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Shri Chandrakantbhai Thakar

We all live in an era where science and technology is the corner stone on which the constructive build of the society rests. RCOEM, in its 32 years of existence has strived hard to make itself a real instrument of socio-economic change through innovation in technical education. This Pioneer Institution has grown to symbolize all that is best in our profession and is achieved excellence to meet the challenges brought on by globalization.

Shri Thakar is a renowned lawyer practicing in Supreme Court, High Court, and Income tax tribunals. He has specialization in income tax and has represented numerous important income tax cases. He has held the prestigious position of the President of Income Tax Appelate Tribunal Bar Association, Nagpur for several years. He is also connected with various educational institutions. He is Chairman, Trust Mandal of Shri Nagpur Gujarati Mandal which is a prime educational society that is managing various primary and high schools and colleges.

Shri Satyanarayan Nuwal

The objective of education is to prepare the youth to adapt more practical approaches in life. Education is all about stimulating young minds and igniting their intellect. We at RCOEM believe that students have to be prepared to make a difference and an education institution has to provide the opportunities to enhance their skills to make the difference.

Shri Nuwal is the Chairman of Solar Industries India Limited and is the first generation entrepreneur who started his career by trading in industrial explosives and initiating systems. He set up the first explosive production plant in the year 1996, under the flagship company Solar Explosives Limited in Nagpur. Within a decade, his endeavor established itself as the best-known names in the explosives industry. He is also the Chairman of seven other companies and Director in two. He has been ranked among the Best 100 CEOs of India by Business Today. With his vision as a leader and commitment to excellence, he is the guiding force behind many policies and decisions taken at the College level.