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Electrical Engineering

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Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory High Voltage Laboratory
Electrical Machine Laboratory Computer Laboratory
PLC Laboratory Energy Research Centre
Project Laboratory High Voltage Laboratory

Lab Investment till March 2023

Sr. No. Name of Laboratory Amount (Rs.)
1 Electrical Machines laboratory ₹ 12,94,445.00
2 Basic Electrical Engineering laboratory ₹ 14,07,931.00
3 Electrical Measurements laboratory ₹ 7,28,230.00
4 Switch Gear and Protection laboratory ₹ 11,40,082.00
5 Power Electronics laboratory ₹ 8,27,334.56
6 High Voltage laboratory ₹ 23,97,200.00
7 Electrical Workshop ₹ 2,77,878.00
8 Control System laboratory ₹ 4,20,320.00
9 Network Analysis laboratory ₹ 4,44,338.00
10 Microprocessor & Interfacing laboratory ₹ 4,09,164.00
11 Project laboratory ₹ 14,45,135.00
12 Computer Facilities laboratory ₹ 37,03,838.00
13 PLC and SCADA laboratory ₹ 4,86,455.00
14 IOT laboratory ₹ 2,64,832.00
15 Research laboratory ₹ 49,24,745.00
16 Advanced Power Electronics laboratory ₹ 2,10,530.00
17 Advanced Drive laboratory ₹ 10,45,573.00
TOTAL ₹ 2,14,28,031.00

Laboratory Details

Sr. No. Name of the Laboratory Name of the Important Equipment Total Lab Investment
2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
UG Laboratories
1 Electrical Machines Laboratory DC Motor # DC Generator Set (5HP, 220 V, 1500 RPM) # (3kW, 220 V, 1500 RPM) 1138078.9 1281473.1 1294445
3-Ph Induction Motor # 3-Ph Alternator Set (440V, 2HP,1500 RPM # 1.5 kVA, 1500 RPM)
Synchronous Motor # D.C. Generator Set (440V, 3HP, 1500 RPM # 1kW, 220V,1500 RPM)
Induction Motor 3PH, Squirrel Cage (440 V, 1HP, 1500 RPM)
Scharge Motor # D.C. Generator Set, (440V, 7.5HP, 660-2200RPM # 5.5kW, 220V)
DC Shunt Motor # Alternator Set, (5HP, 220V,1500RPM # 3ph., 3.5kVA, 440V)
3-Ph Induction Motor # D.C. Generator Set (5HP, 440V, 1440 RPM # 3kW, 220V)
D.C. Shunt Motor # Induction Generator Set (5HP, 220V, 1500 RPM # 440V, 1500 RPM)
3 phase Slip Ring Induction Motor (5HP, 1425 RPM)
D.C. Shunt Motor # Alternator set (7.5HP, 220V,1500 RPM # 3PH, 5kVA, 440V)
Synchronous Motor # D.C. Shunt Generator Set (3HP, 1500RPM # 2kW 220V,1500RPM)
Synchronous Motor # Shunt Generator set (3HP # 2kW, 220V)
DC Shunt Motor # Alternator (10 HP, 220 V, 35 A) # (7.5 kVA, 440/230 V)
Synchronous motor, # DC Shunt Generator (3 Ph, 3HP, 1500 RPM) # (2 kW, 220V, 1500 RPM)
Synchronous Motor # Shunt Generator (3ph, 3 HP) # (2 kW, 220 V)
DC Motor # DC Generator (5 HP, 220 V, 1500 RPM) # (3 kW, 220 V, 1500 RPM)
Voltage Stabilizer, 5 kW Input: 360 To 400 V, Output 400 V)
2 High Voltage Laboratory High Voltage Test Set (0-75kV, 5KVA) 2397000 2397000 2397000
High Voltage Break Down Tester ( 0-10kV)
High Voltage D.C. Test Set (50 kV, 20 mA)
High Voltage A.C. Test Set (0-150 kV, 100 mA)
High Voltage, High pressure test chamber with vacuum pump 75 kV
Motorized sphere gap arrangement
Transformer Oil Test Kit 0-60kV, 1 kVA
Salt fog chamber with compressor: 100KV
Tesla Coil 50kV
Oil Test System
100 kV DC Set without Transformer (100 kV Rectifier and 100 kV filter)
Comparative Tracking equipment
Capacitance Potential Divider, 150 KV
Cockcroft waton voltage multiplier circuit (40kV)
Impulse generator 5stages 150KV 225 Joules
Insulation paper tester 0-30 kV, 1kVA
3 Switch Gear and Protection Laboratory Static Motor Protection Relay Type ITX 163-2 (220 V, 5 Amp) 1140082 1140082 1140082
Overcurrent Relay CDG 11A, (1.0A, EM, IDMT);
Overcurrent Relay CTU 12 B (1.0A Static DTOC);
Overcurrent Relay CDG 11 A (1.0A EM, IDMT);
Overcurrent Relay CDG 14 A (1.0A EM, E/F Ex. Inv);
Overcurrent Relay CDD 21 A (1.0A EM)
Overcurrent Relay CAG 17 A (1.0A EM O/C Inst.)
Overvoltage Relay VTU 21 A (1.0A Static DTOV)
Differential Relay DDT 12 A (1.0A EM)
Differential Relay DDT 32 E (1.0A, 3-Ph, EM)
Impedance Relay ZTCM 12(1.0A Static)
Admittance Relay YCG 14(1.0A EM)
Reverse Power Relay (MRP-11, AC/DC, 1A, Static, Aux 230V,)
Motor Protection Relay (MPR-300,230V,1A
Static, Aux.230V,)
Transformer Differential Relay, (CT-Sec-1 A, Static, 1 Pole, 2 Wdg)
Air Circuit Breaker
(3 Pole, 800 A, MDO)
Earth Leakage Relay With CBCT(2/8A);
Relay Test Set
Phase Shifting Transformer
Impedance Relay Test Kit Model TK-IMP
4 Project Laboratory Power Quality Analyzer, HIOKI make, 3196, with Accessories 1696082.9 1696082.9 1441535
Digital Storage Oscilloscope, TPS2024B 200 MHz with Current and High Voltage Probes: 2 No
High speed looger with sensors for Electrical Machine Conditioning monitoring
Super capacitor: 10F, 2.7V, 50F, 2.7V
100F, 2.7V
DSP Development Tools TMDX28069USB
Microcontroller Insystem Emulator
High Speed Data Logger: USB-4711A-AE 150KS/s 12bit USB Multifunction module
BLDC Motor: Rated Power 50W, Torque-0.11Nm, RPM-3000, 24V DC
Function Generator / Pulse 20MHZ Model- M-2019
5 Power Electronic Laboratory V/F Controller for Three Phase Induction motor 827334 827334 827334
Single Phase Half controlled converter with motor load
Single Phase Inverter Trainer Kit,1KVA
Three Phase Inverter Trainer Kit
Buck Converter Trainer Kit
Boost Converter Trainer Kit
DC Drive Trainer Using Dual Converter with Motor
Power scope 33055P1
20 MHz, 1000V, Dual Channel : 8 No
6 Microcontroller / Microprocessor and Interfacing Laboratory 8085 A Microprocessor Trainer Kits: 15 No 409164 409164 409164
8051 Microcontroller Trainer Kit: 10 No
ATMega32 Microcontroller Trainer Kits: 15 No
Simulator for 8051 microcontrollers: 3 No
7 Control System Laboratory DC Position Control Setup: 2 No 399675 399675 420330
AC Servomotor Characterizations kit
PID Temperature Controller kit
DC Motor Speed Control Unit
Linear System Simulator
8 Network Analysis Laboratory Digital LCR meter 444338 444338 444338
Reciprocity Theorem kit
Tellegen’s Theorem kit
Two Port Network Parameters kit
Thevenin’s & Norton’s Theorem kits
Superposition Theorem
Series & Parallel Resonance kit
Constant K-Type Filters
Dual Channel Oscilloscope with component tester
10MHZ Multifunction Generator
9 Electrical measurement and instrumentation Laboratory Hay's Bridge 648976.55 648976.55 728230
Kelvin’s Double Bridge
Wheat Stone Bridge
Owen's Bridge
Anderson's Bridge kit
Schering Bridge
Current Transformer Test Set
LVDT trainer kit
Piezoresistive Pressure Measurement kit
Thermocouple kit
Flow measurement using Rotameter Setup
10 PLC Laboratory Siemens S7-1215C PLC based Trainer Kit: 06 No - - 433088
Sematic HMI KTP700: 1 No
Sensor & Actuation Modules: 2 No
PLC Communication Card: 2 No
11 Computer Facilities Laboratory MATLAB 2014 version No of licenses- 05 3443370 3443370 3443370
DSA Tool EDU 3.7 32-bit version: all VSAT PSAT SSAT No of licences-05
ETAP 7.0 version software 50 Bus
12 Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory Synchronous motor Working cut out section 1497800.5 1497800.5 1407931
Shunt Motor Working cut out section
Shunt motor 1HP/220V
Universal BH Curve Tracer
Rectifier Unit : I/P-3Phase,440V AC
O/P 0-250V DC 40Amps
Rectifier Unit I/P-3 Phase,440V AC O/P: 0-250V DC 60Amps
Dual Channel power scope :20MHz: 5 No
Single phase Inductive load, 1Phase, 240V ,10 A, 50Hz :2 No
Single phase Capacitive load bank: 1Phase, 240 V, 10A, 50Hz: 2 No
Single phase resistive load bank: 2kW: 2 No
13 Electrical Workshop Automatic coil winding M/C, Bench Model-5, Digital-Mechanical Resistable counter pully block 277878 277878 277878
Hand operated Winding Machine
Manual single coil winding machine
14 IOT Laboratory AL/ML Board with Camera Accessories
IOT gateway
IOT sensor Kit -sensor booster Pack
Finger Print Module with dragon Development board
IDE configured For Cortex Platform Cross works For Arm Electronically
IoT Gateway
TMS320F283790 Launch Pad Development Kit
PG Laboratories
15 Research Laboratory 5439804 5439804 5439804
16 Advanced Power Electronics Laboratory DC-DC buck converter 100W 210530 210530 210530
DC-DC SEPIC Converter
Dual IGBT protected device module
Cycloconverter single phase with R & RL loads, Digital multimeter
DC-DC sepic converter Input voltage: 0-50V DC output Voltage 0-24V DC LCD Display for input output voltage & current Programmable with MPPT or without MPPT Control
Single Phase Bridge Inverter with R and RL load with a) Single Phase IGBT Module Model PEC16M3 b) Single Phase inverter Control Module Model PEC16M4#1 with Single Phase
17 Advanced Drive Laboratory Variable Speed AC Motor drive - - 1045573
coupled 750Wmotor with shunt generator 220V DC,1500 rpm
Power Quality Analyzer, HIOKI make, 3196
1)PMSM Control Module with Controller, software, rectifier, Inverter with Electrical Loading & speed Sensor feedback a) TMS 320F28335 based DSP Controller Board b) IPM based Power Module 3 Hp (PEC 16DSOMO-1) c) 1 Hp PMSM Motor DC generator load set up with encoder sensor.
DC Motor Speed Controller with 3φ SCR Bridge Dc motor with generator, speed measurement arrangement firing ckt for SCr bridge a) 3 phase SCR power Ckt (PEC 14HV5P) b) Chopper/Inverter PWM Controller (PEC 16HV2B) c) 1Hp DC Shunt Motor DC Shunt Generator set up with QEP Sensor (PEC 16DCGQ1)
Variable Speed drive Panel