Electrical Engineering

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Research Center

The department of Electrical Engineering is approved as Research Centre by RashtrasantTukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University.

List of RTMNU Approved Supervisors for Doctoral Studies:

Sr. No Name of Faculty Qualification Designation Area of Interest
Dr. S. B. Bodkhe PhD (EE), M.Tech (IPS),
B.E. (EE)
Professor Electrical Machines & Drives
Dr. M. V. Palandurkar PhD (EE), M.Tech (EE),
B.E. (EE)
Asst. Professor Power System

List of Faculty Members with PhD:

Sr. No Name of Faculty Qualification Designation Area of Interest
1 Dr. V. T. Barhate PhD, M.Tech(IPS) HOD Microprocessors, Computer Methods in Power System Analysis, Processor Application in power Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks.
2 Dr. S. B. Bodkhe PhD (EE), M.Tech (IPS),
B.E. (EE)
Professor Electrical Machines & Drives
3 Dr. S. D. Naik PhD (EE), M.Tech (IPS),
B.E. (E&P)
Associate Professor Power System Analysis, Voltage Stability, Control Systems
4 Dr.U.B.Mujumdar PhD (EE), M.E. By Research
B.E. (E&P)
Associate Professor Renewable Energy Source, Digital Electronic & Microprocessors
5 Dr.(Mrs.).S.H.Deshmukh PhD (EE), M.Tech (IPS),
B.E. (E&P)
Assistant Professor Power Quality & Drives, Electrical Machines Electrical Machine Design.
6 Dr.(Mrs.).V.A.Huchche PhD (EE), M.Tech (IPS),
B.E. (E&P)
Assistant Professor Power Electronics & Drives Power System Engineering, Control System
7 Dr. (Mrs) M. V. Palandurkar PhD (EE), M.Tech (Power System),
B.E. (E&P)
Assistant Professor Power Electronics & Drives, Power System Engineering, Energy Storage
8 Dr.(Mrs.).S.C.Rangari PhD (EE), M.Tech (IPS),
B.E. (E&P)
Assistant Professor Power Electronics & Drives, Electrical Machines.
9 Dr.(Mrs.).P.A.Salodkar PhD (EE), M.Tech (IPS),
B.E. (E&P)
Assistant Professor Renewable Energy Source in Power Electronic Application, Power System Engineering
10 Dr. G.N.Goyal Ph.D, M.Tech (PEPS), BE ( Electrical & Electronics) Assistant Professor Power Electronics & Drives
11 Dr. (Mrs) P. V. Kapoor Ph.D, M.Tech (EPS), BE ( E&P) Assistant Professor Power Electronics

List of Patent

Sr. No. Name of Inventor Name of the Patent published/awarded Year of Filing/ Publishing/ Award Status  
1 Dr. G. C. Jaiswal
Dr. D. R. Tutakne
Dr. M. M. Renge Dr. M. S. Ballal Dr. H. M. Suryavanshi
Remote Condition Monitoring System for Distribution Transformer (RCMS_DT) 2020 Patent Granted  
2 Dr. V. T. Barhate Mr. Sudarshan Khond A system and method for Generator Protection against Power Swing 2021 Published  
3 Dr. V. T. Barhate False Trip Prevention of Transformer Due to Inrush Current 2020 Filed  
4 Dr. U. B. Mujumdar Mr. Rajneesh Shendre Mr. Mahneesh Mahale Solid State Devices Based Secondary Current Injection Technique for Testing of Earth Leakage Relay 2019 Published  
5 Prof. P. R. Sawarkar
Dr. V. T. Barhate
Construction of variable voltage, variable frequency alternating voltage from DC series connected ultra capacitors 2018 Published  
6 Prof. P. R. Sawarkar
Dr. S. G. Tarnekar,
Prof. J. G. Chaudhari
Mr. P. P. Kose
Ultra-Low-Frequency Low-Power Oscillator using a Charged Ultra-Capacitor 2016 Published  
7 Prof. P. R. Sawarkar
Dr. S. G. Tarnekar,
Prof. J. G. Chaudhari
Mr. P. P. Kose
Ultra-low-frequency low-power oscillator using an ultra-capacitor and an advanced flywheel 2016 Published  
8 Dr. D. R. Tutakne
Ms. Komal Ambhorkar
Soft Start High Power factor PWM controlled Variable voltage 3 phase Induction Motor Drive 2015 Filed  
9 Dr. D. R. Tutakne Combined excitation angle & PWM controlled three phase induction motor drive 2015 Filed  
10 Dr. M. M. Renge Dr. S. P. Muley R. V. Adle Single stage drive for 3-phase solar pump   Published  
11 Prof. P. R. Sawarkar Dr. S. B. Bodkhe Dr. S. G. Tarnekar Reducing Charging/ Discharging Time for Super Capacitor Banks by Controlled Series/ Parallel Connections 2012 Published  

List of Copyrights

Sr. No. Name of Author(s) Designation of Author(s) Title of the work Class of the work Status of the work (In Process/Published)
1 Dr. T. G. Arora Associate Professor Fuzzy logic based life estimation of induction motors under non-sinusoidal voltage and current waveforms Literary In process
2 Dr. V. T. Barhate Associate Professor Adoptive Combined Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for Enhancement of Reliability in Transformer Protection Literary In process
3 Dr. S. B. Bodkhe Professor Speed- Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Drive- A Comparative study Literary Published
4 Dr. S. H. Deshmukh Assistant Professor AC/AC & DC/DC Converter and its Application Literary Published
5. Dr. G. Goyal Assistant Professor Analysis and Performance of Inverter Topology for Multi Phase Induction Motor Drives Literary In process
6. Dr. M. V. Palandurkar Assistant Professor Replacement of flywheel of the Process with appropriate Electric Drive Literary Published
7. Dr. P. A. Salodkar Assistant Professor Some Syudies on Single Phase Multilevel Inverter Topologies for PV Application Literary Published
8. Dr. S. C. Rangari Assistant Professor Performance Evaluation of Five Phase Induction Motor Drive with Fault Tolerant Scheme Literary Published
9. Dr. P. M. Khadke Assistant Professor Relaying Algorithms for FSC compensated EHV Transmission system Literary In process
10. Dr. P. A. Salodkar Asst. Prof Intoduction to Electric Drives and control ppt In Process
11. Dr. P. A. Salodkar Asst. Prof EHVAC and HVDC Transmission video In Process
12. Dr. S. B. Bodkhe Professor Speed- Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Drive- A Comparative study Literary In Process
13. Dr. S H Deshmukh Assistant Prof Single phase Transformer Literary In Process
14. Uday B. Mujumdar Associate Professor Power Converter for Photovoltaic based Distributed Generation System Literary Process

Faculty Publications

Sr. No. Year International / National Journal International / National Conference Total
1 2020-21 05 04 9
2 2019-20 30 04 34
3 2018-19 15 04 19
4 2017-18 11 31 42
5 2016-17 05 31 36
6 2015-16 05 23 28
7 2014-15 08 21 29

Publications in 2020-21

Sr.No. Names of the Authors Name of Co-Authors Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Month & year of Publication ISSN No. in case of journals and ISBN no. in case of books/DOI Date of Publication
1 Archana Talhar Sanjay Bodkhe Implementation and Investigation of Net Metering IEEE Industry Applications Magazine 10.1109/MIAS.2020.2981100 (SCIE) July/August 2020
2 Dr.S.D.Naik Pranav Wankhede Voltage stability and power quality studies on transmission line model for linear load International Journal of advanced science and technology 2005-4238 (Scopus) July 2020
3 Sonali Rangari 1. Gunwanti Shende 2. Mohan. M. Renge CMOS-NAND Based Gate Driver Card of IGBT for Fault Diagnosis in VSI International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE), ISSN: 2278-3075, DOI: 10.35940/ijitee.J7583.0891020, Volume-9 Issue-10 (Scopus) August 2020
4. Priya Gaikwad 2. Rohan Khonde 3. Sandeep Gaigowal 4. Manisha Gaikwad d-q Control Scheme for Unified Power Flow Controller Journal of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology D.O.I - 10.51201/12520Volume 22 - Issue 12 – 2020, ISSN:1007-6735 December 2020
5. Apeksha Jamodkar Dr. S. C. Rangari, Prof. M. B. Gaikwad Zero Crossing Detector Based Dual Mode DC-DC Converter Zeichen International Journal ISSN No: 0932-4747, 15.10089.ZJ.2021, Vol. 7, Issue 6,PP 405-414 June 2021
6 Dr S H Deshmukh 1. Dr. P. V. Kapoor 2. Dr. D. R. Tutakne Z-source DC- DC Converter for low power application in Micro grid operation International Journal of Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications (Special issue ) Volume 13, Issue 12, Dec 2020
7 Ms. Archana Talhar Dr. S. B. Bodkhe, Load Scheduling with Combinations of Existing Tariff Structure for Residential Consumers in Maharashtra, India—Case Study Springer book of Proc. of Int. Conf. on Recent Trends in Machine Learning, IoT, Smart Cities and Applications Date of Publication: 15th Nov., 2020 ISBN 978-981-15-7233-3; ISBN 978-981-15-7234-0 (eBook)
8 Archana Talhar Dr. S. B. Bodkhe Proposed Electricity Tariff Model for Residential Consumers in Maharashtra IEEE PEDES 2020 16th- 19th Dec 2020 978-1-7281-5672-9, 978-1-7281-5673-6
9 Dr. G. N. Goyal Regenerative Braking in BLDC Motor For E-Rickshaw Application using
International Conference on Energy & Environment (ICEE2K21) 25.06.2021 to 26.06.2021