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Civil Engineering

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Research Center

Details of Ph.D. & ME by Research Scholars

Sr. No Name of the Candidate Name of the Supervisor Topic Date of Registration Status
1 Choudhary S. R. Dr. S.L. Atmapoojya & Dr. R.T. Jadhao Evaluation of lime  & Fly Ash of vidharbha region for construction in civil engg.  28/07/2008 Awarded
2 Bihade O. S. Dr. S.S. Kulkarni & Dr. J.P. Modak "Ergonomics Evaluation of Construction Activities"  18/10/2006 Awarded
3 Sahasrabuddhe H. S. Dr. A. G. Bhole Application of Green Building Concept for an Integrated Township Project A Case Study  12/01/2010 Awarded
4 Dhamge N.R Dr. M. S. Kadu Rainfall Runoff Modeling Studies Using Artificial Neural Network  17/02/2009 Awarded
5 Joshi S.V. Dr. M. S. Kadu Diagnostic study of Compressive Strength of Ambient and Heat cured low Calcium Fly Ash based Geo-polymer Concrete.  14/08/2008 Awarded
6 Sharma A.K. Dr.Vishrut Landge &  Dr.N.V.Deshpande Effect of Road Geometry and Traffic Characteristics on Crash Rate for Multilane Highways with Heterogeneous Traffic  18/11/2010 Awarded
7 Agrawal A. K. Dr. M. S. Kadu Removal of Pollutants from Industrial Effluents using fly ash & admixtures.  02/06/2010 Awarded
8 Pachpor P. D. Dr.L.M.Gupta & Dr. N. V. Deshpande Study of Steel beams with web opening  12/01/2009 Awarded
9 Shende T. G. Dr.S.R.Chaudhari Formulation and Evaluation of High strength Masonry Cement from Local Materials  11/04/2012 Awarded
10 Dekate M. N. Dr.P.S.Pajgade Critical Review and Evaluation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects for Social cause with special reference to Infrastructure in the state of Maharashtra (India)  10/01/2012 Awarded
11 Gadge R. B. Dr.P.S.Pajgade Parametric study of Substructure for bridges in Maharashtra (India)  10/01/2012 Awarded
12 Muley M. R. Dr. M. S. Kadu & Dr. S. R. Chaudhari Disaster Management of Urban Water Supply System Using Hydraulic Model  15/01/2011 Awarded
13 Rai V.K. Dr.N.S.Raman & Dr. H. V. Hajare Development of an Enviro-legal Framework for pollution abatement in Indian industry  15/01/2011 Awarded
14  Hiwase P. D. Dr. N.S. Raman Development of a Practically Oriented Method for Environmental impact Assessment (EIA) Audits in India  15/01/2011 Awarded
15 Wadhai P. J. Dr. A. D. Ghare & Dr. N. V. Deshpande Experimental Studies On Flow Characteristics of Convergent Stepped Spillways  14/07/2008 Awarded
16 Tayade K. C Dr. N. V. Deshpande & Dr. A. D. Phophale Study of Thermal effects and Consequences onConcrete and the role of Admixtures and fibers  15/01/2009 Awarded
17 Deshpande C. Dr. N. V. Deshpande Application of Ferro cement for grain storage silos for various H/D ratio of Container wall of some Capacity  13/07/2010 Awarded
18 Gawaikar V. Dr.A.G.Bhole "Assessing the Impact of Environmental Management System Implementation on improving Environmental Performance"  12/12/2012 Submitted
19 Paranjpe S. V. Dr. M.S. Kadu Spatial Correlation of Surface and Sub- Surface Hydrological parameters for basin development  15/01/2012 Submitted
20 Jain M. R. Dr. R. N. Khapre Investigation of anchorage zone in post-tension concrete beam  13-05-2019 Pursuing
M.E. by Research        
1 Agrawal A. K. Prof. Shashi Shankar Investigation into Anchor pull of foundation  1/07/2006 Awarded
2 Rathod V. N. Dr. M. S. Kadu Study of some Aspect of Regional Rural water Supply Scheme for Improved Operation and Management  13/01/2011 Awarded