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Electronics and Communication

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About Department


To establish the department as a center of excellence in academics and research with advances in the rapidly changing field of Electronics and Communication.


To create stimulating environment for learning and imparting quality technical education to fulfill the needs of industry and society.

The department was set-up in 2001 and twice accredited by AICTE-NBA. Well-equipped laboratories with advanced equipment worth more than Rs. 1.5 crore along with advanced software have helped to achieve excellence in design and research.

The department has gained the distinction of producing merit holders with students appearing among the top ten University rankers. A forum called 'communique' has been set up by the department which provides a platform to the students and staff to showcase their talent through various technical,curricular and co-curricular activities.

Salient features of Department

  1. The department is the first choice of the students in Central India.
  2. Highest placement amongst private institutes in the region.
  3. Excellent academic results with many university rankers/ highest CGPA.
  4. Students have undergone Academic/Industry training in foreign Universities.
  5. Students excel in Professional Examinations.
  6. Students outshine in various sports activities of University / State level.
  7. Alumni have achieved higher position in Multi-National Companies.
  8. Students and the faculty from the Department honoured as “Best Student” and “Best Teacher” by RTM Nagpur University.
  9. State-of-Art infrastructure.
  10. Young, enthusiastic & dedicated staff with research aptitude.
    No of Ph. D.s : 05
    Ph.D. (Pursuing) : 07
  11. Faculty members have to their credit around 200 research publications.
  12. Department has research projects with IIT Bombay, under Government of India's NUP program and FOSSEE project.
  13. Patent has been published on “Remote Monitoring of Energy Meter using Telephone Lines”.
  14. Annual industrial Visits are organized for the students to get first-hand experience of the industry. Department faculty is also tied with various industries for projects.
  15. Career Prospects

    • Graduates can work as technical support engineers,design/research and development engineers, production engineers or service engineers in various fields such as electrical and electronic companies, telecommunications companies, computer hardware or software companies,network companies and many others.

Program Educational Objectives

The programme aims to:
  • Create graduates with basic knowledge of sciences, mathematics and technical expertise with ability to excel in professional career and/or higher education.
  • Develop competent and self motivated professionals with ethical responsibilities.
  • Develop engineers with capability to apply knowledge and evaluate results based on facts, tests, experimentations and research.
  • Inculcate multidisciplinary skills along with leadership and managerial qualities for life-long learning and development.


  • Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
  • Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.
  • Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
  • Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the Information to provide valid conclusions.
  • Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
  • The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
  • Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
  • Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
  • Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  • Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
  • Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
  • Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.


  • Understand basic concepts of Electronics and Communication Engineering and apply them to design functional blocks of Analog and Digital System.
  • Implement effective and appropriate systems in the field of Signal Processing and Communication applications.

Short Term Training Program

The Department of EC of RCOEM organized ISTE approved STTP on “Embedded Systems using Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer” during 3rd oct to 8th oct 2016 More...

Electronics & Communication Engineering Department of RCOEM, organized & conducted a Short Term Training Program on “ FPGA based Digital Design with application to SDR in Cognitive Environment”, from 5th – 9th Oct 2015. More...

Sr. No. Name of Event Date
1. Embedded Systems using Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer 3rd to 8th October 2016
2. FPGA based Digital Design with application to SDR in cognitive Environment 5th to 9th October 2015
3. Advances in coding & communication algorithms and systems 21th to 31st March 2009


Workshops are especially important because they are conducted based on the premise of “learning by doing.” Unlike regular classes where information is presented and explained and discussions ensue to elaborate on that information—not at all a disadvantage, considering many concepts do not possess a physical dimension, although much working with intellectual concepts require ongoing practice—workshops serve a purpose of allowing students to enhancing their skills by actually using those skills and gaining insight through others who are doing the same, and then providing their own insight to others. This is an equal exchange where everyone contributes equally.

A workshop on TANNER EDA Tool and Layout Designing was organized and conducted by Prof. (Mrs) Ankita Harkare for 3rdYear Electronics and Communication Engineering students from 5th to 7th October 2016.The workshop aimed at providing knowledge about VLSI Design to EC students which may help them with their core company placement. The workshop covered wide range of topics right from Introduction to CMOS VLSI Design to Layout Designing. The workshop was received well by the students and was a success. Students suggested conducting more workshops of this kind in future.

EC and EDT Department jointly planned a series of workshops titled “Electronics Learning: A practical approach” for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students of both the departments. Through this series a total of 7 workshops are planned out of which three have successfully conducted. Rest of the workshops will be conducted in coming days. More...

Sr. No.   Topic   Date  
1. PCB design and fabrication 2 nd to 3rd Jan 2017
2. Basics of GNU 29thto 30th Aug 2016
3. Electronic Circuit Design 12thto 13thAug 2016
4. TANNER EDA Tool and Layout Designing 5th to 7th October 2016
5. Communication Systems Development using Arduino Board. 8th,10th,12th Sep. 2016
6. Communication system development using  Arduino board 28th - 30th March 2016
7. Spoken tutorial workshop on python SQL-Java C & C++ 29th Sep  2015 to 1st Oct 2015
8. Scilab Jan 2015
9. Microcontroller based projects and embedded C 9th -10th Jan 2015
10. Libre office in calibration with IIT Mumbai Jan 2015
11. Open office softwaresin collaboration with IIT Mumbai Dec 2015
12. Mechatronics 2nd - 7th Jan 2014

Apart from this, EC department has been regularly conducted workshops on variety of topics like Libre office in calibration with IIT Mumbai ,Open office softwares in collaboration with IIT Mumbai,Scilab Micronics, Ethical Hacking, Line O Botz etc.

A workshop on TANNER EDA Tool
Microcontroller based projects and embedded C


Sr. No.

Name of Event



Electronics system, signal processing and computing technology(ICESC)-2014

9th to 11th Jan 2014


Indian conference on computer vision graphics image and video processing (ICCVGIVP)

13th to 14th March 2009

Industrial Visits

Department of EC organized industrial visit for 3rd year students at Thermal Power Plant- Adani Power Maharashtra ltd, Tiroda on 4th Oct, 2016 . The students were accompanied by Dr. P.K.Parlewar, Prof. B.A.Neole and Prof. D. Khushlani.

3rd year 2nd Shift Students' visit to Adani Thermal Power Plant at Tirora (Gondia) on 04/10/16
3rd year First shift Students' visit to Lokmat India Pvt. Ltd at Nagpur on 28/09/16
3rd year First shift Students' visit to Lokmat India Pvt. Ltd at Nagpur on 28/09/16
Students enjoying Bus journey

Industrial visit to High Tech Transistors also known HTR under the guidance of Prof. Pradip Selokar, which is a leading resistor manufacturer in the world with presence in 35 countries. Students from Third year of EC Department have participated in this Industrial Visit which was held on in February 2015.

3 rd year Students visit to High Tech Resistors

Visit to MSME Expo 2016

The students of III B and ED cell of Electronics and Communication Department visited the MSME Expo 2016 – National Level Vendor Development Program me Cum Industrial Exhibition, which was held at Ramgopal Meheshwari Sabhagruha, Sitabuldi, Nagpur. MSME-Development Institute is headed by Development Commissioner, Micro Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME), Government of India. It is an apex body and a nodal agency for formulating, coordinating and monitoring the policies and programs for promotion and development of Micro Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME). Students interacted with officials of different industries. This interaction will be useful to the students for implementing the theory concepts to product design. Students can be benefited by getting internships, consultancies, product ideas, etc from different industries based in Nagpur. Students were inspired with products displayed such as, E-Funnel system for Bus/Truck, Fencing for farms using Solar Systems, Microprocessor based Bottle filling machine, etc. These concepts can be implemented on small scale as BE project.

Guest Lecture arranged:

Guest Lectures are organized by Expert Academicians, Industrialists and Alumni on a wide range of topics like Advanced Arm Architecture, Embedded Systems using Single board computer, Wavelet based image processing application, Recent trends in communication technology, Java C/ C++, Aptitude development, Higher studies, Career opportunities in telecom management, Wireless sensor network GRE ,M.S. ,higher education abroad and visa process, Microcontroller and its innovative application, Antenna design and Microwave engineering, Digital filters, Financial planning for young investors, Mobile communication, Handwriting analysis and graphology, Indian product companies challenges and opportunities, VoIP, Scalable video coding using wavelet technology, ISDN Network, Broadband communication etc.


  • The faculty has published around 150 papers in international journals and presented papers in national and international conferences. They have the distinction of being nominated as reviewers for international journals and conferences.

Dr. Sanjay B Pokle


Total Teaching Experience : 21.0yrs     Total Industrial Experience : 3.0yrs

Subject Specialization : Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Optical Communication, Satellite Communication

Awards : Best paper award received

Qualification : M.Tech and Ph.D.
Email :

Dr. Rajesh B Raut

Associate Professor & Head of Department

Total Teaching Experience : 19.2yrs    

Subject Specialization : Image Processing, Signals & Systems, Control System Engg.

Qualification : MTech and Ph.D.
Email :

Dr. Pallavi Keshavrao Parlewar

Associate Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 14.4yrs    

Qualification : M.Tech and Ph.D.
Email :

Dr. Mridula Shrirang Korde

Associate Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 15.0yrs     Total Industrial Experience : 2.0yrs

Subject Specialization : Communication Electronics, Digital Communication, Mobile communication, Fields and Radiating Systems

Qualification : M.Tech and Ph.D.
Email :

Prof. Vipul Sureshrao Lande

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 10.0yrs     Total Industrial Experience : 1.0yrs

Subject Specialization : DSP, DIP, Embedded Systems

Qualification : M.Tech and Ph.D. Registered
Email :

Prof. Bhumika Amit Neole

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 9.5yrs    

Qualification : M.Tech and Ph.D. Registered
Email :

Prof. Dipak Jayant Dahigaonkar

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 21.0yrs    

Subject Specialization : Electronic devices

Achievements : Patent - 01 no. book published - 01

Qualification : M.Tech and Ph.D. Registered
Email :

Prof. Pradeep Ram Selokar

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 8.5yrs    

Subject Specialization : Electronic Devices & Circuits, Electromagnetic Fields, Embedded Systems

Qualification : M.Tech and Ph.D. Registered
Email :

Prof. Prasanna Prakash Deshpande

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 13.0yrs    

Subject Specialization : Analog/Linear Electronic Circuits and Devices, Instrumentation & Control etc.

Qualification : M.Tech and Ph.D. Registered
Email :

Prof. Anish Goel

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 7.0yrs    

Subject Specialization : Embedded Systems and Computer architecture.

Qualification : M.S
Email :

Prof. Deepak gurmukh Khushalani

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 5.0yrs    

Subject Specialization : VLSI, MEMS

Qualification : M.Tech and Ph.D. Registered
Email :

Prof. Puja Shankarlal Agrawal

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 8.0yrs     Total Industrial Experience : 2.1yrs

Subject Specialization : Image Processing, Embedded Systems

Qualification : M.Tech. and Ph.D. Registered
Email :

Prof. Nishant Madhukar Borkar

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 8.0yrs    

Subject Specialization : Electromagnetic fields, Signal Processing

Qualification : M.Tech
Email :

Prof. Divya Dinesh Shrivastava

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 5.0yrs    

Subject Specialization : VLSI

Qualification : M.Tech
Email :


Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 13.0yrs    

Subject Specialization : Digital Signal Processing, Wireless Communication, Digital Communication

Qualification : M-Tech and Ph.D.
Email :

Prof. Ajinkya P Nilawar

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 4.0yrs     Total Industrial Experience : 1.1yrs

Subject Specialization : Image Processing,Signal Processing

Qualification : ME and Ph.D. Registered
Email :

Prof. Ashlesh A Jaiswal

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 3.6yrs     Total Industrial Experience : 4.0yrs

Subject Specialization : Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, Biomedical Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Avionics, Pattern Recognition

Qualification : M.A.Sc.(EE)
Email :

Prof. Prasheel N Thakare

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 3.0yrs    

Subject Specialization : Analog and Digital VLSI

Awards : Best paper award in national conference

Qualification : M.Tech
Email :

Prof. Manoj Rupchand Sarve

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 2.0yrs    

Subject Specialization : Signal Processing

Qualification : M.Tech
Email :

Prof. Ankita Hitesh Harkare

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 2.0yrs     Total Industrial Experience : 2.2yrs

Subject Specialization : VLSI, MEMS

Qualification : Master of Technology
Email :

Prof. Vishwas Vijay Balpande

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 5.0yrs    

Subject Specialization : Digital VLSI

Qualification : M.Tech
Email :

Prof. Piyush M Asolkar

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 3.5yrs    

Subject Specialization : Digital Signal and Image Processing, Machine Learning, Underwater acoustics.

Qualification : M. E. and Ph.D. Registered
Email :

Prof. Sanket Bhupalsangai Kasturiwala

Assistant Professor


Qualification :
Email :

Prof. Bhagyashree V Lad

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 1.0yrs    

Subject Specialization : Image Processing

Qualification : M.Tech
Email :

Prof. Sampada Mangesh Apte

Assistant Professor

Total Teaching Experience : 3.0yrs     Total Industrial Experience : 2.2yrs

Subject Specialization : Data base Management , Data Structures

Awards : “ORACLE CERTIFIED ASSOCIATE” “ARM-GRID" CERTIFICATION 15th Merit in 10th Board exams 1st Topper at the M.E (W.C.C)

Qualification : M.E Wireless Communication and Computing
Email :

Students Society, Students Achievements, Students Chapter.

Students Society
Students Achievements

Students of EC department are members of various college bodies such as Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell), Professional chapters like IEEE, Robotics Club, Student Representative Council (SRC) and College Clubs, NSS, REEF etc.

Participation in inter-institute events by students of the program

SN Date Name of Students Semester Recognition/Awards Received, if any
1 05/06/15 Aditya Kharatadkar 5(B) Training at BSNL
2 08/06/15 Udgaar Srivastav 5(B) Training at WEBEL SOLAR
3 29/06/15 Udgaar Srivastav 5(B) Training at FIAT
4 11/05/15 Sneha Aradhey 7(A) Training at Unique Automation
5 11/05/15 Shrutika Dixit 7(A) Training at Unique Automation
6 20/07/15 Shubham Gajbhiye 7(A) Training at Sterling
7 20/07/15 Varun Karade 7(B) Training at Sterling
15 6/9/2015 Ishan Bhojak 7(A) The Climber
16 11/09/2015 Ishan Bhojak 7(A) Colosseum15
17 26/09/2015 Ishan Bhojak 7(A) G H Raisoni Oratory Competition
18 29/9/2015 Ishan Bhojak 7(A) DMPDSVM
19 03/10/2105 Ishan Bhojak 7(A) Vision Group, Nagpur
20 7/10/2015 Ishan Bhojak 7(A) Seth Kesarimal Porwal
21 10/01/16 Ishan Bhojak 8(A) Lotus Cultural
22 29/01/2016 Ishan Bhojak 8(A) Polaris 16
23 25/12/2015 Vasudha Potdar 3(B) WAD-UG-16 NIT
24 15-16 Vasudha Potdar 3(B) NSS
25 1/1/16 Tarun Balwani 4(B) WAD, RCOEM
26 1/1/16 Gauri Pande 4(b) WAD, RCOEM
27 17/3/2016 Mahika khare 4(b) SPANDAN, 2016
28 17/3/2016 Akshay Bayas 4(a) SPANDAN, 2016

Departments Achievements

  • Dr. S. B. Pokle was invited as an Expert for Ph.D. progress seminars in Electronics Engineering Dept. at M.P. Institute of Engineeringand Technology, Gondia, on 17th December 2016.
  • Prof. P.P.Deshpande and Dr. R.S.Pande presented a paper titled “MEMS RESONATOR DESIGN AND SIMULATION FOR 2.4 GHZ” in “ISSS National Conference on MEMS, Smart Materials, Structures and Systems” held on September 28-30, 2016 at IIT Kanpur.

International Journal

Sr. No Name of the Author Name(s) of the Co-Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal ISSN No./DOI, vol., Iss., pp. Month and Year of Publication Impact Factor SCI/ Scopus/ICI Unpaid/Paid
1 Vidya dahake   Analysis of Replacement policies of cache mamory PARIPEX-INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH ISSN NO:2250-1991 VOL:5 ISSUE:11 NOV 2016 5.215 ICI PAID
2 Vaijayanti Panse   Transient Fault Injection in 4 bit Ripple Carry Adder using Random Sequence Generator IOSR Journal of VLSI and Signal Processing (IOSR-JVSP) e-ISSN: 2319 – 4200, p-ISSN No. : 2319 – 4197 Volume 6, Issue 5, Ver. II (Sep. - Oct. 2016), PP 22-27 SEP-OCT 2016 1.359   PAID

International Conference

Sr. No Name of the Author Name(s) of the Co-Author Title of the Paper Name of the Conference ISSN No./DOI, vol., Iss., pp. Place Dates of Conference SCI/ Scopus/ICI/IEEE etc.
1 P. R. Selokar   Firmware Upgradation of ARM7 through communication Link (via UART over CAN) International Conference on Signal Processing, Communication, Power and Embedded Systems (SCOPES-2016) ISBN: CFP16H12-PRT/978-1-5090-4619-5 Copyright: “978-1-5090-4620-1/16/$31.00 @2016 IEEE” Paralakhemundi, Orissa, India 3rd - 5th October, 2016 IEEE  
2 Dr.S.B. Pokle Janki Mandlekar Implementation of OFDM based wireless Communication System on GNU-Radio Platform- An Overview International Conference on Advanced Trends In Engineering, Science & Humanities (ICATESH-2016) ISBN 978-93-81693-07-5 J.L. College of Engineering, Nagpur 15-17 Dec.2016 IRD India  
3 Dr.S.B. Pokle B.M. Hardas Statistical Maximum Value Distribution Approach for Optimization of             Peak to Average Power Ratio in Wireless Communication System International Conference on                Intelligent Computing and Applications (ICICA 2016)   D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Pune and IRD India, 20-22 Dec.2026 IRD India
4 Prof. Anish Goel  K.Chaudhari FPGA Implementation of a Novel Technique for Selective Image Encryption 2nd International Conference on Frontiers of Signal Processing ISBN 978-1-5090-3814-5 Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland 15-17th Oct. 2016 IEEE
5 Prof. Anish Goel K. Chaudhari Median Based Pixel Selection for Partial Image Encryption 6th International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications   University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland 12-15th Dec. 2016 IEEE & EURASIP

Prof. Anish Goel presenting paper at Finland

List of Proposals Submitted by Department(AICTE/DST/DRDO…)

Sr.No Date of Application Name of the Department Name of the Proposal Agency Name of the Coordinator Amount in Rs
1 27 Dec.2016 EC Extra Mural Research Funding  Tiltle: Design and development of Reconfigurable Antenna for MIMO based Wireless Communication System. SERB- DST   PI- Dr. S.B.  Pokle   Co-PI -Prof. D. Khushlani 3842000
2 25 Nov.2016 EC "Drowsy Driver Detection and Alert" Rajiv Gandhi Science and technology comission Principal  Investigator:  Dr. Pallavi  Parlewar Co PI: Prof. Bhumika Neole  Rs.7 Lakhs/-
3 25 Nov.2016 EC Analysis of microarray images for genetic studies Rajiv Gandhi Science and technology comission Principal Investigator: Prof. Snehal Laddha Co PI: Dr. Pallavi Parlewar Rs.6 Lakhs/-  
4 25 Nov.2016 EC Smart Vehicle System Rajiv Gandhi Science and technology comission Principal  Investigator:  Prof. Bhumika Neole Co PI: Dr. S. B. Pokle Rs.6.5 Lakhs/-


  • Prof. (Mrs.) Ankita Harkare received a consultancy order of Rs 60000/- for “design and development of On-board 4 digit special purpose LED displays” by Signtronics, Pune on 30th Nov.2016.

Guest Lectures

Sr.No Name of the Department Topic of Guest Lecture Date Name of the Expert, Designation and Organization Targeted Students (2nd/3rd/Final yr.)
1 EC (ED-Cell) Importance of Entrepreneurship 2nd Sept 2016 Prof. M.R. Jain, Industrial Department, RCOEM, Nagpur 2nd year
2 EC Intricacies of Advanced ARM Architecture 6th Sept 2016 Dr. K.M. Bhurchandi 4th Year
3 EC Recent Trends in VLSI Design 7th Oct 2016 Prof. A.Yadav, Assistant Professor, SBJITMR, Nagpur 3rd Year
4 EC Mobile Communication and Recent trends in Industry 7th Sep 2016 Mr. Lochan Keote, Subdivisonal Engineer , BSNL, Nagpur 3rd Year

Sr.No Name of the Faculty Topic of Guest Lecture Date Name of the Organization Targeted Students (2nd/3rd/Final yr.)
1 Prof. Anish Goel "Dynamic Power Analysis for FPGA Based Design and Image Acquisition using Text I/O in VHDL" 25th Nov. 2016 Department of Electronics Engineering, RCOEM, Nagpur. Mtech Students and Faculties
2 Prof. AnishGoel "IoT with Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer" 25th Nov. 2016 CSE &ETC department, GHRIET, Nagpur. Mtech Students and Faculties
3 Prof.(Mrs) A.H.Harkare Trends in FPGA/CPLD Design 23rd Sept 2016 SBJITMR Final Year
4 Prof. Anish Goel Higher Education Opportunities Abroad 30th Aug. 2016 Suresh Deshmukh College of Engineering, Wardha 2,3 and 4th year students

Interaction with Outside World:

  1. Team of 8 Members of Electronics and Communication Department Comprising of 5 faculties and 3 students were invited as resource person for ISTE Approved Short Term Training Program on “FPGA Based Digital System Design with Application: Learning by Doing” Organized by Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Deogiri Institute of Engineering and Management Studies, Aurangabad, 20-25 June 2016.
  2. IEEE Pune section has organized an IEEE student awareness contest-2015 on 23rd sept. 2015. Two Student teams of EC department had participated in the contest at Pune and they received two prizes viz, 1st prize of Rs. 10,000/- & 2nd prize of Rs. 7000/-. Each group also provided support fund of Rs. 450/- and travel grant of Rs. 1000/.
  3. Many of the faculty members of the department are regularly invited for delivering expert lectures, as session chair for National and International conferences etc.
  4. Students of the department are going for Internship project under the RGSTC-TIFAC scheme.
  5. RCOEM students attended a short course on Computer Networking at Northumbria University, Newcastle, U.K. from 20th May to 27th May 2015 conducted by Prof. Mike Fitzgerald. The complete tour was organized and coordinated by Prof. Anish Goel from EC department.
  6. RCOEM students visited UMASS Lowell, USA in June 2012 and undertook training on VLSI by a team of experienced resource persons headed by Prof. Kanti Prasad. Prof. Nitin Narkhede from EC department RCOEM organized and coordinated the complete tour.
    Faculty & Students also visited “Sjywork Solution limited”, Boston, Loweell & “Nuclear Reactor Station” at UMASS, Lowel during the visit


  • Department has received Rs. 15 Lakhs under MODROB from AICTE.
  • Department has received a grant of 1.25 lakhs for ICCVGIVP 2009 from AICTE.
  • Deapartment has received a grant of 1 lakh for ICCVGVIP -2009 from department of Information Technology, Govt of India.
  • Deapartment has received a grant of Rs. 90,000/- from ISTE for STTP on “Advances in Coding and Communication: Algorithms and systems.”


The EC department successfully completed consultancy guided by Prof. Prasheel Thakre on project titled “50W LED Driver” with grant of Rs. 25,000/- by Rayon Illuminations & energy solutions Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad.


  1. Students of the department have generated and published SCILAB coding book titled, ‘Modern Digital & Analog Communication System’ under the guidance of faculty. This book is available for download at run/137
  2. Prior to autonomy, our students regularly brought Laurels to the department by securing top university ranks.


  1. Students participate in Intra-college and Inter-College, State level, National, International level Sports, literary and cultural Events and have secured top positions.
  2. Electronics and Communication department has many active NSS volunteers.
  3. Department was awarded with first Runner up Branch Cup in ‘RCOEM Annual Cultural Fest Pratishruti’ in 2014-15. It won Badminton cup both for men and women in event Pratishruti. Department also won the Pratishruti Branch Cup 2013 and Pratishruti Placement Cup in 2012.

Industry – Industries Visited By Faculty on 13th, 14th and 15th March, 2014. 

  1. Graham Blowpack pvt ltd, Daman Industrial Area, Nani Daman, Daman – 396210
  2. Nilkamal Limited, Vasona,  Silvassa (UT of D&NH)
  3. M Cables ltd, (Usha Martin), Survey No. 1/1/3, Chinchpada, Silvassa – 396 230
  4. International Packaging Products Pvt ltd, Survey No. 380/2, Dapada, Silvassa.
  5. Baumer Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Plot No. 34, Phase I, Gujrat Industrial Development Corporation, Vapi – 396 195 (Gujrat) .

The above mentioned industries have promised to carry out at their premises Internship to our students, Visit of the students during Summer/Winter vacation, Mentoring  UG/PG Students’ projects.

Sponsored Research Projects
S.No. Financial Year Name of Faculty (Principal Investigator) Name of the Funding agency Title of the Project Sanctioned date Amount Received(In Rupees)
1 2015-16 1. Dr. R.D.Raut Amitec Electronics Ltd, New Delhi, India Design of PSK systems in Cognitive Environment 04 April, 2016 Technical Support
2. Dr. R.D.Raut Amitec Electronics Ltd, New Delhi, India Design of FM System in Cognitive Environment 5 April, 2016 Technical Support
3. Prof. V.S. Lande Unique Automation Pvt., Ltd., Nagpur Design & building of high resolution Digital Voltmeter & Ammeter 11th May, 2015 to 11th July 2015 Rs. 20000/-
4. Prof. V.S. Lande Sterling Education Systems, Hingna, MIDC, Nagpur Computer Controlled Distillation Unit 12th May, 2015 to 11th July 2015 Rs. 20000/-


2013-14 Dr. R.D.Raut Inotek Antenna Pvt., Ltd. Design of Automatic Multifrequency selective Antenna   Technical Support


Sr.No Name of the Laboratory Special Features
1 Microprocessor & Electronic Workshop Laboratory Lab View Software (Batch :M73X90641 ,10 -User) Multisim software ver-10 PCB Manifacturing Equipment
2 Fundamentals of Communication Engineering & Digital Communication Laboratory Antenna Trainer ,Digital Storage Oscilloscope ,GSM Trainer, GPS Trainer ,COMMSIM-7 software,5-user Spectrum Analyzer 3.3Ghz with Tracking Generator MSA338TG LAN Trainer LAN-T-LAN Satellite Communication Trainer ,CDMA/DSS Trainer and mix signal WICOMM-T Trainer ,ISDN Trainer office Trainer Model:FALCON B-LINK-4 ANSYS Academic Teaching, HFSS package, 5-user, Fiber Optical Trainer, Network Simulator(Academic Version 7.1 ) 10-user, Satellite Communication Trainer
3 Project & Analog Circuit Laboratory Blue Tooth Trainer CDMA Trainer Digital Oscilloscope -100Mhz EDA Tanner Tool KEIL compiler, 10 user.
4 Electronics Devices & Electronic Circuits Laboratory Lab Veiw single user ORCAD: Orcad capture, Orcad Pspice AD, Orcad PCB editor, Spectra Router 5 User NI Elvis/ PCI-6251 Bundle
5 UHF & Digital Logic Design Laboratory 150MHz, 1GSA-1MB, Mixed signal Oscilloscope DSO-100MHz, Two Channel 1G/S DSO-100MHz, 400MSa/S, 2+16 channel Spectrum Analyzer 1 GHz Model No. HM5012-2 Gunn based Microwave bench MIC trainer kit Klystron based microwave bench LCD Projector and Screen Klystron based microwave bench Doppler RADAR Trainer kit Klystron based microwave bench
6 Digital System Design – HDL Laboratory & EC-Computer Center

Microprocessor & Electronic Workshop Laboratory
Fundamentals of Communication Engineering & Digital Communication Laboratory
Project & Analog Circuit Laboratory
Electronics Devices & Electronic Circuits Laboratory
UHF & Digital Logic Design Laboratory
Digital System Design – HDL Laboratory & EC-Computer Center

Placement Record

Training & Placement

Electronics & Communication engineering (E&C) department has the best placement track since inception. Every year various IT, Core & Dream companies conducts campus placement drive for final year students in their VII & VIII Semester. Almost every year many E&C students grab multiple offers in campus placement drive.


Some companies also offers paid internships in Industries during their final year in which students are getting stipend ranging from 10000 to 20000 per month and offers future career for these students. The objective of the internship scheme is to offer firsthand field experience to the students and enhance the employability.

The Campus Placement Details of the E&C Department are as follows:

Electronics & Communication Engineering Placement Status Year Companies Visited Average Package offered in Lakhs Total Offers Students with at-least one or more offers in hand Students Appeared for Campus Placement Placement % (Students Placed)
IT Core IT Core Total



3.16 LPA*








3.28 LPA





2014 (Shift I & II )



3.45 LPA





2015 (Shift I & II )



3.70 LPA





2016 (Shift I & II)



 3.99 LPA





2017 (Shift I & II) Passing Year



4.4 LPA





Job Offers in Campus Placement:
Session 2016-17

  Job Offers Shift I & II
  Total Job Offers 169
Students with at-least one or more offers in hand 98
Students with 5 job offers 3
Students with 4 job offers 3
Students with 3 job offers 8
Students with 2 jobs offers 34
Students with 1 Job offer 50

Company Names & Offers to Electronics & Communication Engineering Students
Session 2016-17

Sr. No. Company Name Career Offers to E&C Students
Shift I & II
1 Accenture 63
2 Infosys 38
3 Wipro 20
4 L&T Technology Services 17
5 SoCtronics 7
6 Tech Mahindra 6
7 iNautix 5
8 Capgemini 4
9 Amdocs 2
10 Home First Finance Company 1
11 Ideas91 1
12 Infocepts 1
13 L&T Infotech 1
14 SoftLink International Pvt. Ltd. 1
15 Tecture Inc 1
16 21CenturyWeb 1

Placement and Higher Studies

Electronics & Communication Engineering students have best placement track record throughout the start of the department till date. Many students have bagged multiple offers from IT, Core and Dream Companies. Recruiters offer a good average starting package for these students as shown above. Many students also opt for higher studies at reputed institutes in India and abroad. Some alumnus of the department also run their own firms & organizations. Most of the alumnus of the department are presently holding higher positions and ranks in their current organization in India and abroad.

Our Recruiters


We have strong ties with Alumni. Good alumni relations benefit alumni as well as the institution. Today, alumni relations are an important part of an institution's advancement activities for many reasons: Alumni are an institution's most loyal supporters. Alumni are great role models for current students and are often well placed to offer practical support to students as they start their careers.

Entrepreneur Alumni

S.No. Name of the Alumni Entrepreneur Graduating year of Alumni Name of the company incubated
1 Sarang Kuthe 2006 ASAP TECH. SOLUTION
2 Ankur Gupta 2007 Two Minds Technology Pvt Ltd
3 Rahul Kothari 2007 Atlantis Engineers (Construction Business)
4 Gaurav 2007 Toast Outlets
5 Yusuf Lohewala 2010 Distributorship
6 Saurabh Agrawal Rajesh 2011 Partnership Business
7 Akash Hashia 2014 Avanti Learning Center
8 Gulshan Jain Kishor 2014 Owner of Firm
9 Adnan Ali 2007 Attrait Solutions
10 Rohit Gupta 2007 Attrait Solutions
11 Manish Gidwani 2007 Bloom Consulting Services
12 Suraj Motwani 2009 Entrepreneur - Mill/ Factory
13 Rishi Gupta 2009 Entrepreneur/ Skill Trainer
14 Pranav C Aloni 2012 Laser Automation & Engineer
15 Hanza Abid Husain Shakir 2013 Hardware and Toll Centre

Alumni Interaction through Video Conferencing

Prof. (Mrs) AnkitaHarkare organized an interactive session with the Alumni for 2nd Year Electronics and Communication Engineering students on 1st October 2016.