies, Linguistics, Psychology, History, Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration, Education and Management.

Three of the faculty members are Ph.Ds and have an average teaching experience of 11 years. They have more than 8 years of research experience in rural development and international training in environment management-specific research methodology. They have many publications in national and international journals, chapters in edited books, have authored many books, and have numerous national and international conference paper presentations.

The faculty is also invited for guest lectures on human resource development, communication skills, and is involved in various literary activities.

The Department is committed to enrich the personality of the students by providing them opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. In order to create awareness and sensitize the students about environmental issues, the Department founded the environmental club called REEF (Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineers for Environment Forum) in 2012. REEF won Wipro’s international Earthian Award 2015 along with a cash prize of Rs. 1,50,000. The club undertook skill development of the students through various environment related activities throughout the year.

In order to promote literary activities, the Department has established Reader’s Reverie Literary Club in collaboration with SRC. Speak Out Loud, a debate competition for First year students and Youth Parliament are the prominent annual activities of the club. Besides, the club arranges many activities such as debates, elocutions, quiz, creative writing, essay writing, story-telling, interviews with budding writers and so on. The Department is also keen to promote cultural consciousness among students. The drama club of the College is also mentored by the Department of Humanities.

List of courses offered by Department

Sr. No Name of Course Course Code Semester/Branch Credit/Audit


English (Theory)


BE First Year



English (Practical)


BE First Year



Constitution of India


BE. First Year



Technical Communication





Business Communication





Principles of Economics and Management





Indian Traditional Knowledge





Indian Traditional Knowledge





Personality Development (Practical)





Organizational Behaviour





Leadership Skills





Principles of Economics and Management

HUT 301




Open Electives

Employability Skills
Challenges of HRD
Psychology for Professional Growth
Orientation in German
Sanskrit Pravesh
Gender and Cultural Studies
Human relations at Work
Applied Physchology
HUT300-2 HUT 300-3
HUT633 HUT300-4 HUT300-5 HUT300-6

All Branches, 6th Sem and MCA



Technical Communication

HUT 401




Technical communication

HUT 402




Communication Skills





Environmental Studies





Business Correspondence and Report Writing





Constitution of India and Human Rights





Soft Skills





Professional Practice and Ethics





Human Resource Management





Organizational Behaviour





Presentation and Interview Skills




English Language Lab

The Department of Humanities is committed to carry out its vision of creating effective communicators with social and cultural sensitivity to enhance their employability.

In order to orient students of the college in various aspects of effective communication, the Language Lab was established in the academic year 2008-2009. Students are given training in four fold objective of language: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The lab is equipped with computers and audio-video resources to orient the students to develop effective communication skills. The lab course has gone through changes thrice since its establishment, 10 years ago.

The English Language Lab is compulsory for the students of First Year, as it is a part of their curriculum. The current course on the lines of AICTE Model Curriculum is named as English Lab, HUP151 and has a weightage of one credit. The lab caters to the language and communication needs through various interventions conducted by subject teachers using open source, innovative methods and the Digital Linguistic Mentor Software, specifically designed for this purpose. The English Lab includes sessions on:

    Common Everyday Situations: Conversations and Dialogues Pronunciation, Intonation, Stress and Rhythm Formal Presentations: Orientation Formal Presentations: Practice Session Interview Orientation Interview Practice Session Communication at workplace: Group Discussion- Orientation Group Discussion Practice Session


Guest Lectures

SN Department Year Name of the workshop/ seminar Date From – To Link to the Activity report on the website Resource Person
1 Humanities 2016 How to Win the Market 23rd July 2016 Mr. Akhil Kasturkar, Aptitude trainer and Motivational Speaker
2 Humanities 2016 How to Handle Interview 6th August 2016 Mr. Saurabh Roy, HR Infocepts
3 Humanities 2016 Human Resource and its Importance 27th September 2016 Mr. Akhil Kasturkar, Aptitude trainer and Motivational Speaker
4 Humanities 2017 Role of Counseling in Industry 9th March 2017 Dr. Micah Aiyub, Manager- Training and Development, Infocepts
5 Humanities 2017 Need of Presentation Skills at Workplace 7th April 2017 Mr. Ashish Motwani
6 Humanities 2017 Entrepreneurship Skills and Management 12th August 2017 Mr. Akhil Kasturkar, Entrpreneur, Banking Solution
7 Humanities 2017 How to crack the HR round during placements 23rd September 2017 Mr. Raveesh Jaiswal
8 Humanities 2017 Effective Interview Techniques 31st October 2017 Dr. Micah Aiyub, Manager- Training and Development, Infocepts
9 Humanities 2017 Grammar Skills 28th October 2017 Dr. Vinita Virgandham, Assistant Professor Bhiwapur Mahavidhyalaya
10 Humanities 2017 Grammar Skills 1st November 2017 Dr. Vinita Virgandham, Assistant Professor Bhiwapur Mahavidhyalaya
11 Humanities 2017 Grammar Skills 2nd November 2017 Ms. Jasleen Rihan
12 Humanities 2017 Grammar Skills 3rd November 2017 Ms. Jasleen Rihan
13 Humanities 2018 Social Dynamics of innovation and Technology Development in India 20th January 2018 Dr. Deepmala Baghel
Assistant Professor in Sociology
Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur.
14 Humanities 2018 Introductory German Language 24th January 2018 Mr.Abrar Hasan Khan
15 Humanities 2018 Professional Speaking 31st January 2018 Prof. Mamata Chabriya Priyadarshani College of Engineering, Nagpur
16 Humanities 2018 Stress Management 9th February 2018 Dr. Rajiv Mohta ( Paediatrician) Mohta Children & ENT Hospital
17 Humanities 2018 Interview Techniques 17th February 2018 Dr. Bhumika Agrawal Associate Professor (PIET) Nagpur.
18 Humanities 2018 Role of Counselling in Industries 5th March 2018 Dr. Micah Aiyub (Independent Trainer)
19 Humanities 2018 Stress Management 10th March 2018 Dr. Milli Baby Assistant Professor (VN Institute of Arts and Social Sciences) Nagpur.
20 Humanities 2018 Role of Social Media 21st March 2018 Ms. Mamta Chhabriya (Psychologist)
21 Humanities 2019 Key employability skills for engineering students 18th January 2019 Mr. Hamza Shakir
22 Humanities 2019 Personal Interview Strategies and Resume Making 9th February 2019 Mr. Raveesh Jaiswal, HR CEAT Tyres


SN Department Year Name of the workshop/ seminar Date From – To Link to the Activity report on the website Resource Person
1 Humanities 2018 Workshop on Transactional Analysis 4th April 2018 Dr. Dipti Christian, Principal and Head Department of Psychology, Hislop College, Nagpur
2 Humanities 2018 Introduction to Functional Grammar for Research and Workplace Documentation 16th November 2018 Dr. Deepshikha Mehra and Prof. Pratishruti Singh
3 Humanities 2019 An introductory workshop for Post Graduate students of RCOEM on “Simplifying Writing: Functional Grammar for Research and Professional Use” 6th February 2019 Prof. Pratishruti Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, RCOEM
4 Humanities 2019 Workshop on Interview Skills 5th March 2019 Dr. Micah Aiyub, Independent Consultant and Founder Zion Education


The faculty members of the department are active in the field of research as well. They have completed projects in Environment Research and Literature. They have more than 105 conference presentations to their credit. More than 50 research papers from the department have been published in national and international journals. They have authored 15 books so far.


Dr. V H Asudani

Associate Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 18.0yrs    
Subject Specialization : Not Available

Awards : Dr. V.H.Asudani was conferred with “Best Teacher Writer Award” by RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur on 5th September 2015.For his contribution to the field of Literature. He received the award at the hands of Energy State Minister Mr. Chandrashekhar Bawankule Dr. V.H.Asudani was conferred with National Literary Award for his Sindhi Poetry Book “ Bhun – Bhun” consisting of citation and 50,000/- rupees in cash by National Council for The Promotion of Sindhi Language , New Delhi, in March 2015

Qualification : MA and Ph.D.
Email :

Prof. Akanksha Prafulla Deshpande

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 8.0yrs    
Subject Specialization : MA Clinical Psychology

Qualification : M A and Ph.D. Registered
Email :

Dr. Deepshikha Rajpal Mehra

Assistant Professor & Head of Department

Total Teaching Experience : 10.0yrs     Total Industrial Experience : 12.5yrs
Subject Specialization : Economics Environmental Economics Technical Communication

Achievements : Founded the outreach activity of the College - REEF - an environment club of RCOEM

Awards : Research and Writing Fellowship by School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

Qualification : MA and Ph.D.
Email :

Prof. Monika Ritesh Seth

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 10.0yrs    
Subject Specialization : Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Public Administration, Education and Business Administration.

Achievements : Received an International Honour as the name has been enlisted in prestigious International Publication entitled, “ ASIA/PACIFIC WHO’S WHO” volume XIV published in 2016 for academic achievements.

Awards : 1.Open Merit in H.S.S.C in 1996 2.Highest marks in Economics and Political Science in 1999. 3.1st Merit in M.A Psychology in 2001 4.2nd Merit in M.A. Public Administration in 2012

Qualification : MA and Ph.D.
Email :

Prof. Jasleen Kaur Rihan

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 1.3yrs    
Subject Specialization : Communication Skills

Awards : Rank holder in University Merit List for MA(English Literature)

Qualification : MA (English Literature)
Email :

Department Achievements

Dr. Deepshikha Mehra, was awarded a research and writing fellowship by University of Michigan in 2007. Her Ph.D. was also funded by Indiana University, USA (via. SHODH). Dr. Mehra along with 5 students of RCOEM, received Wirpro international Earthian Award in 2015. It was under the leadership of Dr. Mehra, as Chief Coordinator, that the College Magazine, ARCEON’14 won the 1st prize by RTMNU.

Dr. Vinod H Asudani has been conferred with Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.) by University of South America. D.Litt has been conferred on Dr. Asudani for his significant contribution to the society on the recommendation of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Research Foundation, India. He has received many awards and honours for his contribution to the field of academics, literature and society. Some of them include a place in Limca Book of Records, Nagpur Ratna Award, Sindhu Ratna Award, Yogi Manohar Shiksha Ratna Award, three National Awards for Literature, and Best Teacher Award by RTMNU.

Dr. Monika R. Seth have been appointed as a member on Advisory Board/Reviewer in RET Academy for International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research, (RAIJMR) Gujarat. She scored 88% and was awarded a Silver medal for her performance in the NPTEL course “Soft Skills for Business Negotiations and Marketing Strategies”.

Dr. V H Asudani has won 3 national literary awards besides host of other honours and accolades. He was felicitated by Honourable Sushil Kumar Shinde, then Home Minister of India for his contribution to the field of literature in the Diamond Jubilee Celebration function of Rashtrabhasha Samiti, Wardha held at New Delhi in March 2013. Dr.Asudani was also conferred with Yogi Manohar Shiksha Ratna award in December 2013 by Sunrise Peace Foundation, Nagpur and he received the Best Teacher-Writer award from Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University on 5th September 2015 at the hands of Maharashtra Energy Minister Honourable ChandraShekhar Bawankule. His name is enlisted in 10 national and international who’s who including those of Limca Book of Records from India, 5000 Leaders of the World from USA and International Dictionary of Intellectuals from UK. Dr.Asudani has been nominated on the advisory panel of Central Sahitya Academy, New Delhi and he served as a member on Maharashtra Sindhi Sahitya Academy for a period of 3 years. Despite being a visually challenged since birth, Dr. Asudani has achieved reputation as National level educator, motivator and HRD trainer.

Dr.V.H.Asudani and Dr. Monika R. Seth have been appointed as a member on Advisory Board/Reviewer in RET Academy for International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research, (RAIJMR) Gujarat.

Honourable Sushil Kumar Shende, then Home Minister of India felicitating Dr. Asudani Grand-daughter of Mahatma Gandhi Mrs. Tara Bhattacharya and others look on